Is Ssunu legit or Scam? Reviews 2024

Is Ssunu legit?

Let’s take a straightforward look at what Ssunu has in store without any bias. After viewing Ssunu clothes online, you must have asked yourself  “Is Ssunu Legit?”  It’s a common concern when trying a new online store. I’ll investigate to help you decide if is a trustworthy place for your purchases.

I’ll see if their clothes are of decent quality, Is Ssunu a legitimate website, if any hidden gems could add extra value to your shopping experience and at last but not the least_ Is Ssunu Worth it or not. 

Throughout this exploration, the aim is to provide you with an unbiased view of Stick around as I explain the features, potential drawbacks, and the overall shopping experience on this platform.

Where is Ssunu Located? is a business based in South Carolina, United States. They’ve got their own logistics center right here in the U.S., to ensure smooth operations for all orders.

Is Ssunu A Legitimate Website __ Ssunu Overview

Here I gave you a detailed overview of Ssunu based on the information available on their official website. I have also added my personal experience with them and the experience of real buyers later in this article. 

Back in 2015, Ssunu was all about making clothes for big-name brands. But guess what? Over the last decade, they’ve leveled up big time. Now, they’ve stepped out on their own and launched their very own clothing line called Ssunu.

What makes Ssunu stand out? Well, for starters, they’re all about quality and affordability. Instead of relying on others, they make their clothes right in their own factories. That means top-notch stuff without the hefty price tag.

But it’s not just about their own designs. Ssunu is also all about giving a leg up to new talent. They’re like a springboard for up-and-coming designers, giving them a chance to shine.

Ssunu has ditched the middleman. Yep, that’s right. When you shop with them, you’re dealing directly with the designers. That means you can expect quicker delivery and fresh styles.

Is Ssunu Brand Ethical? Ssunu Brand Sustainability

On the official website claims that they are committed to using eco-friendly materials in their creations. The team emphasizes employee welfare, drawing from the founder’s early industry experience.

They claim to exclusively partner with brands ensuring fair treatment and salaries for their workers. They even donate a handsome amount of money to charity every year. But when it comes to sustainability, no transparent information is available on their site except that they use eco-friendly materials.

I think Ssunu is not what can be considered as a sustainable company. Which is not very surprising considering their affordable price. Let’s just admit that a 100% sustainable company automatically has to raise the price of their products to maintain the quality.

But who knows! Maybe in the future they will be a sustainable company and currently they are at the very first stage of that. So, for now Ssunu isn’t a sustainable company but they are on their way to be one. 

What Types Of Dresses Are Available On Ssunu?

You can Shop By Category, Occasion, or Price on Ssunu. They have a huge collection of trendy, western clothes at reasonable prices. 

Ssunu Dresses__Category-wise

  • Mini Dress
  • Maxi Dress
  • Long Dress
  • Midi Dress
  • Floral Dress
  • Sweater Dress
  • Long Sleeve Dress
  • Casual Dress
  • Two-piece sets
  • Sweater and Cardigan
  • Swimwear 
  • Winter Sale
  • Spring and Summer

Is Ssunu Legit? entered the online scene on December 7, 2021, positioning itself as a relatively new company in the fashion world. The upside is that it hasn’t landed on any blacklists, and its HTTPS connection is securely established. However, there’s a note of caution—proximity to suspicious websites and a 17/100 threat profile suggest potential risks.

According to the Scam Detector’s algorithm, holds a rank of “Active. Mediocre. Medium-Risk,” scoring 58.8 out of 100. This assessment factors in 50 considerations, including domain authority, customer service quality, and public feedback.

Essentially, has been in the online game for a while, attracting both positive and occasional negative feedback. On Trustpilot reviews Ssunu has a rating of 4 out of 5 from almost 500 reviews.

Even though the number of total reviews are comparatively less, the rating is decent. However, just like some of the websites out there, Ssunu has some negative reviews too. Some buyers are extremely disappointed about poor product quality or bad customer service.

Now, as I myself shopped from them, the inconsistency about their product quality is real. So, I’d say that Ssunu is a legit company but you need to be a careful shopper to avoid any unnecessary hassle. 

Is Ssunu a Legit Website __ My Personal Experience

I bought 2 dresses from Ssunu to check the Item Quality, Size, and other details by myself. I received my dresses and here I gave a detailed Ssunu Review based on my experience.

