Is Modlily Legit? A Comprehensive Review Worth Reading

Is Modlily Legit?

Hey there, curious shopper! Ever stumbled upon and wondered, Is it worth the hype? Well, I can assure you that you’re not alone. So in this article  I am diving into the world of Modlily, the online fashion hub promising trendy styles without breaking the bank. But the main question is, can you trust it? 

I’ll sift through customer experiences, product quality, and overall reputation to give you the lowdown. So, if you’re considering hitting that “Buy Now” button, stick around. Let’s uncover whether Modlily lives up to the hype or if there’s more to the story. Let’s navigate the world of online fashion together and find out if Modlily is legit or not.

What Is Modlily?

Modlily is a fashion-forward online retailer, offering a diverse range of clothing and stylish accessories for women at a low price. Since its establishment in 2009, the company has gained popularity rapidly for its trendy designs and budget-friendly prices.

Headquartered in China, Modlily effortlessly blends global fashion trends with cost-conscious choices, ensuring customers can stay stylish on a pocket-friendly budget.

From chic dresses to casual wear, Modlily provides its service to a wide audience, emphasizing both quality and affordability in its offerings. Experience the latest fashion without the hefty price tag, courtesy of Modlily’s commitment to making style accessible to all.

Modlily Company Overview

So, before we dive deep into the review part, here’s a short overview on Modlily for you. ( Just in case you aren’t aware of this information). 

1. Fashion and Comfort Blend:

Modlily presents itself as a clothing website where style meets comfort. Their focus is on offering unique and creative designs suitable for individual preferences.

2. Payment Options:

Payment at Modlily is quite convenient. They offer flexible options like PayPal, Visa, and Mastercard. Security measures are emphasized to ensure customer confidence in providing payment information.

3. Customer Support Availability:

Modlily assures customers of 24/7 support through various channels such as live chat, email, ticketing, or Facebook. If you have any queries or concerns, you can contact the customer service team. 

4. Easy Returns Policy:

The website claims to offer easy returns within a 30-day window if the purchased item doesn’t meet expectations. If you want any assistance regarding this, you need to contact customer service. 

Category Wise

  • Tops
  • Sweatshirts
  • Hoodies
  • Plus wear
  • Beachwear
  • Dresses 
  • Coat

Modlily Review: My Personal Experience

I bought some of the clothes from Modlily to check their quality, size and other details. I got 3 dresses from them. I shared my experience here in detail. Go through the review before buying yours.

1. Red Patchwork Christmas Snowman Print Long Sleeve Coat

Product Description

Color: Red

Size: S-XXL 

Material: 97% polyester, 3% spandex

Price: $19.98

Red Patchwork Christmas Snowman Print Long Sleeve Coat

My Experience

Color: Red. (sane as shown).

Size: I got the size S. (US4-6)

Quality: The coat is very soft and comfortable to wear. 

Fit: The size chart is almost accurate. The coat fit is good

Keep Or Return: The product is very comfortable. It’s the perfect indoor winter wear, especially at the time of Christmas. It’s not too thick or thin. The coat looks a bit different from the picture but still it isn’t bad though. I liked how the coat looks simple and stylish at the same time. I think $19 is a good deal for this one. I am going to keep it.

2. Wine Red Button Leopard A-Line Dress

Product Description

Color: Wine Red, Dark Grey. 

Size: S-XXL 

Material: 97% polyester,3% spandex.

Price: $34.98

Wine Red Button Leopard A-Line Dress

My Experience

Color: I got the red wine one. 

Size: Size S. 

Quality: The quality is decent.The material is comfortable and you can wear it for a long time without any discomfort. 

Fit: I am quite disappointed with the first to be honest. The length is okay but  the dress feels somewhat loose around the shoulder area. It spoils the whole look and makes me look odd.

Keep Or Return: I liked the overall design of the dress. That’s why I ordered it in the first place but the fit is not good at all. Even the print is slightly different from the given picture. Investing $35 into it makes no sense to me. I am going to return this one.

3. Long Sleeve Mock Neck Chevron Pattern Sweater Dress

Product Description

Color: Black.

Size: S- XL

Material: 80% acrylic, 20% polyester.

Price: $19.99

Long Sleeve Mock Neck Chevron Pattern Sweater Dress

My Experience

Color: Black (as shown). 

