Is Hibbett Legit or A Scam? A Comprehensive Guide For You

Is Hibbett Legit or A Scam?

Is Hibbett Legit or A Scam?

Are you looking for premium quality sneakers, athletic shoes, and casual shoes? Do you want to improve your jogging and running with the best quality shoes? If yes, then we have an ideal suggestion for all of you. 

The Hibbett Sports Company offers thousands of varieties of shoes with multiple brands for their customers. All over the whole world, they are selling their products with top-rated materials and quality. 

They have millions of options when it comes to choosing the best shoes to wear. However, a lot of people have also asked the question of whether is Hibbett legit or a scammer. A lot of people have given a lot of points of view regarding this retail shop.

If you are going to shop with this Hibbett Sports Company, then there are some significant details that you need to know before accessing the website. Initially, we will also let the audience know whether is hibbett legit or not. 

What Is Hibbett Sports?

When it comes to purchasing branded shoes, whether it is sneakers, casual shoes, or athletic shoes, people always like to go for popular or famous brands. The audience has full faith and reliability for those top-rated brands as they provide quality products to their customers. 

Nowadays, in the market, one more company is also grabbing the attention of the audience, which is identified with the name Hibbett Sports. This retail shoe company is best known for selling multiple and varieties types of Athletic shoes, casual shoes, sneakers, running shoes, sports goods, and many other things.

The audience was introduced to this retail Hibbett Sports Company almost 77 years ago. For the last 77 years, the company has been doing business in the market. They have also improved in quality and materials regarding the shoes in the past years. 

Initially, the company has also grown a lot in popularity and fame by selling the maximum number of quality products. But apart from all of these things, people are also asking the question of whether is hibbett legit or a scam. To justify the answer, we want to let the audience know about some of the most significant information.

Is Hibbett Legit Or A Scammer?

In simple words, the retail shop Hibbett Sports is absolutely legal and authentic. For the past 77 years, they have been helping their customers to get different types of varieties and branded shoes with affordable price ranges. 

Keeping the importance and needs of the audience, they have also introduced different types of price ranges for different types of shoes. This retail company has more than 1000 Stores around the world, and through the 30 States, the company has also provided the products to their customer’s doors.

Besides that, the retail company Hibbett Sports has also been associated with other big sports companies. By making a partnership with all of those big companies, they are also doing their business in the market. It also proved the legalization and authentication of the company. 

Therefore, those customers who are willing to proceed with this retail shop, Hibbett Sports, and willing to find out whether is Hibbett legit or not can go for this company. It is totally safe and secure for companies to purchase all of your required shoes or sneakers. 

Shipping Policy And  Return Policy Of Hibbett

The customers are also showing a fondness for knowing the shipping policy and return policy of the retail company Hibbett. This retail Hibbett Sports Company delivers all of the products of their customers without taking any shipping charge. 

If you want to buy a single pair of sneakers or athletic shoes or more than that, then the company will not charge any shipping for that. However, in the USA, all of the citizens can place their order to get the shoes at their doors.

This retail company, Hibbett Sports, also offers two types of shipping procedures. All of the standard shipping procedures of the company include shipping charges. The two types of shipping procedures are expedited and express shipping procedures.

For the Expedited shipping procedure, the company will help their customers to get all of their ordered shoes within 2 to 4 days. For this shipping policy, the customers will also have to pay the shipping charge of $22.99.

For the Express Shipping procedure, the company will help their customers to get all of their favorite shoes within 1 to 3 days. This is the fastest shipping procedure of the company Hibbett. Besides that, the shipping charge of the express shipping procedure is also high in comparison with the Expedited. They charge $32.99 for all of their individual customers.

When it comes to the return policy of the company Hibbett, it is also very easy to follow. The customers can go for the shop visit or online return policy procedure. If any of the customers do not like the products, they can return them to Hibbett.

The company is offering a 60-day Return policy offer for each one of its customers. By visiting the stores of Hibbett or simply visiting the official website of Hibbett, the customers can claim a refund or can return the products.

For the online return policy, the company Hibbett will share all of the necessary details through mail ID. The customers also needed to keep all of the packaging and original bills along with the product with them.

However, if any one of the customers loses the receipt, they can also get a refund and return the product. It is also important to note for the audience that the gift offers are not eligible for those customers who will return the products.

After following all of the return procedures and whenever the company accepts the return request within 14 days, the customers will get their refund money. It generally takes seven business days to proceed and to grant the return request. After that, it takes 7 to 8 days to completely finish the return procedure, and the refund money will also be credited to the customer’s bank account.

Product Pricing Of Hibbett

Customers who are looking for a reliable and affordable company to purchase shoes with various brands and qualities can select Hibbett.  Hibbett Sports Company has come with variety ranges of products with different types of price tags.

According to the budget, the customers can avail of any one of the shoes from this company. The company also sells various brands of shoes and clothes for their customers.

