Sixshe Review 2024: A Complete Information To Know About Sixshe

Sixshe Review

Sixshe Review

Do you want to upgrade your style by wearing the best footwear and clothes? If yes, then the website Sixshe can help you to fill your wardrobe with the best footwear and clothes. Sixshe is a digital online shopping portal.

From here, all of the ladies will be able to purchase good quality footwear and clothing. People who have a very deep fondness for collecting fashionable footwear can also opt for the website.

To search out all of the trendy and latest items of footwear and clothes, you must browse the website Sixshe. However, if you want to experiment with your fashion and style, then you can also try out all of their latest collections of dresses. To find out whether the website is authentic or not, let’s find out all of the necessary details of Sixshe through the Sixshe Review.

Initially, all of the women will also get a complete glimpse of information regarding the website Sixshe. We will ensure that we provide the maximum number of authentic details through the Sixshe Review. If you have any particular queries about the website Sixshe, then you can also find all of them here today. 

What Is Sixshe?

Sixshe is a digital online shopping platform from where all of the ladies get the chance to purchase all of the latest collections of dresses and footwear. On this website, the entire audience will get budget-friendly dresses and footwear.

The website is not just limited to selling clothes and footwear, but it also sells other fashionable items. However, the website Sixshe is fully committed to providing all of the necessary products to women.

Whether you are searching for the perfect pair of shoes, swimsuits, or the latest collections of dresses, you can find a huge collection of products. Besides that, they are very new in the market and for the last 2 or 3 years, they have been helping the ladies to purchase clothes and footwear.

There are so many suspicious matters that have been found about the website Sixshe, which we will try to figure out through Sixshe Review.

Is Sixshe Legit Or Not?

The website Sixshe has recently launched, and so many negative points have been found by the audience. The website does not share any contact address in detail so that everyone can find it to be an authentic website.

Initially, Sixshe’s trust score was also very poor, and they obtained only 31 out of 100. So if you want to increase your fashion by wearing the best collections of clothes and footwear, then we will not suggest you go with Sixshe.

There are so many suspicious factors that have also been found by the audience; therefore, it is not a reliable and authentic website. To find out more information about the website, follow the paragraphs of Sixshe Review below.

Shipping And Return Facility Of Sixshe 

The website Sixshe immediately takes all of the orders from their customers. After receiving confirmation from its customers, it starts shipping the order within 24 hours.

However, to finally get the products, the customers will have to be patient for 2 to 6 days. The customers can also receive a tracking number via mail address. Unfortunately, if any one of the customers does not receive the products within 14 weeks, then they can claim a reship or refund.

However, the customers are requested to contact Sixshe’s customer care service to claim the reship or refund quickly. Otherwise, it will be automatically reshipped to your address by the website Sixshe.

The website SixShe also manages to keep a very straightforward refund policy. There is an opportunity to return the products within 30 days after you get your product at your house. The only condition of the website Sixshe is that all of the products should be unused and undamaged. The product should have all of the original levels and packing.

To receive the refund money, all of the customers are also requested to contact the customer care service to ensure they get the refund quickly. There is a complete list provided by the website Sixshe, where they do not return the items.

Within at least 7 days, the customers can have their full refund money. However, only US citizens are eligible to take the refund. Go and check out the list whether you are eligible to return the products or not. 

Review Of Sixshe

Review Of Sixshe

The website was introduced to the market on July 9, 2021. The website mainly focuses on women’s clothing and footwear. They have been helping all of their customers get all of the trendy and latest stocks of dresses and footwear.

However, to gain the trust of the website, Sixshe does not meet all of the terms and conditions. There is so much missing information on the website Sixshe. The website does not share contact addresses for their customers. Even the website Sixshe is not present on social media handles where the audience can connect with them.

Contact Details Of Sixshe

Here are some contacts details through which you can reach out to the website Sixshe.

1. Email: [email protected]

2. Contact number: +1 5028338765

Product Types Available On Sixshe

Now, here is a full early stop: all of the product types and items are available on the website Sixshe.

Open Squared Toe Rhinestone Bownots Slippers, Casual Mesh Breathable Sneakers, Plus Halter Triangle Bikini Swimsuit With Beach Skirt, V-neck Long Sleeve Tassel Dress, Goodtimes Kimono, and Bandeau Bikini Skirt Set.

Payment Options Available On Sixshe

All of the payment options that you can obtain from the website Sixshe are Visa, Google Pay, Amex, Paypal, and Apple Pay.

Is Sixshe Worth It Or Not?