Size: I got the S one.

Quality: The quality is pretty good. It’s very soft. To be very honest, more than my expectations. Comfy to wear for a long time.

Fit: Even though the fit isn’t exactly accurate, it’s still good.

Keep Or Return: I loved the round neck design and long regular sleeves. The dress length is perfect. Going to Keep it.

Is Modlily Legit?

Modlily has a rating of 3.6 out of 5 on almost all review websites, including Trustpilot. Now this rating can be considered decent. Of course the experiences of all of the customers will never be the same. Modlily has over 100k reviews on their official website from the buyers and most of them are positive. They have a valid HTTPS and the company has been running successfully for over a decade. 

They have 56k followers on Instagram and a whopping number of 2.6M followers on Facebook. But on a few platforms Modlily has a rating of 1.6 out of 5 which is of course not good at all. Even on Trustpilot 25% customers have rated Modlily 1/ 5.

Most of the negative reviews have something to do with the product quality and shipping time, more or less.  I ordered 3 items and got them within the limited timeline.

Even though I have some issues with the product quality and fit as I mentioned in the above reviews, that doesn’t mean that the company is not Legit. Their payment methods are Internationally few of the safest and most convenient. So based on the above facts Modlily can be considered as a Legit Website. 

Modlily Customer Reviews

Modlily has received mixed reviews from customers over the years. Even though the percentage of positive reviews are more, negative reviews aren’t baseless either. So here I am going to present both points of views of customers in their own words. You should go through the reviews carefully before ordering for yourself.


Customer Review 1


“I am over the moon with my Modlily purchase! The design is truly one-of-a-kind and chic, just as they described. The quality not only met but exceeded my expectations, and the comfort of their clothes was exceptional. I had a question about their customer service, and they were so friendly and helpful. Overall, an incredible shopping experience. I’ll definitely be a repeat customer!”

Customer Review 2

Rating 5/5

“I can’t sing Modlily’s praises enough! The attention to detail in their designs is outstanding, and the colors are vivid and exactly as shown in the pictures. The ordering process was smooth and the range of payment options made it super convenient for me. Plus their customer service is available 24/7 and provides top-notch support. I’m a delighted customer and will be recommending Modlily to all my friends!”

Customer Review 3


“Overall, my experience with Modlily has been positive. The clothes are very comfy besides being stylish, and the quality is impressive. My only minor concern was with the sizing – it differed slightly from what I expected. However, the customer service team quickly addressed my issue and offered a satisfactory solution. Despite this small glitch, I appreciate their commitment to ensuring customer satisfaction. I’m likely to shop here again, just with a bit more attention to sizing details.”


Customer Review 01:

Rating: 2/5

“I ordered a dress from Modlily, and boy, was I disappointed! The quality was terrible, like something you’d find at a cheap thrift store. It didn’t look anything like the picture online. Plus, it took ages to arrive! I had to wait over a month, and when I tried to reach out to customer service for an update, it was like talking to a brick wall. They were no help at all. Overall, I wouldn’t recommend Modlily to anyone looking for decent quality and timely shipping. Save your money and shop elsewhere!”

Customer Review 02:

Rating: 2/5

“My experience with Modlily was a complete letdown. I ordered a pair of shoes, and when they finally arrived, they were not what I expected. The quality was subpar, and they looked nothing like the photos online. On top of that, the shipping took forever! I had to wait weeks before receiving my order, and when I tried to inquire about it, the customer service was absolutely useless. They didn’t seem to care about my concerns at all. If you value your time and money, steer clear of Modlily. It’s just not worth the hassle.”

Modlily Shipping Policy

For orders containing “pre-order” items, the countdown begins once those items are shipped. The delivery time is available on the product details page.

Typically, the package arrives within the estimated time, but factors like flight schedules, weather, and Customs procedures may influence the actual delivery date. Go to the tracking information to get the most accurate updates.

Important points to note:

  • After order confirmation, the items are readied for shipping. Although efforts are made for swift preparation, some items may have a longer processing time due to limited product availability. In such cases, customers receive an email notification about the delay.
  • P.O. Box Addresses are acceptable for Standard Shipping, while Expedited Shipping requires a street address in English along with a contact number
  • Shipping to remote areas usually takes longer. 
  • Modifying the order could impact the order amount, not meeting previous shipping standards or coupon conditions, potentially affecting the refund amount.
  • Upon shipping, customers receive a Shipping Confirmation email including item details, a tracking number, and a link to the shipping company’s website
  • Tracking can also be done through the Modlily user account.

