Lascana Review 2024: Things You Should Know About Lascana

Lascana Review

Lascana Review

Are you not finding out the perfect sizes of underwear and lingerie? Have you tried out all of the available brands in the market? Then Lascana is the ultimate option for all of you.

The brand Lascana is specially made for women’s fashionable clothing. But the major collections of Lascana are underwear and lingerie. However, you can also get the available options like accessories, shoes, clothing, jewelry, and swimwear

All of the audience who are looking forward to having excellent and outstanding collections of high-quality and sustainable clothing can use Lascana’s products.

A variety of sizes are available in this retail shop, and they are very much committed to satisfying their customers by providing the best goods or fashionable items. Apart from all of these things, it is much more essential to illustrate the whole Lascana Review.

Without understanding the Lascana Review as a customer, you will not be able to know everything about the retail shop. Initially, it becomes very difficult to know about all of their available policies and other important things. Hence, we have made the complete Lascana Review for all of you to go through.

What Is Lascana?

Lascana is a German online retail shop that helps all women to have fashionable and designed clothing, jewelry, accessories, shoes, and intimate wear. For women who are constantly looking forward to wearing the best collection of fashionable outfits or lingerie, this is the ideal platform for all of them. Even the Lascana shop is also identified as a women’s brand.

The main purpose of creating the Lascana retail shop is to help all of the American women and other women around the world create fabulous looks. Even the customers of Lascana have much admired their high-quality products and perfect fitting.

There are so many secrets present about the Lascana retail shop, and they can be discovered only by Lascana Review. Let us observe all of the information about the brand.

Is Lascana Legal or Not?

Yes, the German Lascana retail shop is absolutely legal and real. They are very committed to sending the exact same high-quality product to all of their customers. According to the customers, the brand also showed their promptness in working fast without sharing any complexity. Even the delivery and exchange options are also eligible, and customers can grab them fast.

A group of professional experts is always ready to help the customers, and you can also take their assistance or guidance to explore the whole brand. If you still do not believe whether the brand Lascana is legal or not, then join in this discussion to learn more about Lascana Review.

What Is Lascana’s Shipping And Return Policy?

Both the shipping and return policy is very transparent and straightforward. You can find three shipping facilities here. The shipping is also very fast, and you can collect your products according to the shipping facility.

Currently, you can only see the standard, Express, and next-day air shipping facilities. Shipping charge is also applicable, but if you order more than $75, then there is no shipping charge for you.

To take the standard shipping policy, if you order less than $75, then you need to send the delivery charge of $7.95. The exact time to receive your products is between 4 and 7 business days.

For the Express shipping facility, you need to send $17.95, and the exact time to receive your products is between 2 and 3 days. For the next-day air shipping facility, you need to send $26.95, and the exact time to get your products is the day after you place your order. 

Customers can also avail of a very user-friendly and transparent return or exchange policy. To ensure fast services to the customers, the brand or the retail shop Lascana always maintains quick processes. If the customers are not fully happy with the products of Lascana, they can choose either to return them or exchange them.

All of the customers will initially be eligible to return the products within 90 days of purchase. However, the customers are not able to return or exchange the goods of Lascana if they have purchased those things from the final sales item. Do keep in mind that all of the products that you want to return should be unused and damage-free.

Products should be in original condition, and all of the tags should remain there. Initially, a return cost will also be deducted, and the amount is $6.95. But if you want to add your refund money to your Lascana wallet credit, then they will not deduct any refund money. 

Review Of Lascana

Review Of Lascana

This German retail shop, Lascana, was first established in 2006. a lot of people may acknowledge the brand or the shop as they are a USA company. Lascana is situated in Hamburg, Germany. Lascana is a multinational retail company that is famous for selling women’s fashionable clothes and both underwear and lingerie. 

Initially, the brand Lascana also had a huge stock of all of the latest collections of shoes, accessories, jewelry, sleepwear, and homewear. Right now, there are more than 4000 employees working with the brand, and they ship their products to nearly about 30 countries.

It is a great opportunity for all of the fashion-enthusiastic people who want to have long-lasting clothes or intimate garments. They can choose the brand or shop at any time.

Payment Options Of Lascana 

The customers are also enthusiastic about knowing all the details of payment options. All of the customers will be able to make their payments through MasterCard, Discover, Visa, and American Express

How Can I Place My Order In Lascana Through The Phone?

Follow the below steps to place your order quickly in Lascana. 

1. If you are a US customer, then first, you need to dial 1-888-772-3160 from your phone. Lascana has 24/7 customer care service.

2. After dialing the number, one of the customer care attendants will receive your call.

3. Next, make sure you have the Style number of your product and all of the details of your credit card or debit card information.

