Is The RealReal Legit or Scam? Everything You Need To Know About The RealReal

Is The RealReal Legit or Scam?

Is The RealReal Legit or Scam?

The presence of online platforms can help you to find out everything, and you can get your product immediately or within a few moments. There are so many websites that help all of the customers who are looking for all vintage collections and the latest fashionable things. Reselling companies or websites are also present that can help individual audiences collect luxurious products.

Among all of the online companies or websites, if you are especially looking for vintage products or clothes, then you must pair a visit to the real platform. This is another one of the popular platforms right now in the market to help you get your product.

But sometimes, depending on the online platform, it can become a little bit risky. So yes, today we will talk about whether you all can trust the real website or not. At the same time, we will also discuss whether is the RealReal legit or not.

So many other factors are also important to note down, and today, we will give a complete description of the website. Let us talk about each and every thing that will help you to conclude whether is the RealReal legit or not. 

What Is The RealReal?

The Real Real platform is a luxurious reselling platform where all of the individual customers will be able to purchase luxurious products on a pocket-friendly budget.

The owner of the website has come up with a very innovative idea to help the audience purchase luxurious products. Whatever reselling products you need to have to increase your fashion sense, they have come up with a variety of collections.

So all you need to do is go to the side and search for the particular item you need to purchase from the platform, the Real Real. However, whether the platform is legal or not, we can also find out the answer in the next segment. Let us join and discover the details of whether is the RealReal legit or not. 

Is The RealReal Legit Or Not?

The Real Real is an authentic site where all of the customers will be able to purchase luxury products at reselling prices. Even all of the pre-owned luxurious products are also available here on this platform, and when the customers can avail of all of them.

It is a perfect destination for all of the people who are looking to have just luxurious products that come in the form of reselling status. However, the customers need not worry about the prices.

All available luxurious or reselling products on the Real Real platform are genuine and budget-friendly. So yes, of course, you all can trust the platform, and here it is proven whether is the RealReal legit or not. 

Shipping And Return Information Of The RealReal

The shipping is quite simple and easy for the platform The RealReal. Currently, they ship all of their luxurious products in the USA and 60 other countries.

Standard and express shipping methods are available to everyone. But in comparison with the delivery charges, it is quite high, and that is pretty much because they are all luxurious products.

If you go for that standard shipping method, then as a customer, you need to share the delivery charge of $11.95. However, If you go for express shipping, then as a customer, you need to share the delivery charge of Between $20 to $30. The approximate time to deliver all of the products is between 3 to 5 business days. International customers can also order for the luxurious products from The RealReal.

Depending on the value of the products, the delivery time can also change. All international citizens will have to share the delivery charge between $30 to $50. The total time to deliver all of the products to the customers’ addresses is between 4 to 7 business days. In some locations, the customers may have to pay customs fees or taxes just because of the delivery.

To return your goods, you need to place a request to return your products to The RealReal. After purchasing your product from the company within 14 days; you need to place the request so that the return process can start. However, after that, the 21 days will also help you to visit the shop personally to return the product or take it back.

However, as a customer, if you have crossed all of these days, then a refund can’t take place. $11.95 will also be debited as a refund charge. Products like luggage cosmetics and swimwear are not at all replaceable or returnable. Within 5 to 7 business days, the refund money will be forwarded to the customers’ accounts.

Review Of The RealReal

Review Of The RealReal

In 2011, The RealReal was first introduced in the market by Julie Wainwright. The main purpose of establishing the company RealReal is to help all of the audience purchase luxurious products, which has come in the reselling method. In the middle of 2018, the company RealReal was identified as one of the top-rated consignors in the world.

To create a Revolutionary change in the market of reselling products, she has come up with this company. Another purpose of establishing the company is to help the audience get all of the authentic and real luxurious products. People who are very much interested in affording luxurious prices at low prices can find a platform suitable for them.

Product Pricing Of The RealReal

All of the sellers who want to associate with The RealReal must pay a Commission. The prices of all of the products will be decided depending on the market value and the current trend.

Initially, all of the sellers can expect to have a 40% to 50% Commission, depending on the prices of the products. However, on the other hand, the maximum number of luxurious reselling products is available for just $40. The price range can also go up to thousands of dollars.

In this company, The RealReal, they have introduced different types of pricing for different types of reselling luxurious products. As a customer, if you are especially looking for a Chanel handbag, then you need to pay a lot of money in comparison with regular bags.

In the editor-curate section, all of the best deals are available. The editor sales page has different types of discounts for every customer, and the customers can also get flat discounts up to 20$ to 40%.

Things You Can Purchase From The RealReal

There are so many categories of products available on the RealReal platform. Most of the products have come with a reselling yet luxurious touch. The prices are also affordable for everyone, so it will not create any impact on your budget. For all fashion lovers, the company offers different types of jewelry, handbags, tops, shoes, dresses and other such things.

However, customers can also get swimsuits and sneakers on different budgets. Kid’s items are also super affordable here. Besides that, the company The RealReal has made partnerships with many other popular brands in the market.

So it is another great chance for customers to use top-rated brands’ products. They have even given their customers the promise to provide all of the genuine and authentic products.

As a fashion lover, you can also find designer clothes, Jackets, t-shirts, sweaters, blouses, Jeans and gowns. For all of the customers, they have also separately introduced a jewelry section.