In case of non-receipt within two months after dispatch, customers are encouraged to contact Modlily for assistance.

For orders shipped within the first 2 months:

Your responsibility: If you provided an incorrect address, etc., the shipping and insurance fees won’t be refunded.

Modlily’s responsibility: You’ll receive a full refund, including the shipping fee (excluding insurance), or we’ll resend any products not received.

For orders shipped over 2 months ago:

Your order remains valid for 2 months after shipping, and we can’t accept requests beyond that. Generally, Standard Shipping doesn’t involve extra duties or taxes. However, Customs policies vary, so if you paid a customs fee, save the receipt and reach out to our customer service.


  • Huge collection of Trendy and Stylish Clothes
  • Affordable Price
  • Free shipping on orders over $69
  • For new users $36 off
  • 30-day free exchange policy
  • Price starts at just $9.99
  • Safe and convenient payment methods.
  • Worldwide shipping 


  • The quality and size of clothes are inaccurate sometimes.
  • Return/Exchange Policy comes with a lot of conditions. 

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Modlily Return Policy

Modlily is always very careful to ensure that the customers are satisfied with whatever they buy. If, within 30 days of delivery, you find our product is not meeting the standard you expected , you can return it. 

Here’s a simple guide:

  • If you have an account, initiate a return at the bottom of this page or click “My Order.”
  • For Guest orders, select “Order Lookup.”

Step-by-step return instructions will guide you to obtain a return label or address.

Print and Ship:

Print the return label and drop the package at the local post office. Or, use your preferred shipping method to send the item (s) back. Modlily processes return within 7 working days of receiving the package.

Return & Exchange Conditions:

  • Returns or exchanges are accepted within 30 days of delivery.
  • Enjoy one free exchange per order for a new size, color, or alternative item.
  • Original shipping fees are non-refundable for returns; a $9.99 fee applies to Modlily’s return label.
  • Only return items in original, undamaged, unstained, unworn condition with hygiene liners for swimsuits.
  • Items like beach blankets, swimming rings, sunglasses, jewelry, and hair accessories are not eligible for return due to hygiene reasons.
  • Products labeled “No returns or exchanges” on the product page are final sales.
  • Contact Modlily via email or submit a ticket for return issues.

Non-modlily items sent to our return address will be discarded.

Use the correct return address to avoid any losses.

If using your carrier, choose an insured and trackable service; Modlily is not responsible for lost or damaged packages.

Frequently Asked Questions About Modlily

Q1. What are the payment methods available on Modlily?

Ans. Visa, AfterPay, JCB, Discover, Klarna, MasterCard, ApplePay, and DHL are some of the payment methods on Modlily.

Q2. Is there any option available to cancel the order?

Ans. You can’t cancel the order once placed but you have an option to not receive the parcel at the time of delivery. The company will send your money back once the sender gets back their order. 

Q3. Does Modlily give offers and discounts?

Ans. Modlily has exciting offers and discounts going on for the whole year. You can get $12 off for purchasing clothes worth $85. Get $20 off for $125 and $28 off for purchase of $165. New users get $36 off. Free shipping is available on orders over $69. Besides that, you can get Thanksgiving Day sales, free gifts, exclusive prices, and more. 

Is Modlily Worth It Or Not __ Final Review

Modlily offers a wide selection of clothing, serving to various tastes and preferences. While some customers may find the apparel trendy and affordable, others have reported mixed experiences. The website claims a commitment to customer satisfaction, but reviews regarding product quality, shipping times, and customer service are varied. You need to consider these factors and go through a lot of reviews before making a purchase.

The fusion of style and affordability is appreciable and makes fashion accessible to everyone. Their payment methods are safe and convenient. Modlily has a lot of offers and discounts going on throughout the year and my experience is good with the company. Even though quality can be a matter of concern sometimes, reading reviews and having realistic expectations can solve that problem to some extent. As they also have a 30-day return policy, I’d say you can give Modlily a try. It’s worth it.

Jennifer R. Dillard

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