Romwe Shipping Reviews 2024: How Long Does Romwe Take To Ship And From? Legit, Tracking, And All About

Romwe Shipping Reviews

Romwe Shipping Reviews

Unlike many other online E-Commerce shopping companies, Romwe is one of the most popular and renowned ones. Romwe is a Chinese-based company and it was founded in 2010. Romwe’s e-commerce company has a huge variety of men’s and women’s clothing.

Not only does the company sell clothes for both men and women, but they also have other varieties. Besides that, they also help the audience to get accessories, gadgets, and the latest collections of home decor items. 

However, a lot of customers who want to join as customers and become a part of Romwe are curious to find out about Romwe Shipping Reviews. Therefore, here we have collected the necessary details that can help you know all of the shipping procedures and their information.

At the same time, the e-commerce company Romwe also has a lot of warehouses around the world. To find out more significant and important details regarding Romwe Shipping Reviews, join in this discussion. 

What Is Romwe?

What Is Romwe?

The Romwe is a very popular online shopping site where all of the fashion lover people can access the latest fashionable goods. It is a Chinese company, and they have been in the market for around 14 years. This particular company, Romwe, is very reliable and authentic for everyone, and people around the whole world can access all of the fashionable goods from here.

They have a huge variety of the latest collections of gadgets and home decor items and are close for both women and men. Initially, it is also important for all of the customers to know everything about Romwe Shipping Reviews. Together, let us discover all of the informative details that can help you identify whether the store or company is suitable for you or not. 

Is Romwe Legit?

Yes, definitely. Romwe’s e-commerce company is a legal company, and they deliver all of their goods around the whole Nation. This E-Commerce company, Romwe, is also known as a fast fashion and web-based retailer. However, the overall prices of all of the clothes and other accessories in the company are quite budget-friendly.

Whatever you purchase from the company, you can get it in real life. Even if the products are of good quality and within the estimated time, all of the customers can receive their products.

However, if you are more interested in knowing Romwe Shipping Reviews, then go to the paragraph below and find the answer attentively. 

What Romwe Says?

What Romwe Says?

Romwe is very committed to its customers around the whole Nation. They have said all of the available products have been made ethically and humanely. Even all of the suppliers who have associated with the company Romwe have to follow strict guidelines. A production guideline is also provided by the company Romwe that has to be maintained by all of the suppliers.

Besides that, Romwe makes sure the customers are satisfied after purchasing the items from them. To help the customers get their products, they take a processing time of 3 to 4 days. However, within the time limit of 10 to 28 business days, the customers can receive their goods.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Romwe 

To ensure we have a good idea about the company Romwe, we have come up with all of the information regarding advantages and disadvantages. Go and find out all of the information about whether the company is reliable or not. 


Clothes Quality And Size

There are so many advantages that as a customer you can find out for the company Romwe. But the most interesting and attractive positive points of the company are the quality of the clothes and the sizes.

Whatever size you purchase, you can get it to fit perfectly according to your body type. Besides that, each one of the clothes available from the company is also made with the best materials. So you can find all of them much more ethically and worth buying from Romwe.

Has Many Positive Reviews

Another advantage regarding the company Romwe is that they have many positive reviews. By reading about the satisfaction of other customers after purchasing with Romwe, you can also get interested in buying from Romwe. So make sure you do not forget to read out all of the recommendations, and then you can shop with Romwe.

A Policy Of Returning Goods

Initially, a policy of Return or return facility is also eligible for every customer. Whatever products you have bought from the company Romwe you can return them if you find them damaged or not up to quality. They provide a certain period of time, and within the estimated time, you all can return your goods to the company Romwe. 


Extra Money For Returned Products

Talking about the disadvantages of Romwe, then, they have only one disadvantage, which is the charge for returning your products. If you have made up your mind to return the goods to the Romwe warehouses, then the company will charge you some extra costs. You will have to pay your own money to deliver their products to their addresses.

