LetyShops Review 2024: Is LetyShops Scam?

LetyShops Review

Do you want to save some money while shopping online? LetyShops might be the option for you! 

Hey there, online shoppers! Curious about a way to save some extra bucks while making your purchases? Meet LetyShops – a platform that offers cashback rewards on your online shopping. 

In this article, I’ll give a detailed explanation of LetyShops, exploring how it works and what it offers. Whether you’re a seasoned online shopper or new to the concept of cashback, this article aims to provide you with all the essential information to help you decide if LetyShops is right for you. So, sit back, and let’s delve into the world of LetyShops together!

What Is LetyShops?

So what exactly is LetyShops? Well, it’s a nifty cashback service that rewards you with cold, hard cash for every purchase you make through their platform.

Here’s how it works_ You sign up for free, browse through their extensive list of partner stores (they have tons!), click on the one you want to shop at and make your purchase as usual. LetyShops gives you back a percentage of the money you spend! It’s like getting paid to shop.

No matter if you’re shopping for clothes, accessories or booking a vacation, LetyShops has got your back. Plus, it’s super easy to use and legit.

Where Is LetyShops Located?

LetyShops was established in Hungary in 2016. The full address of LetyShops Headquarters is__  Letyshops KFT 2161 Csomád, Akácos utca 15, Hungary.

How Does LetyShops Cashback Work?

How Does LetyShops Cashback Work?

Users start by selecting from over 3,200 online stores available on LetyShops. These stores cover a wide array of categories, including home goods, clothing, toys, and more.

Once users choose their preferred store, they proceed to make their purchase as usual, buying goods or services from the selected retailer.

After completing the purchase, users get back a percentage of money as cashback from what they spent on shopping. The amount of cashback may vary depending on the store. For example__

  • Walmart offers up to 2% cashback on purchases.
  • TEMU provides up to 6% cashback.
  • Wish rewards users with 3.5% cashback.
  • Disney offers up to $12.50 cashback.

So why does LetyShops provide cashback? 

It’s a mutually beneficial arrangement. LetyShops directs users to these stores, and in return, the stores pay LetyShops a commission. LetyShops then shares a portion of this commission with users as cashback.

By opting for cashback, stores effectively attract customers and they don’t have to be dependent on traditional advertising methods. It’s a win-win situation. Stores gain customers, LetyShops earns its commission, and users enjoy the perks of shopping with added benefits and satisfaction.

What Rules Should I Follow to Get Cashback?

If you’re keen on earning cashback while shopping with LetsShops, here are some simple rules to follow.

  • Disable Browser Add-ons

Before making a purchase, it’s essential to disable any extra browser add-ons. These can sometimes interfere with the cashback tracking process, and you may not receive your cashback. Instructions on how to do this can be found on the LetsShops official website.

  • Understand Store Conditions

Every store has its terms and conditions for providing cashback. It’s crucial to review these before making a purchase. You can typically find them on the store’s page after activating cashback on the LetsShops website. These conditions outline whether you can use bonuses, coupons, or promo codes and any specific requirements you need to meet.

  • Complete Purchase in One Session

To avoid losing out on cashback, try to complete your purchase in the same browser tab where you activated cashback. Avoid closing this tab or switching to other tabs during the purchase process.

  • Utilize LetsShops Tools

While not mandatory, using the LetsShops browser extension or mobile app can enhance your cashback experience. These tools can alert you to the best deals and offers and keep LetsShops easily accessible whenever you need it.

  • Consent to Cookie Processing

Stores typically require your consent to process cookies, enabling them to transmit order information to LetsShops for cashback crediting. Ensure you agree to this when prompted.

  • Use LetsShops Promo Codes and Bonuses

Stick to using promo codes, coupons, and bonuses provided directly by LetsShops. Using third-party codes or paying with cards offering cash back or bonuses from a bank’s program could result in losing your cashback. Always check twice before you place an order to maximize your cashback benefits with LetsShops.

