Is Indeed Legit or Scam? Discover All Significant Aspects Of Indeed

Is Indeed Legit or Scam?

Is Indeed Legit or Scam?

Many of you may wonder about a decent job with a decent pay scale. But there are hardly a few people who find out the best jobs according to their requirements or qualifications. It becomes very confusing for people who are in search of jobs in various sections.

But what if I tell you it is possible to find out the maximum number of jobs by sitting at your house? Yes, today, anyone who is in search of a decent job can browse the website 

Here, both the employees and the employers can find out the jobs according to their qualifications. You can either hire employees or find the recruitment for yourself.

Indeed, the website has become one of the largest platforms that have various job opportunities for aspirants. So, let us find out more details about the website and know whether it is indeed legit or not. 

Initially, the website has both the facilities to provide walk-from-home and walk-from-office opportunities for students or others. Depending on your choice, you can go with your preferred job criteria. But before we know more about the website indeed, let us read together whether it is indeed legit or not.

What Is Indeed?

It is one of the largest and most popular websites that help the audience find jobs in various sections. This is the ideal platform for those who are almost exhausted in trying out every possible way to find the best jobs.

Just by sitting at your desk or couch, you can fill out every detail regarding your qualifications. According to the information, the job preferences will be presented to you.

It is a platform not only for people who are looking for jobs but also for recruitment management teams to find employees from here. You may have observed several job-providing websites, but if you want to really trust a platform, you can go with Indeed. To find out whether the job requirements are fake or real, let us read together whether it is indeed legit or not. 

Is Indeed Legit Or Not?

Yes, it is. Needless to say, the website indeed is an absolutely legal and licensed website. However, it is quite genuine that both negative and positive recommendations will always be there for any one of the particular platforms.

So, you may also observe the combination of positive and negative points for reviews for Indeed. But overall, the platform is safe and authentic to find out all of the latest jobs that are available on the site.

However, there are some factors that you can practice before choosing your job from Indeed. We will talk about this topic in more detail in the following paragraph. Those who have no idea whether is indeed legit or not can find the exact details here. 

Review Of Indeed

The website Indeed was founded in 2004 by Rony Kahan and Paul Forster. Indeed, it is situated in Texas, USA. However, the website Indeed is considered to be the leading job search platform for everyone.

Even all job-seeking personalities from more than 50 countries around the world can access the job requirements on Indeed. Eventually, a number of languages will also be available for various job recruitments on Indeed.

The website, indeed, in 2012, was taken over by a Japanese company named Recruit Holdings Co. Not only has that but the website Indeed also been declared as one of the leading Job Recruitment platforms in the USA. Initially, at the end of 2018, the website Indeed earned a profit of $2 dollar.

How Do You Search For Employees On Indeed?

How Do You Search For Employees On Indeed?

Suppose you are looking for more employees for your company; then it is a very easy process to follow on Indeed. All you need to do is create an account on Indeed first, and then you can post a job requirement for your company. Of course, all of the details and the interview method should be clearly mentioned in your post. From your side, you can post job requirements for at least 20 positions on Indeed.

However, job-seeking personalities can also find out a minimum of 8 job listing profiles every second from the side of Indeed.

How Does Indeed Work?

The website Indeed works very smoothly for everyone, whether you are a recruitment body or just a job-seeking personality. From any one of the countries, both the candidates and the recruitment Body can post about hiring.

As a candidate, you can observe several jobs whose requirements have been submitted by companies, agencies, or any other platforms. By creating an account, you can avail yourself of all of these features from Indeed.

Not only that, as per your qualifications and preferences, you can also get options to select your jobs. Initially, jobs like the agriculture department, health care department, Food Industry, fashion industry, and many other popular platforms are offering very recruitment. However, in the end, after getting your account images, you need to upload your resume and give your zip code.

Service Pricing Of Indeed

Generally, the platform Indeed is free for everyone, both for recruitment companies and for job-seeking personalities. Even the equipment company can post sponsor ads to find employees for their company.

