Is Footaction Legit or Scam? All Significant Details About Footaction

Is Footaction Legit or Scam?

Is Footaction Legit or Scam?

Shoes are something that we can’t compromise in quality. Without selecting a pair of comfortable shoes, we cannot run long or can go miles and miles. However a perfect pair of shoes can also help you to complete your overall personality and can help you to show an attractive personality in front of others. When it comes to purchasing a variety of shoes, then Footaction is a particular retail shop that we will suggest for everyone.

Here, all of the varieties types of shoes are available for kids, men, and women. The numerous collections of branded shoes are the main attraction of this particular retail shop. However, they are also considered a subsidiary of Footlocker.

All of the people who are looking for especially classical shoes or sneakers can have a quick go-through. But before you go through, make sure you understand whether is Footaction legit or not.

A lot of things are important to find out regarding the retail shop of Footaction. To help you in your search, here, we have come up with some significant information, including whether is Footaction legit or not.

What Is Footaction?

The retail shop Footaction is a particular destination for all of the customers who are looking for a particular destination just for shoes. A variety of options are available in shoes, even the customers will also be able to select the most popular brands of their choice.

Most of the top shoe brands are associated with this particular shop. Anytime you go through the official website, and can see lots of collections are available.

According to your choice, you can select any one of the pair of shoes for yourself to enjoy a comfortable run or walk. But is Footaction legit? This particular question may have occupied a place in your mind, and if you are in search of the answer, then follow the next paragraph of this article.  

Is Footaction Legit Or Not?

In the business world the retail shop of Footaction has gained a lot of reputation and success among the audience. So there is no doubt or suspicious factors regarding the retail shop. Yes, of course, they are legal and authentic.

They have also been selling their popular brands among the audience for decades. Even the shopping experiences of the previous customers are also very amazing and satisfying for everyone. Therefore, those who are in search of whether is Footaction legit or not can find the answer here.

Shipping And Return Facilities Of Footaction 

As the retail shop Footaction becomes very successful and popular among the audience they have several shipping methods. Unfortunately, the shoe destination Footaction only ships in the USA and other countries. Countries that are eligible to take the products of Footaction are a few places Europe, Singapore, Hong Kong, Canada and Australia.

Currently, there are standard shipping methods and 2-day delivery shipping methods for all of the customers. All of the customers who choose this standard shipping process will have to give $6 as a delivery charge.

On the other side, the customers who choose the 2-day delivery shipping method will have to give $34 as a delivery charge. Whenever the customers add any one of the new items to their orders, they will have to pay $1.99 as a delivery charge.

For all of the international locations the customers will receive their products depending on the locations and the weight of the products. Generally, the international shipping text time is between 5 to 30 days. Except for the military addresses, the other people will have to wait for a longer time to receive all of the shoes from the retail shop Footaction. 

If any of the customers find out any disputes after purchasing the shoes from Footaction, and can return them easily. There will be no return cost if the customers find defects with the products.

But if the customers are returning the products just because they do not like them, then from the total amount of refund, a delivery charge of  $6.99 will be deducted. Within 45 days all of the customers will be able to return whatever they have purchased Shoes from the website Footaction. 

But all of the customers who are from International locations will have to bear some extra refund cost for returning the products if the product does not have any disputes or defects. The authority will share the full refund money within a few days or can also offer an exchange facility for their customers. 

An Overview Of Footaction

An Overview Of Footaction

The retail shop of Footaction was invented in 1979 in Charles Cristol of Footstar, Incorporated. Footaction is based in Wichita Falls, Texas. Within a very short period of time the retail store of Footaction saw a lot of success and positive reviews. Mainly, the shop is totally dedicated to the shoe lover, and it is a one-stop destination for collecting all of the latest shoes. 

Event some of the people are also looking for the right athletic goods and apparel with their shoes. Therefore, this particular website becomes a very helpful shop for purchasing all of the required things the customers need. For shoe lovers, it becomes a lifestyle website to help them select all the authentic and branded shoes and other products

In 2004, Footlocker came up with Footaction with an introduction among the audience as they were especially searching for a platform for shoes. The main purpose of establishing the website Footaction is to help all of the audience to go through their preferred shoes within a short period of time. They have gained a lot of reputation by selling the good products of shoes and amazing services among the audience.

All Available Products Of Footaction 

Whenever you check out the official website of Footaction, you will see a variety of shoe collections available for you. Any type of shoes which you are looking for, you will get them here on this website.

Besides that, it is a one-stop destination for the shoe lover to purchase all of the classics and athletic shoes with lots of varieties. Mostly, the platform is dedicated to shoe lovers, and here, all of the customers will get shoes at different prices.

Those customers who are fascinated to purchase the branded shoes of Nike, Adidas, New Era and North Face can find all of the brands here. Not only that, those players who want to purchase basketball shoes can also have a huge collection present here. Even sports shoes and sneakers are also available, and customers can find the brands like Vans, Jordans, Uggs, and mules.

Even the website Footaction is not only famous for selling sneakers or other branded shoes. Rather, they are also popular for Lifestyle goods. Here, all of the customers will be able to purchase jackets, Socks, handbags, T-shirts, Shorts, leggings and underwear. Even the website is made for everyone, whether you are a man, a woman, or a kid. 