1. White Cold Shoulder Sweater

Product Description

Color: Off-white 

Size: S-XXL 

Material: Cotton/ Acrylic 

Price: $49.99

Is Ssunu legit?

My Experience

Color: Off-white 

Size: I ordered Size S according to my body measurement.

Quality: The sweater is made up of Cotton and Acrylic. So it was supposed to be very soft. Even on the website, it’s mentioned that the sweater will be ultra soft. However, even though the sweater feels comfy and soft it isn’t as soft as they claim. It feels just like any other normal cotton sweater.  

Fit: The size of the sweater is accurate. I got size S after verifying from the given size chart. So the fit is decent. 

Keep Or Return: The v-neck and shoulder cut-out give the sweater a fashionable look. That’s why I decided to get it in the first place. Even though I do think the fabric needed to be better for that price, I am gonna keep it just because I liked the design. 

2. Vintage Sleeveless Plain Top

Product Description

Color: White. 

Size: S-XXL 

Material: 65% cotton, 35% elastane 

Price: $35.99

Is Ssunu legit?

My Experience

Color: White. 

Size: Size S. 

Quality: The fabric is soft. But the top is transparent. 

Fit:  I bought the dress according to the size measurement given on the official website. It’s quite accurate so the dress fits just right. 

Keep Or Return: The sleeveless v-neck top is very stylish and a good fit for casual wear but the fabric is transparent. Investing $36 for this one seems too much. I will return this top. 

Ssunu Reviews From Real Customers

Positive Review

Customer Review 1

Rating: 3/5 

“I recently tried shopping at, and it was a bit of a mixed bag. Some items were of good quality, meeting my expectations. But I have to admit, a couple of things looked a bit cheap and not great in person. Overall, the shopping experience was okay – ordering was easy, and things arrived reasonably quickly. Still, because of the hit-and-miss quality, I’m not sure if I’ll shop here again.”

Customer Review 2

 Rating: 3/5 

“Ordered a couple of items from, and I must say, the quality didn’t match my expectations. Some clothes appeared much better online than in person, and a few even had a tacky feel. Tried to return a couple, but it wasn’t the smoothest process. Customer service could be more helpful. Overall, a bit disappointed with the purchase experience.”

Customer Review 3

Rating: 2/5

“My experience with was subpar. The clothes I received looked cheap and tacky, not at all like the pictures. When I tried to return them, I faced some issues. The return process was unnecessarily complicated, and it took longer than I’d hoped. Disappointed with the quality and the hassle in returning.”


Customer Review 01

Rating : 2/5

“First off, the quality of their products? Not great. I mean, you’d think if they’re making their stuff in their own factories, it’d be top-notch, right? But nah, it’s pretty hit or miss. Sometimes you luck out, but other times, it’s like, “Did I really just spend my money on this?”So yeah, if you’re thinking about giving Ssunu a try, just be prepared for some disappointment in the quality department and lots of uncertainty on shopping, returning and all. Not exactly a winning combo, if you ask me.”

Customer Review 02

Rating 2/5

“I expected good quality, but unfortunately, that hasn’t been the case. While some items have met my expectations, too many have fallen short, leaving me disappointed with my purchase.Another issue I encountered is with their order tracking system. It’s unreliable at best, often leaving me in the dark about the whereabouts of my package. It’s frustrating to be left guessing when my order will arrive, especially when I’m eagerly anticipating it. I don’t think this website is worth it. Not gonna shop from them ever again.”


  • Huge collection of western fashionable clothes 
  • Reasonable price
  • Fast Delivery and easy return. 
  • Accurate size.
  • Free delivery on orders over $79.
  • Exciting offers and discounts are available.


  • Product Quality is inconsistent.
  • The return policy is more complex than it seems.
  • The website might have some security issues.

Ssunu Shipping

The time it takes for your order to arrive depends on the shipping method you choose:

  • Standard Shipping generally takes 8 to 15 Business Days
  • For Express Shipping it’s generally done within 7 to 10 Business Days

The final shipping cost is determined by your country or region. Ssunu has partnered with trusted services like UPS, USPS, DHL, and FedEx for reliable and efficient delivery.

Once your parcel is in transit, stay tuned for updates. 

