Oliver Logan Jeans Review 2024: Buying Guide

Oliver Logan Jeans Review

In today’s rapidly changing world of style, iconic denim has managed to retain its relevance and importance. Jeans have been in fashion for generations and are always on trend.

Oliver Logan Jeans review is a symbol of versatility and comfort. Their ability to effortlessly adapt to various styles, from casual to chic, has made them a medium of self-expression.

Imagine if there’s a company that makes comfortable, affordable, stylish, yet sustainable jeans. And if it’s not enough already, what if the jeans are backed by a lifetime guarantee? It sounds too good to be true, right? Oliver Logan Jeans has made it possible.

Let’s learn more about the Oliver Logan Jeans. Are they legit?, Oliver Logan Jeans Review, Shipping and Returning Policy, Discounts, and Whether Oliver Logan Jeans are worth buying or not.

Where Is The Company Located?

The company Oliver Logan is located in Los Angeles, California (The USA). The clothes are made by different textile companies around the world (Mainly in China). They carefully choose suppliers who share their ethical values and prioritize responsible practices to save nature.  

Are They Sustainable? (Oliver Logan Jeans Review)

Sustainability is the main goal of Oliver Logan. The company is dedicated to being environmentally friendly and ethical in all its actions. Their primary goal is to help the planet, and they are committed to being transparent in their business operations.

They take extensive measures to ensure their denim products have a minimal negative impact on nature. One pair of jeans producing is similar to saving 414 hours of energy consumption

They have achieved significant milestones:

  • They’ve contributed to avoiding emissions equal to 117,490 kilometers of driving.
  • They’ve conserved a volume of water that could sustain 17,458,100 days of drinking.
  • They’ve saved the energy equivalent of 27,959,976 hours of light bulb usage.
  • One of their shirts can save 969 liters of water, approximately equivalent to 510 days’ worth of drinking water.
  • A single pair of their jeans reduces CO2 emissions, similar to 1.2 miles of driving.

Oliver Logan Company Overview 

Oliver Timsit, the mastermind behind Oliver Logan Jeans, has a remarkable journey in the denim industry that spans over a decade. His job took him to the heart of denim production in China, working closely with factories and laundries. 

However, a turning point in his career led him to New York City, where he ventured into the high-end contemporary fashion world, expanding his expertise to include a wide array of apparel categories. 

Starting in October 2018, Oliver Logan Jeans is getting popular with its unique strategy, sustainable and premium quality denim within a few years. 

While the company takes pride in its sustainable approach, they are aware that there is more work to be done. They create their clothes using reclaimed fibers sourced from recycled textile waste, which are sorted by type and color.

This approach ensures that they utilize materials that might otherwise go to waste, contributing to their eco-friendly jeans production. The company uses biodegradable non-plastic packaging. 

They also make sure all of their workers are rightly paid and taken care of.

On the official website, you can choose from the following categories:

  • Shopsale
  • Denim
  • Top
  • Fall Outfits
  • Ecru
  • Best Sellers
  • New arrivals 
  • Shop All

Oliver Logan Jeans Review: My Personal Experience

After noticing their growing popularity, I decided to order some of the Oliver Logan Jeans for myself from their official website. I got a pair of Madison Cargo, Aberdeen High Rise, and Crosby High Rise.

1. Madison Cargo

Product Description

Color: Faded blue.

Size available: 24-35


Price: $120

My Experience 

Shade: Same as shown in the picture.

Size: After going through their size inquiry on the official website, I ordered the size 26.

Quality: Super soft, fits perfectly fine. The legs are wide, and the quality of the jeans is premium.

Fit: The fit is absolutely accurate. Hugs curve in the right ways.

Keep or Return: I love how soft and well-fitting the denim is. It’s super comfortable and soft. In addition, it has multiple pockets. Definitely going to keep it. 

2. Aberdeen High Rise

Product Description

Color: 10 colors available including classic blue, timbers, light indigo, etc.

Size available: 23 – 35

Material: Cotton 69%, Recycled cotton 30%, spandex 1%

Price: $98

My Experience

Shade: I ordered the light indigo one.

Size: 25/ standard.

Quality:  Very soft and lightweight. The quality is top-notch.

Fit: It’s straight, loose-fit, high-rise jeans. Fitted through the hip perfectly. It’s ankle-length with a flare. Overall good fit. 

Keep or Return:  Although the jeans are ankle length, it was a little longer for me. But the fit is quite good and so is the quality. Gotta keep this one. 

3. Crosby High Rise

Product Description

Color: Six colors available.

Size available: 24- 35

Material: 66% cotton, 33% recycled cotton, 1% spandex.

Price: $120

My Experience

Shade: Ralph.

Size: 24

Quality: Soft and comfortable. 

Fit: This is a high-rise and relaxed-fit jeans. The fit is good but nothing flattering. I liked the fit of the previous two more. 

Keep or Return: I liked the quality and comfort of the jeans. The fit is good but as mentioned before nothing extravagant. I felt spending $120 on this would be a little too much. Going to return this one. 

Are They Legit? (Oliver Logan Jeans Review)

Oliver Logan also has 14.1k followers on Instagram and 2.9k on Facebook. They keep updating about their latest collections and discounts on these social media platforms.

