Is Gilt Legit Or Scam? Read The Whole Comprehensive Guide

Is Gilt Legit Or Scam?

Is Gilt Legit Or Scam?

Most people, especially ladies, are very excited to collect designer things, whether it is clothes, accessories, apparel, and jewelry. There are so many retail shops available on the Internet that can help you get designer goods.

Among all of the retail shops, the most popular are eBay and Etsy. Most of the audience is familiar with these two retail shops, but there is also another more detailed shop present.

With the help of the gilt retail shop, the entire audience will be able to purchase all of the designer’s goods like handbags, jewelry, accessories, and apparel. Another one of the most exciting parts about the shop is they also provide a lot of discounts and offers for the audience.

But the audience will have to remember all of their orders and discounts remain valid for one day. So if you want to purchase designer goods from the retail shop gilt, you need to grab the opportunity as soon as possible. However, when purchasing designer goods with the shop, it is also important to know whether is gilt legit or not.

A lot of people have shown their curiosity to find out the exact details regarding whether is gilt legit or not. If you have the same confusion in your mind, then clear all your doubts by reading the whole article. We will help you to clear and find out whether the retail shop gilt is authentic or a fraud.

What Is Gilt?

Right now, on the Internet, Gilt is a particular retail shop that will help all of the people who want to purchase designer items. Whatever the goods are, every one of you will be able to purchase the different types of things with multiple brands.

Each one of the goods that are available in the shop is also very affordable as they also provide a warranty for every item. All you need to do is purchase the goods according to your needs.

You can also avail of goods by having discounts and offers opportunity. This retail shop also provides a lot of discounts for the audience to purchase the best items. However, they also offer that discount period for one day only.

Therefore, the audience will have to connect with the official website or the retail shop all the time to know when they offer the discounts. Initially, for the audience, it is also important to find out the answer whether is gilt legit or scam. Let us find out the answer together in the next segment.

Is Gilt Legit Or A Scam?

Is Gilt Legit Or A Scam?

A lot of people have questioned the authenticity of the gilt retail shop. Eventually, a lot of people have also asked the question of whether is gilt legit or a scam. To justify the answer, we want to ensure the audience that this retail shop gilt is absolutely legal and authentic.

They have been in the market for many years and help customers to get the best quality products. However, the shop has also received a lot of mixed reviews from customers based on their personal experiences.

The shop gilt deals with a lot of branded companies. All of the customers will be able to find out the most popular brand items like LV and Dior. Even the customers will be able to purchase the in-house Brand of the retail shop.

Besides that, they also provide offers for each one of the items that are available on the website or in the shop. Therefore, you can get the best deals with warranties, and you can also purchase the best deals. 

Shipping Policy And Return Policy Of Gilt

The retail shop gilt offers a very easy and quick shipping policy for all of the ordered items from their customers. In most places in America, the audience will be able to get free shipping if they order at least $9.99.

However, independent of the location and the weight of the goods, the shipping charge can also increase or decrease. Mostly, the retail shop takes 3 or 9 days to deliver all of the ordered items to the customers’ addresses.

But most of the customers have complained that they have received all of their ordered items delayed. However, in the time of COVID-19, most of the audience has received their goods delayed. As a customer, if you join the Gilt Unlimited program section, then you will be able to grab the opportunity to take 30 days of free shipping for only $9.99.

Even Gilt’s return policy is straightforward and easy. The company offers two types of return policies for all customers. All of the customers will be able to return the items within 30 days in any one of their warehouses. However, the customers will have to keep the original packing of the items. Initially, the customers will also have to provide $9.99 to receive the refund.

The second option is store credit. By using this second option, the audience will be able to use the score credit the next time they shop with the website. However, to get the return from the company gilt, the customers will have to wait for at least 7 to 10 days.

Review Of Gilt

The company Gilt was first launched in 2007. It was inspired by Vente Privee. The headquarters of the company is in Brooklyn, New York. The company also has an e-commerce Organisation, which is also called Rue Gilt Groupe.

The company also works from different warehouses in Las Vegas, Nevada, Kentucky, and Louisville in NYC. In the beginning, the company dealt with only women’s accessories and apparel.

In 2008, they also dealt with menswear. Eventually, a lot of products and lifestyle accessories were also included in the company gilt. The company also transferred its Company power in 2018 from Hudson’s Bay Company to Rue La La.

Products Of Gilt

Products Of Gilt

At the starting time, the company gilt only kept all of the women’s accessories and apparel. But with that time, they have included every good or item for the customers. Whatever you need to buy, you can get all of the options here with quality products.

Customers will also be able to purchase quality products from different and well-known brands. Many popular brands are associated with the gilt company, such as YSL, Chanel, Celine, Dior, Prada, and Jimmy Choo.

Besides that, all of the customers will also be able to purchase the in-house brand clothing or designer goods from the company gilt. All of the customers who are interested in buying shoes, clothes, jewelry, accessories, and anything else can go with the company gilt.

Not only that, but if you want to go with a perfect dinner plan with your partner in your favorite place, then you can also have the opportunity to have one. They will also help you to enjoy your time with your partners in the most exotic location.

How Does Gilt Work?

First of all, as a customer, you will have to sign up for Gilt’s official website. It is absolutely free, and as a free member, you can also see all of the available offers and discounts. Besides that, all of the customers will also be able to get some additional discounts from the company.

However, a maximum number of discounts remain available for just one or two days. The company will also help you to get a discount from 30% to 80%. To save your money, you can also use your credit points.