Ssunu Review Policy

Package Inspection Tips:

  • Customers are encouraged to inspect their packages upon arrival.
  • Should there be a damaged, missing, or incorrect item, individuals are advised to promptly contact customer service for swift resolution.

Return/Exchange Guidelines:

  • Customers are urged to reach out within 30 days of receiving their orders for return/exchange authorization and the correct return address. 
  • Unauthorized returns will not be accepted.

Quality-Related Concerns Only:

  • The company only accepts return requests exclusively for products exhibiting discernible quality issues.
  • Minor variations in color and size, deemed inevitable in some cases, do not qualify for return.

Preserving Original Condition:

  • All returned items must remain in their original condition _ unwashed, unworn, with original tags and the protective strip intact. 
  • Items showing signs of use, odors, or stains may be subject to refusal.

Return Procedure:

  • Customers are advised to utilize their local post office for returns to circumvent additional taxes.
  • The inclusion of the completed return/exchange authorization form in the package is mandatory.
  • Customers are responsible for keeping a record of the tracking number, as any loss or damage in transit falls under their purview.

** Packages returned using C.O.D. service will not be accepted.

Processing Time:

  • Upon the company’s receipt of the returned package, customers can anticipate an email notification and the initiation of an exchange or refund process within 7 business days.

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Ssunu Cancellation Policy

For a full refund, allows cancellations within 24 hours of purchase. If you want to cancel an order, you should submit a help ticket through the “Contact Us” section. Cancellations made after 24 hours but before shipment incur a 10% cancellation fee.

 It’s important to note that order cancellation requests won’t be accepted once orders have been shippe d.

If there are any questions, individuals can reach out to [email protected] for assistance.

Ssunu Discount Code

For those just joining, here’s a special perk – enjoy an extra discount of up to 10%.  During Spring and Summer sales, customers can get discounts of up to 40%. Additionally, orders over $79 qualify for free shipping.

Stay informed by regularly checking the official website for the latest offers and discounts. If you’re on the lookout for Ssunu Coupon Codes, visit the official website for more details.

If you already have a coupon code but are having trouble applying it, reach out to the Ssunu customer service team for assistance. 

Based on my experience, I might give this platform a try again. 

So I’d suggest you go through all of the reviews available online about Ssunu before deciding whether you should purchase from them or not. Also, make sure to check the product details mentioned on the official website, check product photos, and review if available. 

So by now, I hope you got the answer to your main question __ “ Is Ssunu Legit?”

Every online purchase comes with its own potential risk. Thorough research on websites and setting realistic expectations can save you from getting disappointed.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Ssunu

Q1. How do I cancel my order on

Ans. To cancel an order, simply submit a help ticket through the “Contact Us” section within 24 hours of your purchase. After this window, a 10% cancellation fee applies until the order is shipped.

Q2. How can I apply a coupon code to my Ssunu purchase?

Ans. If you have a coupon code, visit the official Ssunu website. In case you encounter any issues applying the code, reach out to the Ssunu customer service team for assistance.

Q3. What is the average shipping time for orders on

Ans. The shipping time varies based on the chosen method. Standard Shipping takes  8 to 15 Business Days. Express Shipping should be done within  7 to 10 Business Days.

Q4. What is Ssunu return policy?

Ans. offers a full refund for orders canceled within 24 hours of purchase. For cancellations after 24 hours but before shipment, a 10% fee applies. Unfortunately, once orders have been shipped, the company cannot accept cancellation requests.

Is Ssunu Worth It Or Not __ Final Review

Ssunu is an online platform that sells western trendy clothes at reasonable prices. The company has mixed reviews. The items I received are mostly of decent quality. But that’s not the case for all. A lot of customer reviews are available online stating how they received cheap quality items. Some even complained about delays in shipping and complex return policies. 

Based on my experience, I might give this platform a try again if I find a trendy top or dress.  

So I’d suggest you go through all of the reviews available online about Ssunu before deciding whether you should purchase from them or not. Also, make sure to check the product details mentioned on the official website, check product photos, and review if available. 

So by now, I hope you got the answer to your main question __ “ Is Ssunu Legit?”

Every online purchase comes with its own potential risk. Thorough research on websites and setting realistic expectations can save you from getting disappointed. 

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