For those still encountering issues with cashback tracking, consider these additional tips__

  • Download a separate browser dedicated to cashback purchases and install only the LetsShops extension.
  • Clear cookies before making a purchase.
  • Try making purchases from different devices, such as a mobile phone or tablet.
  • Complete your purchase within an hour of activating cashback.
  • Add products to your cart only after activating cashback on the LetsShops website.

How Can I Earn Money On LetyShops?

1. Earn Cashback: 

On LetyShops users can earn money through their online shopping activities.

How It Works

Users receive cashback by shopping at any of the 3,200+ partnered stores through LetyShops.

Automatic Rewards: Cashback is seamlessly credited to users’ accounts once their purchases are confirmed by the participating stores.

2. Referral Program:

Refer and Earn: Invite friends to join LetyShops and earn bonuses together.

How It Works

Your friend signs up using your referral link.

They make purchases totaling $15 within 30 days. Both of you receive a $3 bonus in your account balance. You can earn bonuses for each friend you invite.

3. Loyalty Program for Regular Customers

LetyShops rewards loyal users with its loyalty program.

How It Works

  • Every cashback earned contributes to your status upgrade.
  • If you have higher status, you’ll receive higher cashback rates in all store.
  • Withdrawals won’t lower your status; they grow with your total cash-back earnings.

Three Levels

  • LetyBronze: Saved $10 or more; +10% cashback rate.
  • LetySilver: Saved $50 or more; +20% cashback rate.
  • LetyGold: Saved $150 or more; +30% cashback rate.

For an example,

The basic cashback rate at Booking.com is 5%.

With LetyBronze status, you get 5.5% cashback (5% + 10% = 5.5%).

LetySilver increases it to 6%, and LetyGold to 6.5%.

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How to Make Purchases With Cashback?

Sign In: Log in to your LetyShops account using your login credentials or through a social network.

Choose a Store: Browse through the list of available stores on the LetyShops website. Each store may have unique terms and conditions, so it’s crucial to review them carefully.

Follow Cashback Rules: Adhere to LetyShops’ cashback shopping guidelines to ensure you receive your cashback rewards without any issues.

Access the Store: Click on the “Go to the shop” button to visit the store’s website directly from LetyShops. Alternatively, activate cashback using LetyShops’ browser extension, if available for the store you’re shopping from.

Shop for Products: Once on the store’s website, browse for the products you want to purchase or select items from your wish list.

Complete Your Order: Add the desired products to your shopping cart and proceed to checkout to finalize your purchase.

  • After completing your purchase, your cashback will appear in your LetyShops account within 24 hours with a “Pending” status.
  •  For an enhanced shopping experience, consider installing LetyShops’ browser extension, which provides convenient features like cashback reminders, one-click activation, and alerts for discounts and special offers.

Follow these simple steps while shopping to earn cash-back rewards through LetyShops!

Is LetyShops Safe?

When it comes to online shopping, safety is paramount. So, let’s address the burning question: Is LetyShops a safe option? Well, let’s unpack this together.

To begin, LetyShops stands as a reputable cashback service, collaborating with numerous renowned online retailers. With years of experience and a vast user base, their credibility shines through.

Now, onto the nitty-gritty of security. LetyShops employs cutting-edge encryption measures to shield your personal data during transactions. So your sensitive information like payment details will be protected as well as being confidential.

But what about receiving your cashback?  

LetyShops remains steadfast in fulfilling their pledge over the past few years (Just make sure you have fulfilled the criteria to get cashback as mentioned in this article). Although it may take some time for your cashback to materialize in your account, this delay primarily stems from the verification process with the retailer.

Furthermore, LetyShops has a dedicated customer support team who will address all queries and concerns that you may encounter. Whether it’s a missing cashback or a transaction query, they’re readily available to swiftly resolve any concerns.

In summary, LetyShops emerges as a safe platform for your online shopping escapades. With its sterling reputation, promising commitment to security, and responsive customer assistance, you can confidently use the digital marketplace, knowing that your experience will be both secure and satisfactory.