The men can purchase shoes from the range of $18 to $500. However, the prices of the shoes will vary depending on the quality of the product and the brand. Besides that, those customers who are looking for branded clothes with a reasonable price range can also afford clothing from this company. Hibbett Sports Company also sells multiple brands of clothing from the range of $20 to $300.

Customers can also get a lot of offers and exciting prices after purchasing shoes and clothes from this company Hibbett. Besides that, the customers can also get 30% to 50% off offers on any one of the purchases. On multiple occasions, the company also provides a lot of exciting and interesting offers for the customers.

Products Of Hibbett

The Hibbett Sports Company provides a huge variety of shoes and clothing for both men and women. Even if you are looking for footwear or clothing for your kids, then you can also go with this company to purchase the best quality products. Besides that, those people who are looking for a reliable company with affordable price changes for footwear and clothing can also take the benefit of Hibbett.

In fact, a lot of popular and well-known brands are also associated with Hibbett, and they also make a partnership with this company. Customers can get the brands like Reebok, Adidas, Nike, and Under Armour.

From all of these popular brands, the customers will be able to purchase casual shoes, sneakers, running shoes, and many more other issues. The customers will also be able to purchase clothing for men, women, and kids.

The company has also introduced a sports section for sports lovers. The sports lovers will be able to buy their favorite team’s Jersey and other clothing. All of the Gear items are also available in this company, and you can purchase any one of them.

Review of Hibbett

The Hibbett Sports Company was established in 1945. The company was developed by Rufus Hibbett. It is a retail shop that provides thousands of shoes with multiple brands and qualities. The headquarters of the company is situated in Birmingham, Alabama, United States.

The main purpose of establishing the company is to help the audience get quality products and shoes at affordable prices. Originally, the main purpose of establishing the company was just to provide Goods and shoes for school and Sports teams.

After the 1960s, the company changed its name to Hibbett Sports Company. Then, the company gives the full focus on selling footwear and other necessary sports items. After the 2000s, the company has also been associated with a lot of other big companies and has partnerships with them. Now, the company has around 1000 Stores in 30 different states.

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Customer Satisfaction With Hibbett 

Before purchasing any one of the products from this particular company, Hibbett, it is also essential for the customers to know about customer satisfaction or reviews. The company has been running its business for quite a long time, and the customers also have positive and negative reviews regarding the company or products.

According to the trust pilot, The Company Hibbett has received a 1.7 out of 5 rating. For this low rating, the customers have blamed the low services of the customer care. They have also accused the customer care attendees not cooperating with them whenever they ask for any help. Sometimes the customers have also claimed that the quality of the products does not meet the standards.

According to the influenster, this popular Hibbett sports company has received 3.7 out of 5 ratings. A lot of people have given positive reviews about the services of the customer care attendants and the quality of the products.

But still, some customers also claim that sometimes they do not get the best services that they expect from the company. Therefore, before you shop with this retail company, you should read all of the positive and negative reviews from the customers. 

Alternatives Of Hibbett 

Customers who are looking for alternatives to Hibbett from where they can also purchase their favorite footwear and clothing can have a quick look in the below paragraph. 


The first name that we will suggest for all of the customers is the SneakersNStuff. If you are looking for branded footwear and clothing, then you can browse the official website of SneakersNStuff and purchase whatever you want. Varieties types of products are available with multiple brands; according to your budget, you can select any one of them.


The second alternative for all of the customers is SoleSeriouss. Again, if you want to get quality products regarding footwear and clothing, then you can also choose these particular brands. Besides that, you can also get a lot of reasonable prices products on the website, and you can also place your order to get your shoes or clothing.

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Pros And Cons Of Hibbett 

Now, take a quick look at the pros and cons of Hibbett.


  • All of the customers will be able to avail of the Rewards programs from the company.
  • The company is giving the facility of 60 60-day return policy for the products.
  • The company is also providing the products to the customers without taking any shipping charges.
  • The customers will also get a huge stock of footwear and clothing products.


  • The refund policy of the company is quite complex. The customers will have to wait a long to get their refund money.
  • Customers can also face the problem of unreliable shipping sometimes. The company does not show any consistency in delivering the product on time. 

FAQs: Is Hibbett Legit or A Scam?

How long does Hibbits take to ship?

Generally, the company Hibbett takes 3 to 7 days to ship any products to their customers.

Does Hibbett Sports do refunds?

Yes, the company Hibbett Sports refunds the money of their customers within 60 days.

How long has Hibbett been around?

The company Hibbett has served its services since 1945, and it has almost 78 years of working services. 

Why did Hibbett cancel my order?

The company Hibbett can cancel the order of their customers if they find any misleading regarding the information or address of the customer. 


For all of the customers here, we have mentioned each one of the significant information regarding the Hibbett Sports Company. The customers can also find out the answer of whether is Hibbett legit or not. We have also mentioned other necessary details for the customer to increase their knowledge about the company Hibbett. 

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