The company was featured on Forbes and Conde Nast. They have an authentic official website. I ordered the product, got a tracking number, and received the products on time. So yes, the company is legit.

Pros And Cons


  • Use of recycled materials and sustainable fashion.
  • comfortable, stylish, and versatile premium denim.
  • Wide size range. (From 24-35).
  • Lifetime warranty.
  • Free shipping and an easy return policy.
  • Affordable and diverse options.
  • 20% discount for new users and an additional 25% discount for teachers and students.
  • Try before buy” options are available at various stores across the USA.
  • Environment-friendly manufacturing.
  • Ethical sourcing and fair treatment of employees.


  • International shipping options are not available.
  • Stocks are limited.

Oliver Logan Jeans Review (From Other Buyers)

They have a 4.7 rating out of 5 based on 1600+ reviews. As you can see, most of the buyers are satisfied with Oliver Logan Jeans. Let’s have a look at some of the reviews from real buyers before you order yours. 

Review 1:

“I recently purchased a pair of Oliver Logan Jeans, and I couldn’t be happier with my choice! The fit is so good, hugging my curves in all the right places. Loved the color! And they are so damn comfortable. Plus, knowing that they are sustainable makes me feel good about my purchase. These jeans are a win-win.”

____ S. Perry.

Review 2:

“Oliver Logan Jeans have become my new go-to for sustainable denim. The fit is fantastic, and they are so comfortable to wear throughout the day. I did have a problem with placing orders but the customer service team was super helpful. Great experience overall!”

_____ Linda.

Review 3:

“I love Oliver Logan Jeans! They are not only sustainable but also fit me perfectly. I did encounter a sizing problem with my initial order, and the jeans were a bit too loose. However, the return and exchange process was smooth, and the new pair fit me perfectly. These jeans are worth every penny for their quality and comfort. Wanna buy some more. XOXO.”

_____ Sarah Parker.

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Oliver Logan Shipping Policy

Oliver Logan Jeans Company is committed to ensuring a hassle-free and convenient shopping experience for its esteemed customers. As part of its dedication to customer satisfaction, the company provides complimentary standard shipping for all orders within the United States. After placing an order, the company needs a processing time of 24-48 business.

Delivery Times:

Upon the processing of an order, customers can anticipate the arrival of their packages within a timeframe of 2-8 business days. The actual delivery duration may be subject to variations based on the customer’s location and other relevant factors.

Shipping Methods:

To guarantee efficient and secure shipping, Oliver Logan Jeans Company employs a combination of reputable carriers, including FedEx, USPS, and UPS, for its free ground shipping service. The company selects the carrier that can offer the quickest and most reliable delivery to the customer’s specific location.

Expedited Shipping:

For customers in need of expedited delivery, Oliver Logan Jeans Company does provide expedited shipping options. However, it is important to note that the cost associated with expedited shipping will be the responsibility of the customer.

Offers and Discounts

After signing up for the very first time every customer will get a 20% discount on their first purchase. The company provides extra discounts for teachers and students. 

Students and teachers can open an account using their school email address. They will get an additional 25% discount on their first purchase. 

** Offers are only valid for new customers.

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Returning Policy (Oliver Logan Jeans Review)

Their return policy is quite easy. To make a return or exchange, the item must be in new condition_ unworn, unwashed, and undamaged. The original tag should be intact. Refunds will be credited back to the original payment method. 

Customers are advised to keep their proof of postage and return tracking number when sending back their returns. To process a return or exchange, visit the Oliver Logan Returns Center.  You must have the original order number and email address used for the purchase. 

Exchanges, however, do not include any additional fees. If 30 days have passed from the ship date, the items can’t be exchanged or returned. In that case, the product (s) will automatically be returned to the customer upon reaching their warehouse. All returns and exchanges should be in new, unworn condition with the tags still attached. 

Please note that for expedited shipping charges no refunds will be issued. When making a return, a small fee will be deducted from the refund to cover shipping and restocking costs.

Frequently Asked Questions About Oliver Logan Jeans Review

Q1. What does the Oliver Logan Lifetime Warranty cover?

Ans: The Oliver Logan Lifetime Warranty covers manufacturing defects, allowing for free repairs or replacement. Wear and tear, like faded color and blemishes on denim products, are not covered by this warranty.

Q2. Is the Oliver Logan Jeans Size chart accurate?

Ans. Oliver Logan Jeans are true to their Oliver logan size chart. If some of the products are one size bigger or smaller, that will be mentioned in the description box of that particular product. 

Q3. How long does it take to refund the money?

Ans. Once the company receives the product, it generally takes 3-4 days for them to complete the process. The rest depends on your bank

Is Oliver Logan Worth It Or Not__ Final Review?

Oliver Logan’s tagline is “Slow denim for everybody,” which shows their unique approach to the denim industry. The company emphasizes attainable luxury, sustainability in the supply chain, comfort, and durability, all backed by a lifetime guarantee. My experience with them is overall good and I am hoping to buy some more from the website.

However, the experience must not be the same for everyone. It’s important to go through the website for size charts and customer reviews before buying. But as a 30-day return policy is available,  these jeans are definitely worth a shot!

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