The customers will be able to select sunglasses, Bracelets, scarves and many other things. Not only that, but home department items are also obtained, and the audience can also get furniture, paintings, mirrors, vases, and many more.

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Is The Real Real Trustable?

For all the audiences who are interested in purchasing luxurious accessories or products, Real Real is probably the most trusted and suitable option. Here on this Website, The Real Real, all of the people will be able to collect affordable yet luxurious products.

Everyone, including men, women, and kids, will be able to shop with the website depending on their requirements. All of the items are available on the Website the Real Real, which is highly superb and impressive. Since 2011, Real Real has been helping its customers to provide luxurious products in the market.

The customer feedback and customer satisfaction is also very super. The Website the Real Real takes 4.2 out of 5 from the maximum number of customers. Initially, the customers can also observe different types of shipping facilities and from 14 to 21 days all of the customers will be also able to return their goods. Some of the goods which are only returnable within 14 days and the maximum number of other products are returnable in 21 days.

The product prices are also very pocket-friendly, and pocket-friendly products will simply attract the attention of the customers, and they can enjoy all luxurious products. Yes, of course, the website The Real Real is totally real, and all of the luxurious products are also genuine and authentic. All of the customers can simply trust the website while purchasing luxurious products at budget-friendly prices. In the market, The Real Real is also a very established store and is also very successful.

Apart from all of these things, when it comes to trust in the website The Real Real, then simply all of the customers can trust the website as it provides good services to everyone. So those who are looking for affordable luxurious products of their choice can have a quick look on the Website Real Real for all of the collections.

What Are The Common Reasons To Shop With The Real Real?

We have also brought out some of the common reasons that will surely help you to decide whether to take the luxurious products from The Real Real or not.

Affordable prices

We always want to use quality luxurious products that are within our budget. Sometimes, it becomes very challenging to find a suitable platform that provides both things at a time. However, in the market, The Real Real comes with all of the solutions for individual buyers. All of the people will be able to shop from the website and all of the unique collections of luxurious products within their budget.

Easy to navigate website

The website The Real Real is very simple and easy to navigate. All of the customers who will visit the website for the first time can find it very easy to navigate the website. While checking out the product description or selecting the products for order, they can find out all of the steps are very simple and straightforward.

Easy return policy

Even the Website the Real Real has another one of the facilities, which is the return policy. All of the customers who will take luxurious products from The Real Real will get a period of 14 to 21 days to return their goods.

While purchasing any one of the products, the website will also share the period of exchange or return of the facility. Within that mentioned period of time, the customers will have to decide whether to keep the products or to return them.

Quality luxurious products

All of the luxurious products are available, and customers will be able to find unique collections of the latest products every time. Whether the customers are looking for dresses, accessories, beauty products or anything else, they can find out everything. Even men’s collections and kids’ collections are available here.

Various products category

All of the luxurious products are divided into various categories, and the customers will be able to choose or select the products according to category. The category-wise exception has helped customers choose their requirements. Customers will not have to waste their time searching for their particular items on the website.

Good customer feedback

Besides that, the website The Real Real has also collected a lot of positive feedback from its customers, and the customer rating is superb. Based on the quality of the luxurious products and services of the website, The Real Real, the customers have described their genuine feelings and thoughts. The new customers can find out all of the customer satisfaction or feedback by going to the review section.

Instant customer care service

Even the website has also increased its popularity and success in the market by providing instant customer care service to its customers. Whatever the customers are looking for or whatever the customers are facing problems individually, the customer care service will attend to all of them and solve their problems as soon as possible.

This particular feature has also increased the success of the website The Real Real. These are all common reasons why we recommend the website The Real Real for taking luxurious products on an affordable budget.

What Do People Say About The RealReal?

Initially, for all of the customers, this is an important part to note down and to find out what people say about The RealReal. A lot of people have said a lot of things, and most of them showed impressive behaviour and satisfaction. The customers have also added the things that the company The RealReal has given amazing services and designer products.

According to the top website of Trust Pilot, the company The RealReal, however, successfully managed to take 4.2 out of 5. That trust score is quite satisfying, and it can justify that the entire audience can use the platform to have all of the reselling and luxurious products. Some high fashion magazines have even praised the services and products of The RealReal.

At the same time, there are also some negative remarks about the company The RealReal. Some customers have added the information that they have received the wrong products or fake products. However, the percentage of negative recommendations is very low, so it is a worthy platform for everyone to get luxurious products at affordable prices.


Does The RealReal sell authentic items?

RealReal is considered the only reselling company that has all of the authorised reselling products to offer to all of its customers.

Is it safe to buy from The RealReal?

After having so many negative recommendations regarding the platform, RealReal is not considered a safe platform to buy products.

Does The RealReal pay you?

Yes, of course, the company, the RealReal commission-based payment for those people, will sell the products of RealReal.

Is The RealReal struggling?

Yes, of course, in the current situation, the platform RealReal is struggling, and so many issues have come out that they need to be solved as soon as possible. 

Is RealReal authentic or fake?

The platform RealReal is authentic, and it is not a fake platform that deals with reselling luxurious products in the market.


Therefore, this particular reselling platform gives everyone who is interested in buying and reselling luxurious products and opportunity. In this topic, we have discussed so much important information for the audience who want to associate with the platform in a real way.

At the same time, the answer to the question of whether is the RealReal legit or not has also been described in this topic. 

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