Is Footpatrol Legit or Scam? Is Footpatrol Really Trustable? Know All Details

Is Footpatrol Legit or Scam?

Shoes are the most important part when you are dressing up for yourself and willing to go out. However, it is also important to choose a perfect pair of shoes for yourself according to your outfit.

But mostly for casual wear, people go with sneakers. Varieties of sneakers are available right now for different budgets. If you are just looking for the best collections of sneakers, then we will help you find the best platform.

If you are looking for the most reliable and trustworthy retail, then you can choose Footpatrol for having all of the sneakers. Right now, they are the most legal and authentic ones that can help you to purchase 100% authentic sneakers.

The multiple options for sneakers will surely attract you towards their collections, and you can enjoy all of them. But as a beginner, you just want to know whether is footpatrol legit or not.

So many people have concluded so many things, but today, through the help of this article, we will examine whether is footpatrol legit or not. Besides that, we will also share some other details that can help you find out whether they are really a trustworthy platform or not. 

What Is Footpatrol?

The Footpatrol is a one-stop destination for all of the people who have a great enthusiasm for purchasing sneakers. It is a destination for everyone, whether you are men, women, kids, or infants.

This particular retail shop has both online presentation and offline presentations. So many outlets are also available for the customers. Just visit the nearest Foot Patrol outlet and purchase whatever you want for yourself.

Initially, the budgets are also very interesting for everyone; they are offering each and every product with quality materials but at reasonable prices. So you can stock up on some of the best collections of sneakers. You can find out more about the retail shop of Footpatrol by knowing whether is footpatrol legit or not. 

Is Footpatrol Legit Or Not?

Is Footpatrol Legit Or Not?

Yes, there is no doubt the Foot Patrol retail shop is absolutely legal and real. All of the products that they sell in both their online and offline outlets are also authentic.

The customers will be able to choose the best materials shoes in varieties. The different types of options in sneakers and even branded sneakers are also obtained. According to the choices, the audience can pick up any one of the pairs of sneakers.

So, yes, it is a legitimate website or retail store where you can collect all of the latest collections of sneakers. Here, we have discussed whether is footpatrol legit or not.

All Shipping And Return Details Of Footpatrol

Footpatrol’s online retail store ships all of its products to European countries and Britain. People from Switzerland, France, and Germany can avail of all of the sneakers from Footpatrol. Even people in the USA and Australia can also collect branded shoes from Footpatrol, but they need to pay some taxes. 

Standard and express shipping is available for all people who belong to European countries. The delivery cost for standard shipping is £3.99, and for £Express shipping, it is 4.99.

This delivery charge is only mentioned for European countries; however, other countries have different delivery charges. Next-day and premium next-day shipping options were also available a few times back, but right now, all these options are temporarily closed.

Delivery times can also alter depending on the location; however, generally, for standard shipping, it takes 5 to 7 business days, and for express shipping, it takes just 2 days to deliver all of the products to their customers. 

Both the return and exchange options are applicable to everyone, and Footpatrol’s online retail store also maintains a very easy procedure. Without paying any fees, all of the customers will be able to return the goods within 28 days.

However, between 14 days, the customers will also be able to claim for the exchange of their goods. If you have bought any one of the goods from Footpatrol online, then you can also visit their physical stores and return them.

There is no need to paint out any tag levels or anything else. You need to go to the ASDA Store, and you can return the goods at any time. The refund will also proceed so much faster than anything else. To get your refund quickly, the customer service representative will help you with this whole matter. 

Review Of Footpatrol

Footpatrol is a British branded Sports Company, and it is also a well-known part of JD Sports Fashion PLC. Footpatrol was established in 2008, and it was originally found in St.

Annes Court in Soho by Michael Kopelman and Simon Porter. However, Footpatrol’s retail store is in Manchester, England, right now. They have a variety of sneakers, and you can all find branded sneakers like Reebok, Adidas, and Nike.

All of the sneaker lovers can find out a huge collection of shoes here. So, if you are looking for just branded shoes for yourself, then you must check out all of Footpatrol’s collections.

Things You Can Buy From Footpatrol

Footpatrol’s online retail store has launched all of the latest collections and branded collections of footwear for everyone. All of the customers will be able to find vintage collections and casual footwear. But Footpatrol mostly specialized in branded sneakers. A lot of varieties will quickly take away all of your attention towards them, and so many brands are also present here in the store.

All sneaker lovers will be able to find out the brands like Puma, Adidas, Y3, and Karhu. Apart from all of these things that store Footpatrol, it also has some other collections for everyone.

The people will also be able to find tops, t-shirts, sweatshirts, Tracksuit pants, hoodies, and many other things. Footpatrol has its own apparel. Customers can also purchase socks and caps. All of these collections are available for everyone, whether you are a kid, a man, a woman, or an infant.