Product Prices Of Footaction

Different types of products are available on the website Footaction, whether it is shoes or lifestyle goods. Depending on the brand and materials, the price may also alter.

However, all of the latest products like shoes and clothes are considered a little bit expensive in comparison with other products. All of the shoes and clothes are available from $40 to $100. However, on the other side, all miscellaneous items like socks and handbags are available from $10 to $40.

Even for those customers who are finding the prices of Footaction a little bit expensive, there is good news for everyone. The website Footaction also offers a lot of discounts and coupons for the audiences to purchase their favorite shoes. They have around 30% to 50% off offers. In the sales section or sales time, the website offers a lot of price drops on all of the available shoes and apparel.

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What Are The Reasons To Shop With Footaction?

In this whole article, we have provided many more details regarding the retail shop of Footaction. As we all know, it is a shop totally dedicated to shoe lovers and people who want to shop for the best collections of shoes. Now here are some points that we have collected for the customers which they can analyze why they need to shop with Footaction.

Hugh varieties

On the platform Footaction, each one of the customers who want to get the best collection of shoes can see a lot of varieties. From casual to traditional shoes, all of the different types of collections are here on the platform. Customers will definitely find each and every pair of shoes very affordable and best in condition. The variety of options in front of the customers will simply help them to choose the best player of shoes at any time.

Different types of collections

Even the different types of collections in the varieties or in different types of brands the customers will also find out the best quality items for shoes. Whatever the customers are looking for, they can collect all of the Shoes here. Initially, customers who are looking for the best sneakers or casual footwear will also find the collections here.

Easy return policy

The easy return policy of the shop Footaction also helps the customers to connect with the shop easily. It becomes very easy and fast forward to purchase the best condition shoes and to return them at the same time. So, any one of the products you have purchased from Footaction and now you want to return it if you do not like it, then you can go for the option.

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Different types of delivery methods

The different types of delivery methods can also help the customers to get their shoes immediately at their houses. Depending on the needs of the customers, the customers will be able to pick up one of the delivery methods and get their shoes within a few days in their houses from Footaction.

Good quality of shoes

The good quality items of each one of the pair or shoes will definitely attract the attention of all of the customers towards Footaction. We always look for the best quality and condition footwear whenever we want to work out in our personality. Therefore this platform, Footaction, is one of the best choices for customers to have a good pair of shoes.

Original and authentic platform

Even the website or the shop has also been identified as a real and authentic destination. The customers will be able to check out lots of various collections of branded shoes on Footaction. Even the product descriptions of each pair of shoes will also help the customers to go to every detail and the brand name, including other instructions or details.

Budget-friendly cost

The reasonable budget of each one of the branded shoes or footwear on Footaction also helps the customers to obtain their favorite shoes. The budget-friendly prices of the shoes are another one of the reasons why you need to shop with Footaction. Customers, while looking for affordable yet best-quality shoes can visit Footaction any time to purchase shoes from here.

Customer Feedback On Footaction 

When it comes to customer feedback regarding the products and services of Footaction, then the maximum time the website has received positive feedback. In fact, among all of the positive recommendations, some customers have also told for slow shipping facility and having the wrong products in hand.

Some of the customers have also suggested improving the shipping methods. Thus, we will suggest to all of the customers that after having the products in your hands, you must check out your product thoroughly.

If you find any defects with your products or if you have received the wrong products, you should immediately contact the customer care service of Footaction. But there are no doubt all of the products of the website Footaction are the best, and they are also made with the best materials.

For many decades, they have been serving customers to get the best shoes that they can wear comfortably. So definitely, the website Footaction is the best choice for shoe lovers.

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Best Alternatives Of Footaction 

Still, if you are looking for any other platforms instead of Footaction for looking at shoe collections, then here are some of the alternative platforms’ names.


All of the customers who are especially looking for some alternative platforms for purchasing good collections of shoes can go with Eastbay. This is another one of the subsidiary platforms of Footlocker. They also have a huge stock of both the latest and classic shoes for their customers. Even you can also find a lot of varieties of products at multiple prices.

Jimmy Jazz: 

All of the customers who especially want to purchase sneakers can also select the Jimmy Jazz website. This particular destination is for all sneakers lovers, and they can find out most branded products here. Not only just sneakers rather the customers will be able to find out other options in shoes with a lot of varieties.


Does Footaction exist?

After 2022, the retail destination Footaction will become a subsidiary of Footlocker.

Is Footaction and Foot Locker the same?

The websites Footaction and Footlocker are associated with each other as the website Footaction is a subsidiary of Footlocker.

What is Footaction USA?

Footaction USA is a subsidiary of Footlocker.

Is Footaction USA closing?

No, right now, the website Footaction is not closed. Rather, they become a part of a subsidiary option of Footlocker.

Are Foot Locker shoes real?

Yes, of course, all of the shoes that you will find on the website Footaction are totally real and authentic, available with original conditions.


Here we have presented all of the significant details regarding the retail shop of Footaction. All of the customers who want to purchase a pair of shoes from the retail shop can absolutely depend on the retail shop and can purchase any one of the shoes.

They have all of the real products with a full of authenticity. They also made the order circle easy for the customers, and if you are wondering about whether is Footaction legit or not, you can also follow the above article.

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