4. Finally, by giving all of this information, you can place your order from Lascana quickly from your phone. 

Customer Care Service Contact Of Lascana

These are Lascana’s contact details; by following this information, you can contact them instantly.

Are Lascana Sizes Are True?

The retail shop Lascana has a huge variety of sizes available for every woman. Customers will be able to pick up their adjustable sizes according to body type and shape. All of the sizes that are shown in the size chart are very true.

If you try out any one of the sizes of your clothes, then they will come in perfect fitting. All of the clothes are also very adjustable and comfortable, and you can find your best shape in all of the Lascana products.

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Is Lascana Really Worthy?

The German retail shop of Lascana is one of the favorite choices for women because they have huge collections of fashionable products. Whatever a female needs, they can find all of the collections here, including dresses, Accessories, Jewelry, shoes and Lingerie. This particular retail shop, Lascana, is also legal on all sides. All of the customers will be able to find quality products on the platform within their budget.

They also have a very good reputation and have been established in the market for many years. For many years, they have continuously provided good quality products and services for all women.

The different types of clothing sections for women and the accessories have always attracted customers to the shop Lascana. Talking about the price of the product then, they are also very pocket friendly, and customers will not find any expensive goods here.

Whatever collections the customers will observe on the shop or website they will exactly get those goods. So, there is no chance of fraud for all of the audiences who want to invest their money or buy from Lascana. The shop Lascana also has both a return facility and different types of shopping methods. Different types of payment methods also allow customers to immediately shop with Lascana.

Even the reputation and customer services or customer feedback are also good regarding the product of Lascana. It is definitely a good choice for everyone, for the females who want to get in touch with a platform that can offer multiple things under a single roof.

Customer Feedback Of Lascana 

Let us find out all of the negative and positive feedback from the audience regarding the Lascana retail shop.

From the Trust Pilot, the retail shop Lascana opts for only a 2.3 rating out of 5. The trust score of the brand Lascana is very low, according to them. Customers did not show their full satisfaction and enthusiasm to purchase again with the Lascana shop. Even according to them, customers have also shown their dissatisfaction with the quality of the products.

From the Site Jabber retail shop, Lascana opts for a 3.7 rating out of 5. According to the site, the customers are very happy and satisfied with the quality and prices. The customers are also very happy with their return and shipping facilities. The fast delivery facility is another one of the best parts of the retail shop Lascana. 

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Alternatives Of Lascana 

Still, if you are looking for the best alternatives to Lascana, then we suggest following the recommendations below.


Cupshe is another one of the best alternatives that can be a suitable option for all of you. If you are looking for sustainable and affordable underwear or lingerie, then you can also search here.

They are also a very well-known retail shop and also help their customers to get affordable clothes. All sizes are also available, and according to the need, any one of the women will be able to pick up their best items.

Shop Cider:

Another similar retail shop is Shop Cider. From here, all of the customers will also be able to purchase clothes, jumpsuits, home wear, sleepwear, Underwear, lingerie, and other items. Shop Cider is Hong Kong’s best retail shop that can also help you to get the most affordable products with high quality.

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Does Lascana Offer Good Quality?

The entire audience is introduced to well-known brands from the ads, whether they come from Facebook, YouTube, or any other platform. All of the top and well-known brands are famous for their prices.

However, when it comes to getting good quality products at affordable prices and using the best materials, Lascana comes first. The main purpose of this particular retail shop of German Lascana is not to compromise the quality of all of the products that they sell.

Till now, the brand or the retail shop Lascana has gained a lot of positive reviews from everywhere, whether it comes from audiences or well-known platforms.

So it is quite obvious that all of the products that you can see in Lascana are of good quality. When it comes to utilizing the best Fashionable clothes or intimate garments, they become the most reliable and trustable brand. 

FAQs: Lascana Review

Is LASCANA a USA company?

No, not at all, Lascana retail shop is not a USA company. Rather, it is a German company.

Who owns LASCANA clothing?

The Lascana clothing is owned by Otto Group.

Is LASCANA true to size?

Yes, of course. All of the sizes that you can observe on the clothes of Lascana are absolutely true and fit perfectly.

What brand is LASCANA?

Lascana is a women’s fashion brand that offers all fashionable clothes, including shoes, Accessories, jewelry, clothes, underwear, and lingerie.

What is LASCANA’s return policy?

Lascana’s return policy is that the customers will have to maintain the products in their original condition, and they should not be washed or damaged.


Here, we have tried to give all of the important things that you need to know about the retail shop of Lascana. Through the Lascana Review, we provide the necessary information for all of the audience who want to associate with them and want to purchase from them.

Hopefully, all of this information will be beneficial for your knowledge, and you can happily shop with them at any time.

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