To purchase all of the goods or items, you need to go through the sales option, or you can also go with the categories. The company has also claimed that it purchases all of its products from certified and trusted vendors. Each one of the items is of quality, and they are also authentic.

Customer Satisfaction With Gilt

Customer Satisfaction With Gilt

Now, we are adding some customers who have used the company’s products and services, which are considered satisfaction.

According to the trust pilot, the website Gilt has received just 1.5 out of 5 ratings. The company has also received more than 400 reviews on its official website. However, most of the reviews are found to be negative.

Customers have shown their dissatisfaction and even said that the company shares fake products. Even the customers have also said that they do not ship or package the products well. Besides that, it is very hard to get a refund from the company gilt.

According to the site Jabbar, the website gilt has received just a 3.34 out of 5 ratings. On the official website, there are more than 1200 reviews available. Most of the customers have praised and are satisfied with their services regarding the products and delivery procedure.

Even the customers have also said that they also get a lot of quick deals and offers. In the USA, the company has also taken the position of 4th among other online retail shops.

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Alternatives Of Gilt

Now, for all of the audience here, we are giving some of the best alternatives in comparison with the Gilt. If you have already purchased products from the company gilt and if you are not satisfied, then you can go for the below alternatives.

Rue La La:

Right now, in the market, Rue La La is one of the most reliable and authentic online shopping stores where you can purchase designer goods. They also have a huge stock of collections from different brands with reasonable prices.

All of the customers will be able to choose their favorite goods from different options. The company also shares a 70% discount for each one of the customers on different products.

6 pm:

Another one of the best options for all of the customers right now in the market is 6 pm. As a customer, if you want to get the best deals with the maximum number of discounts, then you can also go for the company. They also have a huge collection of best-known and popular brands.

Whatever you want to purchase, whether it is accessories or clothes, you can get all of the opportunity. They also help all of the customers to get the early morning flash sales. By using the deal, the customers can also get a lot of discounts on the products.

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Why Do You Need To Shop With The Details Of Retail Gilt?

For purchasing designer products or fashionable equipment there, you may find a lot of options in the market. But there are some particular reasons that will help the customers to select the store Gilt and to shop with them. Here are some of the common information or reasons to check out for the retail store.

30% to 80% discounts

Even another one of the reasons that also helps the retail store Gilt become popular in the market and among the audience is for giving 30% to 80% discounts. Even the sales options and coupon options are also available for the audience.

Mainly all of the customers will be able to see the discounts in a large number and for all of the designer products. So, if you are a very enthusiastic person and want to purchase fashionable clothes or items, then this is the destination for every one of you to shop with Gilt.

Reasonable cost

All of the products that you can observe on the retail Store Gilt are super budget-friendly or affordable. For offering pocket-friendly prices for each and every designer product, the website has also gained popularity and success among the audience.

This is another one of the reasons why you need to take the services of the store Gilt and need to shop with them. If you are looking for budget-friendly or affordable clothes, shoes, or accessories, then go with the website.

Huge designer products

Among the audience and in the market the retail shop Gilt is very much famous for giving the opportunities to the customers to select designer products. Different types of designer products are available here and in every section. Customers will be able to see designer products of clothes, shoes, accessories, jewelry, and other options in fashion.

Branded products

With the retail store Gilt, different types of other brands have also made partnerships. People who are looking for branded clothes or branded shoes can also get the options here to choose from. The store also gives quality assurance for each and every available item on Gilt. So definitely this is one of the main reasons for the customers to purchase things from the store.

Quality and authentic items

All of the people who are just looking into quality and authentic fashionable items can go with the retail shop Gilt. Huge variants and different types of designed products are also available. All of the audience will be able to see the different designs and unique collections of jewelry, accessories, clothes, shoes, or any other fashionable products.

Positive Points And Negative Points Of Gilt

Now, we are going to discuss all of the important and necessary positive and negative points for the retail shop gilt. If you want to collect the details, then read the segment below thoroughly.

Positive Points

1. The website has been certified as a trusted website by Trend Micro.

2. Even if the website does not contain any Malware or viruses.

3. The website is also very popular, and it has been in the business for many years.

4. It has also successfully received its SSL certificate.

5. From Tranco, the website gilt is also declared as it is a very popular website among the audience and receives a lot of traffic every day. 

Negative Points

1. Every one of the customers has failed to analyze the contents that are available on the website gilt.

2. Most of the time, the website also receives all of the negative points or negative recommendations from its audiences.

3. The owner of the website does not provide any authentic or personal information for the audience on the official website.


Are items sold on Gilt authentic?

Yes, of course, the details shop gilt is considered legal and authentic, and all of the items that are available on the website are also genuine and legal.

What is the website gilt?

The Gilt website is an online retail lifestyle and shopping platform from where the audience will be able to purchase goods with lots of discounts.

Who owns Gilt?

Gilt is owned by HBC and Rue La La. 

Does Gilt allow returns?

Yes, of course, the retail shop Gilt also offers a return policy to all of its customers. If the customer does not find the products satisfying, they can return them.

Is Gilt returnable?

Yes, of course, the retail shop gilt is returnable, and all of the customers will be able to return the merchandise credit.


In this article, for all of the audience, we have included the necessary details for the retail shop gilt. Those who are wondering about the most common and often asked question, whether is gilt legit or not, can also find out the answer!

Apart from all of these informative details, we have also mentioned the other necessary information regarding the shop. By reading the whole article, you will eventually be able to collect those details for yourself.

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