Posting sponsor ads will make it easier for the companies to reach the maximum number of employees. Every second, the platform Indeed posts several job opportunities for everyone, so there is a high chance of getting fewer responses for your job listing.

However, talking about the sponsor ads pricing, their equipment companies will have to pay the very minimum amount of price. The starting price will be $10, and it can go up to $100. As the platform is free of cost, all job-seeking students or personalities can quickly upload their resumes or quickly make automatic resumes from Indeed.

What Do People Say About Indeed?

All of the people who have become a part of Indeed showed their genuine positive responses to the platform. According to the examination of Facebook, each and every user who has associated with Indeed is very grateful. They are pleased to become a part of the website for searching for the best job opportunities.

Even according to the People’s words, they have also told, it is a very easy platform to handle and easy to make a resume. The Automatic resume system is another one of the best parts of the website; indeed, it generates lots of responses from others on the platform.

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Alternative Options For Indeed

Talking about the alternative options, then, the best options for all of the recruitment companies or job-seeking personalities are Monster and Glassdoor.


Monster is the best alternative if you are looking for jobs for yourself. They have similar features and job opportunities for everyone, whether you want to be a higher employee or want to become an employee. Depending on your education and other necessary requirements, they will provide all of the suitable job options for you.


Basically, another one of the big job-searching portals from where you can select a job for yourself is Glassdoor. Glassdoor is another one of the biggest search engines that helps both recruitment companies and job-seeking people find decent jobs. Even as a recruitment body, you can anonymously post several job listings.

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5 Tips To Follow To Find Fake Job Posts On Indeed

Now, here are some easy tips that anyone can follow to find fake job posts on Indeed.

Unprofessional Behavior

Before applying for any particular company, you can read out all of the reviews of the employees of that particular company. If any of the employees have a complaint regarding the unprofessional behavior of the company, then you should not apply for any post. It will not be a wise decision to be a part of the company with an employee.

Demands Upfront Details

Another tip that can also help you to identify fake job postings is demanding upfront details. If the recruitment body is asking for any personal and financial information from you, then this is another sign that you are not applying for the job vacancy.

Offer That Is Too Good To Be True

Sometimes, to grab the attention of all of the job-seeking personalities, the companies might offer too well in front of you. However, if you see the salary scale is beyond your expectations, then probably it might be a trap. You need to analyze the other companies’ salary skills to crosscheck whether everything is true or not.

The Veneer Of A Popular Job Title

Even there are so many fraud companies that can create hype among job-seeking personalities by posting a popular job title. Basically, the whole process of recruitment is a total waste of time and money for an individual job-seeking personality. So be aware of all of these things before you find any, submit your resume or apply for the post.

A Recruiter Contacts You And Offers You A Job

Another tip that you need to keep in mind is if any one of the recruitment bodies contacts you first and offers a job vacancy, then it might be another signal. There is no chance that authentic companies will select this kind of procedure to hire a number of employees for their companies.


Is indeed a resume better than my own?

When it comes to making your own resume, or you have made your resume with Indeed, then Indeed’s resume is better than yours. All of you can edit the resume according to your needs, and they are automatically generated by Indeed. Moreover, the job recruitment bodies will find you as per their requirements.

Is it better to have a PDF resume on Indeed?

No, not at all, the PDF resumes made by Indeed are not considered Safe. 

Can you upload a PDF resume to Indeed?

Yes, as a job-sitting personality, all of you can upload DOC, DOCs, PDFs and other formats of your resume to Indeed

How do I convert my resume to an Indeed resume?

After logging in to your account and uploading your resume, you just need to find the option convert my resume on Indeed and then click on the convert option, and your resume will be prepared. 

Which is best, LinkedIn or Indeed?

The Indeed website is considered a search engine, while the other side, LinkedIn, is a social network used by all. 


For all of the job seekers here, we have given much more information regarding the website Indeed. If they are about to make an account with Indeed, it is important for every one of you to know all of the above information.

However, we have also tried to discuss the most important question of whether it is indeed legit or not. Specifically, we have also added another detail that can also help people who are looking for jobs or recruiters. 

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