Is Partsgeek Legit or Scam? An Informative Details About Partsgeek To Know

Is Partsgeek Legit or Scam?

Is Partsgeek Legit or Scam?

Nowadays, with advanced technology and a fast internet connection, it has become much easier and more convenient to find automotive stores or websites. Any type of accessories or products which you need for your favorite car you can get access to immediately on the internet. However, sometimes it becomes very difficult to analyze which particular website or store is more helpful.

The PartsGeek is one of the most trustworthy and authentic websites in the market right now. You can collect whatever accessories you need and products you want to buy for your car and home accessories from here. Usually, the question of whether is partsgeek legit or not becomes a very important one to know. As customers, we just cannot go to a particular website to purchase anything that would help us in our car or home.

So today, this particular article is going to be very dedicated and informative information for the audience who are looking to know is partsgeek legit or not.

What is Partsgeek?

The PartsGeek is a particular store or website that helps all of the audience purchase automotive parts at wholesale prices. The variety of collections in multiple parts of the car or any other vehicle is available here on the website.

It is also quite obvious that the website has gained a good reputation in the market for doing business. It is an individual website for all of the people who want to associate with a particular platform to buy the maximum number of automotive products.

To find out all of the car accessories or any type of car-related products, this website, PartsGeek, can solve all of your problems. To find out more specific information regarding the website, let us explore together whether is partsgeek legit or not.

Is Partsgeek Legit or Not?

Of course, the website PartGeek is a legitimate website for all of those people who are looking to buy car accessories or car-related things. It is a single platform that has a huge collection of automotive products at wholesale prices.

The website has come a long way in the business marketing field, and they have also gained a good reputation. In the automotive industry, the PartsGeek website has also captured the attention of its audiences.

So here it is proved that website partsgeek is absolutely trustworthy and reliable. They even have a license to trade in the business in the business marketing industries. For the knowledge of the audience, we have also given the details of whether is partsgeek legit or not in this paragraph.

Significant Details Of Shipping And Return Policy In Partsgeek

All USA and USA territories will be able to collect the automotive products from the website Partsgeek. Unfortunately, people who belong to international countries will not be able to place the orders. The shipping time is quite fast, and the website does not cause any delay in providing the product. Shipping can be expected to take between 3 to 7 business days; however, if your products are overweight, then the delivery might be delayed.

The Expedited shipping facility is also there to allow the customers to get their products faster. Within just 2 days, the customers will be able to enjoy the products they ordered from Partsgeek.

However, if any one of the customers has ordered any automated products on Friday, then they will have to wait till Monday to receive them. But do remember there will also be an added sales tax on your total cost.

A 30-day return facility is approximately applicable for everyone. The customers will be able to return the goods to the website only if they are damaged. Even when returning the products to the website, the customers will also have to mention the RMA number. But make sure you read all of the terms and conditions of the website Partsgeek.

The exchange facility is not available if the customer has demanded a replacement. Otherwise, the refund process usually takes 14 days to start, and within 2 to 5 days, the customers can also get their refunded money.

Review Of Partsgeek

Review Of Partsgeek

Partsgeek LLC was first established in 2008 by Jon Sinclair. It is situated in Doylestown. Right now, the retail store of Partsgeek is one of the top-rated websites for collecting all of the auto parts for cars.

Initially, the customers can also get all of the house accessories to increase the security of the home. When it comes to receiving the services from Partsgeek, they have gained a good reputation to share with their customers.

Besides that, one of the most attractive parts about the online store of Partsgeek is that they have a huge stock of collections at multiple prices. To find out the complete satisfaction of the website, Partsgeek has also connected with other top brands in the market. Without any burden on your shoulders, you can get all of the authentic automotive products from the website.

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List Of Products Available On Partsgeek

For all of the customers, the website Partsgeek has introduced a collection of 10 million automotive products. All of the automotive products come from different types of brands that are established in the market.

Things like switches, compressors, heater motors, and bowlers are also available here to decorate the inside of the car. As a customer, you can find brands like AGS, Carter, Fox Shox, Hopkins, Omega, Old Man Emu, etc.

Even customers who are looking for custom parts for their cars can also collect them from the website; however, they need to mention the model of their car. For any product related to cars, whether it is headlights, hubcaps, oil thermostats, or wheels, everything is here to choose from. Seat covers, dashboards, stereos, mats, and steering wheels are also here to change the interior of your truck or car completely.

Product Costs Of Partsgeek

As per the website, Partsgeek has a variety of automotive parts, so the prices will also be different from each other. If the customers want to utilize the exclusive thing, then the prices will be higher. However, on the other hand, small things like car mats and wipers will be available for just $20 and can also go to $100. The website does not charge any hidden charges from their customers.

