Is Unidays Legit or Scam? A Comprehensive Guide For You

Is Unidays Legit or Scam?

Is Unidays Legit or Scam?

It becomes very hard or challenging for all of the college or university students to have their own financial stability. Rather if you want to take your own financial stability then of course you may need to do a lot of hard works.

With time you need to also know where you can use all of your hard earned money. So if you are a student who is a much more interesting in foods, clothes, technology, and other things then unidays is a platform that can help you to get your required things. 

Unidays is a platform which is absolutely made for all students to avail their products in reasonable prices. They have introduced a lot of discounts and offers for only students who want to purchase clothes, foods, accessories or any other important things.

It will not just help the students to save their hard earn money but they can also afford all of the things that they want to have. But as a student you must want to find whether is unidays legit or not.

So join us in this discussion to explore all of the major details including the features and discounts of unidays. But as a student you may also want to know how does unidays work? If it is your one of queries then find it here along with whether is unidays legit or not. 

What Is Unidays?

Unidays is a particular platform specially created for the students. This particular platform has various features and facilities for all of the young adults and students. All of the college going students or university going students can avail the maximum number of discounts on some specific grounds. They are giving that discounts on travel, entertainment, Food, Technology, clothes and accessories. 

To avail all of this features or discounts as student you must registered by using your college or universities email address. By becoming the member of unidays you’re free to get all of these facilities. After registering with unidays the platform will automatically verify all of the inserted details regarding the students. Check out more details regarding whether is unidays legit or not. 

Is Unidays Legit Or Not?

Is Unidays Legit Or Not?

Depending on the reviews of the students or other adults who have used the platform Unidays is absolutely legal and has various features. All of the genuine brands are also available here and the students can get the maximum discounts and offers from Unidays.

Until they have registered with Unidays they will be not able to explore all of these features. By visiting to the stores or by simply taking the advantage of online the students can start shopping with unidays.

The main aim of creating the platform unidays is to help the student to save their money to the maximum number of times. Initially these discounts can be also shared together.

However there is another one of the most attractive parts about the platform is by promoting the Black Friday sale of Unidays. Therefore those who are curious to know whether is unidays legit or not they can have the details here. 

Pros And Cons Of UNiDAYS

Now, here we are going to mention a handful of information on some of the advantages and disadvantages of using the platform UNiDAYS.


Discounts And Deals

UNiDAYS is an eCommerce company or platform that is specially made for students to purchase the maximum number of branded products. Here, the platform is only obtained for college students or university students.

All major items like food, clothes, accessories, gadgets, and other necessary things will be available at various discounts and deals. Each and every day after registering with the platform, the students will be afforded exciting deals and discounts.

All Major Brands Are Available

UNiDAYS has made partnerships with the maximum number of popular and renowned brands like Apple, Adidas, Nike and more. So, as a student, if you have limited finances in your hands, you can still avail yourself of those branded gadgets or other items with a maximum number of discounts.

Student Verification Process

The student verification process of UNiDAYS is very simple and straightforward. All of the students just need to enter a valid college or university mail address. They can even register with a credit card-style student ID for UNiDAYS.

Safe For All

Even this particular platform, UNiDAYS, is absolutely legal and safe for all students. Even for those students who have recently graduated or finished their University degree. Just by sharing the ID information of an authorised institution, they can manage to get all of the exciting discounts from UNiDAYS.


Limited Discounts

As we have already said, the platform UNiDAYS has a lot of discounts and offers for students, but there are still some items that have come with limited discounts. However, the website is giving exclusive deals and discounts on Nike, Amazon, Apple and other brands. But the students will only be able to get 20% to 50% flat discounts on these brands’ products.

Lack Of Customer Care Service

Sometimes, when accessing the website UNiDAYS, some of the students have complaints regarding the poor service of the website. Along with that, some of the students have also complained about the lack of assistance from the customer care service attendees.

Reviews Of UNiDAYS

The platform UNiDAYS was first established in 2011 by Josh Rothour. Every year, this particular online E-commerce website, UNiDAYS, receives approximately 13 million visitors. UNiDAYS is based in England, and in more than 100 countries, students are eligible to avail of the discounts and offers from UNiDAYS. The E-Commerce Company or website UNiDAYS has associated with other top brands in the world, and by making partnerships with them, they give exciting discounts on every purchase for the students.

The platform was only available in Europe at first, but later, it expanded its services to the whole of Europe. All of the students, by browsing the website and taking advantage of it, can save a lot of money there.