Is Romwe Really Worthy?

A common question has always appeared for Romwe whether it is really justified to shop with them or not. So the answer is if you are looking for only fashionable clothes at low prices, then this particular platform, Romwe, is a suitable option. But if you are in search of only quality clothing items and materials, then the platform is not good at all. As we have already said, it is not possible to always get durable products at cheap rates. You will get exactly the same product depending on your budget.

So if you just want to look fashionable and Stylish, then of course you can purchase and style up yourself with Romwe. Otherwise, in the market, there are several options present, and as a customer, you can go with any one of your preferred brands or websites of yours.

What Are The Wrong Things With Romwe?

Different types of customers have brought out a lot of wrong things about Romwe. Before you start shopping with the website, it is important to acknowledge one of the wrong points or negative things.

Poor Customer Service

A majority section of the customers have complained about poor customer care service. The customer care attendees also do not cooperate attentively. Even on time, they do not receive phone calls from the customers. The customers find a lot of problems with their services, and sometimes they do not also get the exact solution to their problems.

Delay Delivery

Another wrong thing about the website Romwe is that they also do a lot of delay to deliver the product. They take so much time that most of the customers get irritated. Sometimes, the website also crosses the delivery time to share their products with their customers.

Poor Quality

The poor quality is another thing that you should keep in mind. It is not always necessary to have good quality products within your budget. If you are luck is good, then you may probably get the best quality products at cheap prices. But the maximum number of available clothes on Romwe is not up to the mark.

You Will Get What You Will Pay

Yes, you have heard it right that whatever you pay, you will get the exact same. If you are paying less than the quality of the product will be also low. As similarly if you invest your lots of money then the quality of the product will be also increased. So all of the quality of the products on Romwe is below the average and you should consider all of them.

Where Does Romwe Ship The Items? 

If you are interested in annoying where the clothes and other accessories come from Romwe, then here is the answer. This particular online E-Commerce company has five warehouses.

All of the warehouses are located in Belgium, China, New Jersey, Dubai, and California. So, whatever you have ordered from Romwe will be shipped from all of these warehouses, depending on your location and availability. 

Return And Refund Facilities Of Romwe 

Yes, both are returned and refunded. A facility is eligible for all of the customers from the company Romwe. A 60-day return facility is applicable for everyone. If the customers find out the ordered items are damaged or disputed, they can quickly report them to Romwe’s customer care service.

However, within 24 hours, the customers need to report. After that, the customer care service attendant will call you and ask you some questions regarding the product.

But make sure you do not wash the products that you have purchased or used from Romwe. You can either take advantage of an email address, message, or customer care service number to call them immediately to get their services or help.

Payment Method And Tracking Number Of Romwe 

All of the customers who buy products from Romwe will receive a tracking number from the company Romwe. By using the tracking number, all of the customers can read out the present and past history of their products.

However, a very easygoing payment facility is also available in Romwe. Customers can use a credit card or debit card to pay. Initially, other payment facilities are also available, and some of them are PayPal and Afterpay. 

Product Quality And Reviews Of Romwe

Overall, the company Romwe has gained a good reputation among the audience by providing quality products. The company has also successfully obtained a 3.09 rating out of 5. Almost 2100 reviews are also available, and most of the reviews are positive. Customers have shown their satisfaction and complete happiness to shop with Romwe. 

Shipping Time Of US, UK, Canada, Australia, Germany, New Zealand, And Ireland

If you belong to any one of the locations from the US, UK, Canada, Australia, Germany, New Zealand, and Ireland, then you can find out the time of shipping. All of the customers can find out the exact timing of shipping and when they can receive their ordered items from the company Romwe.

For US Shipping Time And Cost

All of the people of the United States can avail themselves of Romwe’s products in three ways. There are Standard, Express, and economical shipping facilities.

