Is Zebit Legit or Scam? Complete Information About Zebit

Is Zebit Legit or Scam?

Is Zebit Legit or Scam?

Have you ever thought of buying your favorite things in an installment process? Does this simply mean you can buy now and pay later in installments? However, there will be no interest or charge for the installment payment procedure.

If yes, then we have a perfect suggestion for all of you here today. Zebit is a destination that will help every customer to purchase everything from electronic gadgets to jewelry.

But as a customer, you need to make sure what kind of services Zebit is offering to their customers. What type of product ranges is available in Zebit? Even though there are so many others, certain questions are also important and need to be elaborated.

If you have such questions in your mind and want to discover the answer to whether is zebit legit or not, then we suggest joining this discussion to explore all of these answers.

It would be much easier for the audience to know more about the platform Zebit by reading the whole article. Not only will they be able to know the maximum number of details of the shopping portal, but they will also find out other things. So we will request all of you who are curious to find a platform where to buy everything in installments to join in this discussion and find out is zebit legit or not.

What Is Zebit?

Today, the platform Zebit has become an independent company where everyone of every customer can get the facility to buy now and pay later. All of the customers can pay the full amount of money in the installment process. However, it will not take any extra interest after that. By keeping the importance of purchasing things, the company was introduced to have the audience.

Here in this company, the customers cannot only buy electronic things but also kitchen appliances, beauty and fashion products, apparel, jewelry, and home security products. So it is one company for every individual person to select things according to their needs and pay in letter option. But how much the company Zebit is authentic or whether is zebit legit or not is important to discuss. 

Is Zebit Legit Or Not?

No matter what website or company you are using to purchase your necessary things, it is important to figure out whether the company is legal or not. The same question is also applicable to the company Zebit, and people are also asking whether it is zebit legit or not.

So yes, it is a 100% legal company with zero interest. The customers will be able to afford all of the products and can buy those things without using a credit card.

However, there is an installment process for the whole buying process. The company has made the overall shopping experience for the customers very easy and hassle-free. 

Shipping And Return Information Of Zebit 

Most of the customers are showing their excitement to know everything about the shipping and return information about the company Zebit, so here it is. So, talking about the company Zebit, they don’t have their personal warehouse. All of the products have been dealt with by different types of suppliers. The sad part about the company is that only American citizens will be able to use Zebit. 

Hence, the company Zebit only helps USA citizen to get all of their products within 7 to 10 business days. Initially, the shipping cost can also alter depending on the location and the suppliers’ policies. All of the customers who want to purchase the e-certificate from Zebit may have to pay around 18% handling fee. 

Unfortunately, the return or exchange option is not available for the company Zebit. Therefore, any of you who browse the official website and purchase any one of the items will not be able to return it at any cost. So think twice before you ultimately place your order and pay the money you want to pay. 

Review Of Zebit

Review Of Zebit

Zebit was first founded in 2014 in San Diego, California, as a Credit provider to all of the citizens of the USA. The company was launched by Marc Schneider and Michael Thiemannas.

Even the company Zebit has also been declared as a part of Global Analytics Holdings. In 2015, Zebit was certified as an independent company. The main purpose of creating the company is to help all of the citizens of the USA purchase things and pay for later options.

It simply means that without paying the money instantly, the customers can purchase anything, and they will not have to pay any interest or charges for that. In the market, similar kinds of companies are also available, but they take high interest from their customers. So, if you do not want to pay any penalty for buying and paying later, the company Zebit is a better option for everyone.

Things You Can Buy From Zebit 

Zebit sells electronic products like laptops, smart watches, TVs, cameras, mobile phones, and other necessary electronic gadgets. Initially, they also have a different section for home decorating products.

The customers will be able to purchase home security appliances, including Kitchen appliances. The products all of the customers can have from the company Zebit are Purifiers, decorations, air conditioners, Lamps, furniture mattresses, dinnerware and many others. 

Besides that, all of the fashion and beauty products are also obtained. The customers will be able to get jewelry, Cosmetics apparel, and skin care products, Fitness equipment, outdoor Sports goods, Vitamins and many other things. Lastly, customers can also find products like e-certificates and auto parts. 

In auto parts, all of you will be able to purchase a GPS system, Radio, Car mats and cooling system. Those who want to collect the E certificate from the company Zebit can get it for the restaurant and store Omaha steaks and Banana Republic.

How Does Zebit Work?

The company Zebit has become a very interesting platform for everyone as it is very easy to use the company just by creating an account on Zebit. After creating the account, all of the customers will have to enter their social security number, which will be verified by Zebit. In the next part, the customers will also have to fill out an application, and instantly, $2500 will be credited to their account. 

From the Zebit market, the customers will be able to purchase any one of their required things, whether it is from the Electronic section or the kitchen appliances. At checkout, the customers will have to pay at least 25% of their purchases.

The rest of the 75% can be paid at a later time in the installment procedure. All of the customers will given a six-month period, and the company will not add any interest or any charge for that. While giving the installments, there is no worry about a decrease in the credit scores from your account in Zebit.

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What Do People Say About Zebit?

The customers are highly satisfied with all of the services that they have received from Zebit. Even the customers have also added that it is a unique procedure to help the audience purchase their required things. However, the installment procedure makes purchasing from Zebit very easy. 

4.6 out of 5 have been given by the trust pilot website. According to the reviews of the trust pilot website, the customers are totally satisfied and are happy to get the installment facility.

Without breaking the bank balance of the customers, they will instantly get a credit amount from Zebit. The available products are also certified and of high quality, so there are no compromises in making the products from Zebit.

Besides the positive things, there are also some negative points that have been acknowledged by the customers. The customers have said that the sudden cancellations and slow shipping are the only negative aspects of Zebit. However, there are very few negative recommendations to be considered.

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Zebit Alternatives

Now, you can also find other alternatives to Zebit. The customers will also be able to use their services to purchase anything anytime.


Afterpay is another one of the best companies for everyone, as it has the same features and services for all of its customers. The customers will also be able to create their accounts on Afterpay and can utilize the credit to purchase anything from the company. 


The next best alternative option that we have found for all of the audience is Klarna. Through the help of the company Klarna, the audience will also be able to purchase now and can pay in the later facility.

Each and every item available on Klarna is also highly qualified and genuine. Klarna has both negative and positive remarks about its services and products in the company. Better you should all read all of them before purchasing from Klarna.  


Is Zebit safe to use?

Yes, of course, all of the customers can use Zebit as there is no threat, and the customers will be able to choose all of their favorite items and can pay later.

Does Zebit sell authentic items?

All of the selling products that are available on Zebit are considered legal, and they have also been authorized and certified by the company.

Can I borrow money from Zebit?

No, not at all. The customers will not be able to borrow money from the company Zebit.

Is Buy now paying later risky?

Initially, the first payment can be considered as most of the cases we have found to be fraud cases, but paying with Zebit is not a risky thing.

How does Zebit make money?

First of all, the company, Zebit, buys all of the available products at wholesale prices. Later, they help the other audiences to purchase them with a little bit higher ranges.


Here on this topic, we have updated all necessary details regarding the company Zebit. Without any doubt, all of you who are looking for the best Electronics or kitchen appliances or any other necessary things can visit the company.

They have different types of collections for every individual customer, and without paying instant money; they can have an installment facility. Even for a better understanding of the audience, we have also given the answer of whether is zebit legit or not.

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