In 2013, the website was also launched in the USA, and right now, they have more than 70000 campuses in different countries. Approximately 114 countries have participated in the offers and discounts period of UNiDAYS.

At the end of 2018, the e-commerce company or the website UNiDAYS successfully earned $3 billion annually. Hence, the website has become quite popular and in demand among students who want to purchase quality clothes or accessories from top brands.

How Does UNiDAYS Work?

This particular platform, UNiDAYS, is specially made for those students who want to save their money on clothes, Lifestyle-related products, or travelling. However, to get all of these exciting offers and discounts for yourself as a student, you need to create an account with UNiDAYS. However, creating an account with UNiDAYS does not require any charges.

Immediately after signing up with UNiDAYS, you can observe tons of discounts and deals in front of you. You can also find out your favorite brands of clothing or accessories.

As an active member of UNiDAYS, you can also show your UNiDAYS ID if you want to purchase anything else from any other platform. There is even a reward section for all of the students.

As an active member of UNiDAYS, you can also refer your other friends to join UNiDAYS. Whenever they join or create an account with UNiDAYS, you will get some reward points. By using those reward points, you can also get some additional or extra discounts on your next purchase from UNiDAYS.

Product Available On UNiDAYS

When it comes to the products available from UNiDAYS, then it is unlimited with unlimited popular brands. All of the students will be able to find out the top fashion brands associated with this particular website. UNiDAYS Lee, American eagle, Hello Molly to Adidas, Puma, and Doc Martens are all present.

Students who are looking to collect beauty products can also find some other branded products here. Popular brands that sell beauty products on UNiDAYS are MAC, Charlotte Tilbury, Stila, Murad, and Clinique. Shoes, t-shirts, and cosmetics are also available for all of the students who are interested in buying all of this stuff.

Besides that, those students who are looking for fitness outfits or fitness-related products can also find the brands Life Puma, Oakley and Meridian Grooming. Entertainment deals are also available on UNiDAYS.

All of the students will also be able to buy subscriptions to Netflix, Disney and other channels. For those students who are totally freaks for food, they can also get some exciting deals or offers for hotels and restaurants.

The platform also allows students to get the best technology-related deals and discounts. By visiting the official website of UNiDAYS, the students can get laptops, mobile phones, gaming equipment, and other necessary things to improve their technology experience.

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Customer Feedback Of UNiDAYS

Besides that, the customers’ reviews or feedback of UNiDAYS have come with a combination of positive and negative recommendations. All of the students who have purchased the available products from UNiDAYS showed both satisfaction and dissatisfaction.

However, around 59% of the students said the products are genuine and legal. The rest of the students have complained about the poor customer care service and unlimited brands.

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Best Alternatives Of UNiDAYS

These are the two best names of the alternatives of UNiDAYS, as a student you can also visit there and can get discounts and deals.

Student Beans:

Just like all of the features of UNiDAYS, this particular platform, Student Beans, also has several discounts and offers for all of the students. Even here on this platform, a lot of brands that are very popular among the audience are also present with their deals. Not only can the students utilize the features of Student Beans, but students who are doing apprenticeships can also use Student Beans.

Student Money Saver:

Another option that you should not miss if you are a student is Student Money Saver. They have all of the similar kinds of exciting and interesting deals to offer for the students.

The deals are eligible for foods, clothes, accessories, electronic gadgets, travel, entertainment, and many other items. The students can find absolute happiness after reaching out to all of the available deals here on the Student Money Saver platform.


Is UNiDAYS a trustworthy website?

Yes of course in the platform Unidays is safe and secured to use but the priority is in your hands, so make sure use all of your information according to your wish. 

Is UNiDAYS valid in India?

All of the students who belong to India and want to avail the features of Unidays at first they need to visit to the Apple Education website. And after that the platform Unidays will start their verification whether the students of India is eligible or not to take the discounts. 

How does UNiDAYS verify you are a student?

The platform Unidays verifies all of the students by asking them the university or college authority’s email address or Credit card style student id. 

Do UNiDAYS codes actually work? 

Yes no need to mention all of the codes or discounts that have come from the platform Unidays work absolutely genuinely and guaranteed for the students. 

Is UNiDAYS student discount legit?

Yes when it comes to the legality of the platform Unidays it stands out high and it is absolutely reliable and authentic to trust.


So here we have added the informative information for the students who want to utilize the features of Unidays. We have given that information for the students that can help them to acknowledge each and every single detail.

Initially the students will be also able to acknowledge the fact whether is unidays legit or not. The e-commerce company Unidays is always ready to help all of the students to get their favorite things at reasonable amounts.

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