Product Costs Of Footpatrol

In comparison to prices available in the store, Footpatrol is a little bit costly. However, You need not worry about anything. They often and frequently give discounts. As a customer, you can get up to 70% off discounts by purchasing sneakers as sales items. Initially, vintage vans were also very expensive. A pair of shoes from Footpatrol can be ranged for up to $500.

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All The Pros And Cons Of Footpatrol

Take a quick look at this segment to find out all of the advantages and disadvantages if you are about to shop from Footpatrol.


Shoes For All

Yes, of course, this particular destination, Footpatrol, is for everyone, and every one of you will be able to purchase any one of the sneakers from here. They have a huge collection of varieties of sneakers for men, women, kids, and Infants.

Easy Payment Method

This particular online retail store also keeps all of the easy Payment methods for all of their customers. There are different types of payment modes that are also present for everyone, and whatever payment method you have, you can use it and pay it.

 User-Friendly Website

Besides that, another one of the best parts about the retail store is that it has a very user-friendly website. It is also described as a Device-friendly website, and none of the customers face any problems while accessing the website and placing their orders.

Fast Delivery

Another one of the most attractive parts about the store Footpatrol is that they also help all of their customers to get their sneakers in fast delivery. Both the standard and express shipping facilities also take much less time in comparison with other companies or brands. They also had next-day shipping and premium next-day shipping, but currently, they are not available.

Helpful Customer Care Service

All of the customers have also declared that Footpatrol’s helpful customer care service has pleased everyone. The customers get instant help whenever they call Footpatrol’s customer care service. They are available 24/7 and can help you solve all of your problems regarding their services.

Quality Products

Initially, the customers also appreciated the quality of the products. The customers have received the maximum number of quality products with the best-branded Sneakers from Footpatrol.

 Use Varieties Of Sneakers

And the last advantage that all of the audience can get is that they can find out varieties of types of sneakers available on Footpatrol. Both the normal and vintage collections are also present here in the retail shop, and you can choose any one of your favorites of yours.



But the only negative point or disadvantage of the Footpatrol store is that the cost of all of the available sneakers is much higher. So, it can be a little bit expensive for all sneaker lovers to purchase sneakers from Footpatrol.

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Customer Feedback On Footpatrol

Customer feedback is quite high for Footpatrol, and everyone appreciates Footpatrol’s services and products.

Trust Pilot gives 3.4 out of 5. Customers are highly impressed with the services and the shoes available on Footpatrol. Even the customers have also said the shipping or delivery time is also quite faster in comparison with any other platforms. A maximum number of customers have shown great enthusiasm to visit and shop with Footpatrol again.

Yelp gives a rating of 4 out of 5. According to most of the customers, they have enjoyed shopping from Footpatrol. The experience is of the maximum number of customers who are highly satisfied and joyful. The customers have also expressed that Footpatrol’s retail shop does not compromise in making their products.

Best Alternatives Of Footpatrol

Here, you can also find the two best alternatives of Footpatrol; find the names of the two platforms in the segment below.

SneakersNStuff (SNS):

SneakersNStuff (SNS) is one of the best destinations for everyone if you are looking especially for footwear for yourself. They also made the maximum number of quality shoes, especially sneakers, for everyone. This particular online store is based in Swedish. However, they also have other stores in Tokyo, USA, and Europe.

Jimmy Jazz:

The second destination for everyone who is looking to collect the best collections of sneakers is Jimmy Jazz. Again, it is another one of the best platforms for sneaker lovers to purchase a maximum number of sneakers at affordable prices. Even they also have a collection of accessories that can help you to carry wear footwear easily. It is the USA’s best retail store, but they also deliver all of their goods around the world nation.


Is Footpatrol owned by JD Sports?

Yes, the Foot Petrol retail store is owned by JD Sports Fashion PLC.

Is Footpatrol based in the UK?

The online retail store of Foot Patrol is based in England, but originally, they are based in St. Annes Court in Soho. 

Does Footpatrol deliver to the US?

Yes, of course, all of the available footwear, like the sneakers, can deliver by the retail store of Foot Patrol within 5 to 10 business days.

How long does footpatrol take to refund?

The refund process from the side of Foot Petrol takes 14 days to complete, and within 5 business days, the customers can expect to have their refund money.

Are JD Sports shoes authentic?

All of JD Sports’s available footwear has been collected from reputed merchandise and established brands, so the shoes are original and authentic. 


These are all essential and informative details that are important to note down for everyone. All of the people who want to use the products of Foot Patrol need to know whether is footpatrol legit or not. After reading the whole article, it will be much clearer for everyone that this particular retail shop is a legitimate store that has a huge collection of sneakers.

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