A lot of customers have also shown an eagerness to know whether Sixshe is a worthy website or not. To let them know the website Sixshe is not a trustworthy website to spend your money on.

There are so many negative points that have been identified about the website; therefore, it becomes very suspicious for the audience. Some of the audience has also recognized that the quality of the products is very low. Hence, if you want to shop with the website Sixshe, we suggest you not connect with them but rather go somewhere else.

Is Sixshe Worthy?

In the market there are so many platforms for the ladies to purchase dresses and shoes along with accessories. Sixshe is a particular destination where every one of the female candidates will be able to shop for dresses and shoes within their budgets.

They have a very good collection of the latest and trendy fashionable dresses and footwear. The demand is so high among the audience that this particular shopping destination becomes very popular within a few years.

The easy return option and easy purchase method also help the customers to strongly connect with Sixshe. The huge variety of dresses and footwear also allows customers to shop every time with Sixshe.

But there are also some negative points regarding the services. Customers who want to shop from the best platform and want to invest their money in the right platform can first read out all of the recommendations of the other customers.

According to the survey of the customers, some of the customers have found some suspicious factors. The website was launched in 2021, and the proper information about the website is not cleared or mentioned on the website for the other audience to understand Sixshe.

It becomes a very talkative matter for everyone, so before you invest your money in purchasing dresses or footwear Sixshe, you should read out all of the details.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Sixshe

Now, here are some positive and negative points about the Sixshe website that you need to keep in mind before shopping with them.


Valid SSL Certificate

The best and most positive point regarding the website Sixshe is that they have a valid SSL certificate that can increase trust among the audience.

Lots Of Discounts

The website Sixshe also gives a lot of discounts for each and every customer. TheyThey are you can also get a flat 20% off on your purchase.

Trendy And Latest Collections

The audience will also get the opportunity to select all of the latest and trendy collections of fashionable dresses and footwear. They also have a huge variety of footwear, and you can also find affordable sneakers or casual shoes within your budget.

Use Varieties And Sizes

A lot of varieties of products are available on the website Sixshe. And all of you will be able to shop for things like Shoes, clothes, swimsuits, women’s clothes, and other fashionable themes.


Poor Trust Score

Even the trust score of the website is also very low; therefore, the audience does not show their reliability in shopping with the website Sixshe.

No Official Contact Address

Even the website Sixshe does not disclose or mention the official contact address. It becomes much more difficult for the audience to trust the website and purchase footwear or dresses from there.

Suspicious Website

According to many top websites, this particular website, Sixshe, is identified as a suspicious website. The website does not provide the information that can help the audience realize whether it is a legal website or not. Hence, it has been declared a suspicious website.

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Customer Ratings Of Sixshe

Customer Ratings Of Sixshe

Now, we are going to share some of the customer ratings according to Sixshe’s top websites.

From Trust Pilot, the website Sixshe only manages to collect a 1.9 rating out of 5. According to them, the trust score of the website Sixshe is not up to the mark. Even the website does not have any legal information regarding the presence of social media platforms and official addresses.

The website also does not quickly deliver all of the items they ordered as they promised. Some of the customers have also shown total disrespect for the quality of the products.

From the Site Jabber, the website Sixshe only manages to collect a 2.3 rating out of 5. Again, the website is not able to create any trust level not only among the audience but also for others.

Besides that the services of the website are also very slow and the customers do not receive their products on time. Initially, that refund also takes a lot of time, and it can sometimes make the audience very frustrated and angry.

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FAQs: Sixshe Review

What types of products are available on SixShe?

On this particular website, Sixshe, all of the available products include clothes, footwear, Swimsuits, different types of dresses, and other fashionable goods.

What is the trust score of Sixshe? 

The trust score of the website Sixshe is very low, at 31%. Thus, it is not a recommended website from where you can purchase the latest collections of fashionable products.

Is Sixshe an authentic website?

No, absolutely not. The website Sixshe is not considered an authentic website in terms of authenticity and legality.

How many years has Sixshe been in the business?

The website Sixshe will come into the market in 2021. Therefore, they are in the market for just 2 or 3 years.

What are the major collections of Sixshe? 

The major collections that all of the audience can find here on the website Sixshe are swimsuits, dresses, footwear, and other fashionable items.


For all of the ladies who want to shop with the website Sixshe, it is necessary for all of them to read the whole Sixshe Review. We have also given the answer as to whether Sixshe is legal or not on the website Six.

However, according to us, the website is not that much of trustworthy to spend your money to purchase all of the available items from here. If you want to get the best items full of quality, then we suggest opting for any other alternative options available in the market.

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