Standard shipping takes 9 to 14 days, Express shipping takes 3 to 7 days, and economical shipping takes 15 to 20 days to deliver the products. To avail of free shipping in a standard shipping facility, customers need to order for at least $39. 

Otherwise, the delivery charge of $4.99 will be added to the orders. To avail of the free shipping in the Express shipping facility, the customers need to order for at least $159.

Otherwise, the delivery charge of $19.90 will be added to the orders. The customers can also opt for free shipping in the economical shipping facility, but they need to order for at least $19; otherwise, a $3.99 delivery charge will be added to the orders. 

For UK Shipping Time And Cost

All of the people who remain in the UK can go for the standard shipping or economical shipping facility. The standard shipping facility takes 18 to 14 days, and the economical shipping facility takes 14 to 20 days.

Free orders in standard shipping are at least GBP£19.00. If you order for less, then pay GBP£4.00 as a delivery charge. Free shipping is also eligible in economic shipping, but the customers need to order for at least GBP£9.90. Otherwise, the GBP£2.00 delivery charge will be added. 

For Canada, Shipping Time And Cost

For all Canadians, the company Romwe keeps two types of shipping facilities: standard and express. The standard shipping timing is between 14 to 18 days, and the express shipping timing is between 10 to 12 days.

The free shipping facility is eligible for more than CA$49; otherwise, the customers will have to pay the delivery charge between CA$25 and CA$49. Free shipping is also obtainable in Express shipping, and Canadians will have to give orders of more than CA$129. Otherwise, the delivery charge would be CA$26. 

For Australia, Shipping Time And Cost

All of the people who belong to Australia can be available only for standard shipping from Romwe. Standard shipping in Australia requires at least 15 to 20 days delivering the products. All of the people of Australia can go for the free shipping but need to order at least AU$69. Otherwise, the delivery charge would be AU$6.99. 

For Germany, Shipping Time And Cost

Germany also has one shipping facility, which is a standard from Romwe. All of the people who live in Germany need to wait for at least 12 to 18 days to get their products from Romwe.

The free shipping is also eligible for the customers, but they need to go for at least €59.00. But those customers will have less than €30.00 they will have to give €7.99. For customers who order for more than €30.00 but are under €59.00, the delivery charge for all of them would be $5.99.

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For New Zealand, Shipping Time And Cost

For all of the people who live in New Zealand, they can select either economic shipping or standard shipping. The economic shipping facility needs 21 to 25 days. A standard shipping facility needs 15 to 20 days.

People can get free, economical shipping after they purchase at least AU$129.59; otherwise, the delivery charges will be AU$16.77. Customers can also opt for free standard shipping after they purchase at least AU$185.52. Otherwise, the delivery charge will be AU$15.84.

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For Ireland, Shipping Time And Cost

Ireland has only one shipping facility, which is standard shipping. The standard shipping takes 12 to 18 days. Customers can get free shipping in the standard policy by ordering at least €79.00; otherwise, the charge will be €6.99.


Can I trust Romwe?

Yes, of course. All of the customers who are about to purchase from Romwe can absolutely trust the company as they are very committed to providing quality products to their customers.

Is Romwe the same as Shein?

Yes, of course, both of the stores of Romwe and Shein are the same. Romwe was developed by Shein in 2014.

Is Romwe a Chinese company?

Yes, of course. Romwe is a Chinese company based in China; however, they also have warehouses in different locations. 

Is Romwe true to size?

Romwe is very much committed to the true sizes of all of its available products. The customers can find the right fit for all of the clothing and other fashionable goods. 

How long does it take for Romwe to ship?

Depending on your location, the shipping time can be changed, and we have mentioned all of the details of shipping time as per the location in the above article. 


Here, in this context, we have given all the details regarding the Romwe Shipping Reviews. As a customer of Romwe, you can read out all of the specific details mentioned in the article. Initially, we also described other necessary information that can help you know more about Romwe’s eCommerce company. 

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