LetyShops Pros and Cons


  • Easy to reach minimum payout
  • Can get money through PayPal
  • Handy app for shopping on phones
  • Loyalty program boosts cashback
  • Quick and easy signup


  • Cashback rewards can take a while to show
  • Few options for getting paid
  • Not many cashback deals in some countries
  • The app may not always be easy to use
  • Getting help might take a long time

LetyShops Customer Reviews

Customer Review 1

Rating: 4/5

“I’ve been using LetyShops for a while now, and it’s been pretty good overall. The cashback deals are nice, and I like that I can get paid through PayPal. The only thing is sometimes it takes a bit longer for the cashback to show up, but other than that, no major complaints. Definitely recommend giving it a try!”

Customer Review 2

Rating: 4/5

“LetyShops has been a game-changer for me when it comes to online shopping. The cashback offers are awesome, and I’ve saved quite a bit of money using them. Being able to cash out through PayPal is super convenient, and the app is user-friendly. The only downside is that sometimes the cashback takes a bit longer to come through, but overall, I’m happy with the service.”

Customer Review 3

Rating: 3/5

“I’ve had a mixed experience with LetyShops. While the cashback offers are decent and the app is easy to use, I’ve had some issues with getting paid. It can take quite a while for the cashback to show up in my account, which is frustrating. Also, there aren’t as many cashback deals available in my country compared to some other places. It’s alright overall, but definitely room for improvement.”

Here’s What to Do If Your Cashback Has Been Declined

Here’s what to do if your cashback has been declined and why it might happen.

Reasons for Cashback Decline

Order Issues: Cashback can be canceled if there’s an order cancellation, non-payment, or return of goods.

Rule Violations: If you violate the cashback shopping rules or the terms and conditions of the store, your cashback may be declined.

Shop’s Decision: Sometimes, the shop may cancel cashback by mistake or due to their own reasons. You can find specific information about this on the shop’s page on the LetyShops website.

Special Cases for AliExpress: Cashback for orders made on AliExpress can also be declined for reasons like disputes with sellers, using multiple new user vouchers, or applying promo codes.

What to Do If Your Cashback Is Declined:

Contact Customer Support: If you believe your cashback was declined incorrectly, reach out to LetyShops customer support. Provide them with a screenshot showing details of your order from your account on the shop’s website.

If the above mentioned reasons aren’t applicable to your situation, don’t hesitate to contact LetyShops for assistance. They’ll investigate the issue and do their best to help you out.

By understanding these reasons and taking the appropriate steps, you can address any cashback declines effectively and ensure you receive the rewards you deserve.

How to Withdraw Collected Cashback?

To withdraw your accumulated cashback, follow these steps.

  • In your LetyShops account go straight to the “Withdraw funds” at first.
  • Choose the withdrawal method you prefer from the options available.
  • Provide the necessary payment details and any other required information.
  • Your withdrawal request will be processed promptly, typically within 1-3 business days.

By following these straightforward instructions, you can efficiently withdraw the cashback you’ve earned through LetyShops.

Frequently Asked Questions About LetyShops

Q1. How long does it take to receive cashback on LetyShops?

Ans. The time it takes to receive cashback on LetyShops can vary depending on the store and the specific terms of the offer. In general, cashback is credited to users’ accounts within a few days to a month after their purchase is confirmed by the store. However, some stores may have longer processing times, so users should check the terms and conditions of each offer for more information.

Q2. Is LetyShops free to use?

Ans. Yes, LetyShops is completely free for users to use. There are no signup fees or subscription fees required to join the platform. Users can sign up for an account, shop through LetyShops, and earn cashback on their purchases without any additional cost.

Q3. Can I use LetyShops on mobile devices?

Ans. Yes, LetyShops offers a mobile app for both iOS and Android devices, allowing users to shop and earn cashback on the go. You can get  access to all the possible features of the desktop version, including browsing stores, activating cashback, and tracking earnings.

Should You Use LetyShops Or Not__ Final Review

LetyShops offers enticing cashback deals and convenient payment options, making it a tempting choice for shopaholics. However, be aware of potential delays in cashback processing and varying deal availability based on your location. 

It’s crucial to weigh these factors against your own preferences and priorities to decide if LetyShops is the right fit for your shopping habits.

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