For all of the audience who want to purchase the automotive parts for BMW and Mustang, the prices for all of those things will be much higher in comparison with others. All of the customers can also find discount facilities, and it can also go up to 80% off. In sales time, the customers will be able to see all of those discounts.

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Is PartsGeek Really A Good Choice?

In the market, there are many automotive shops available where customers can buy automotive products. But when it comes to reliability and sustainability, people nowadays consider PartsGeek to be an advantage.

In the world of business marketing, PartsGeek is a very famous retail shop that helps customers get the right and authentic automotive products. However, in the market, a lot of options are also presented, but if you are looking for portable automotive products for yourself, then use PartsGeek’s services.

At the same time, all of the customers will be able to bring out the best services and fast delivery procedures. An easy Payment procedure and easy refund are also applicable for all of the customers who will purchase automotive products from PartsGeek.

Customers will also be able to purchase all of the automotive goods at huge discounts. Discounts and sales always go on the website to help their customers purchase the right products.

Not only is that but a 30-day period is also provided for all of the customers who return their goods with PartsGeek. All types of shipping facilities are also there, and within a minimum of days, customers can receive their automotive products from PartsGeek.

Even so, many brands have also made partnerships with PartsGeek, and people who are looking for branded automotive products can also get the services from here. Besides that, depending on the location or country rules, some of the customers may have to pay customs charges or taxes.

The customer ratings and satisfaction of the customers are also very good which we have noticed on the official website page of PartsGeek. A lot of positive comments have been identified by the maximum number of new customers.

Hence reliability and authenticity have also increased in the market. So definitely PartsGeek is a really good option for all of the people who want to get some branded automotive products yet sustainable and durable.

Why Is PartsGeek The Best?

If you are looking for the reasons that made PartsGeek the best option for purchasing automotive products, then here is the information for you.

The best collection of automotive products

Some of the best collections of automotive products can be found on the website PartsGeek. Customers can get every single durable automotive product within their budget. There is no compromise with the quality and brand of the automotive products. Even it is very sustainable and long-lasting automotive product that the customers will purchase from PartsGeek.

Branded Automotive products available

Even a lot of brands are a part of PartsGeek. If you want to use branded automotive products for yourself and improve your experience, then PartsGeek is the destination. Brands like AGS, Carter, Fox Shox, Hopkins, Omega, Old Man Emu, etc are available here. Since 2008, PartsGeek has been a part of the business marketing world.

Reasonable price

The reasonable price is another one of the reasons why PartsGeek is the best in the market. If you are looking for an affordable automotive platform where you can collect all of the goods of Automotive than PartsGeek is the most recommended option for the people.

Discounts available

To save the money of the customers the website has also given a lot of discounts and offer options. The website PartsGeek also opens sales pages so that customers can purchase all of their automotive goods by saving some extra money. There is no compromise on the quality of the automatic products because they say the maximum number of branded products on their website.

Multiple shipping available

The different types of shipping methods have also improved PartsGeek’s quality of services. Each one of the shipping methods has a mentioned period of time, and within that mentioned period of time, the customers, whatever they will order, can receive their products at their addresses on time.

Easy return option

People who are looking for an easy return policy option can also be considered the products of PartsGeek. All of the customers were given 30-day return options on each one of the automotive products. So it will be easier for all of the customers to buy the products and can take the refunded money.

Trusted and legal website

It is always better to take services or purchase goods from a trusted and legal website. In the market, among all of the trusted and legal websites, PartsGeek is one of the best platforms. The website PartsGeek has been doing business for many years and always fulfills all of the customers’ requirements. Besides that, the website also provides Customer services to all of its customers and tries to provide the best automatic products.

A Few Of The Best Alternative Platforms Of Partsgeek 

Still, if you are looking for some of the best alternative platforms in comparison with Partsgeek, then here we are, giving the two best names for all of you.


With a variety of collections and different price tags, CarID is one of the best platforms from where all of the audience can have automotive body parts for their cards. Almost 50000 Automotive parts are available, and they are also from top brands in the market. So the customers can get all of the authentic and quality items from the website CarID.

Advance Auto Parts:

The next suggestion we would like to make for all of the people who want to purchase car body parts is Advance Auto Parts. Advance Auto Parts is another one of the top-rated and renowned retail stores for selling the best-branded car products. Even by taking the products of the website Advance Auto Parts, they will also help you find some amazing tips to maintain your car or truck.


How long does Parts Geek take?

Generally, the website Partsgeek takes 3 to 7 business days to deliver all of the car-related products or accessories to their customers.

What’s the best online auto parts store?

There are so many best online auto parts stores available, but among all of them, Partsgeek is one of the most successful and popular stores.

Does Parts Geek sell OEM parts?

Yes, of course, the website Partsgeek also sells OEM parts and after-market parts. 

Who is the CEO of Parts Geek?

The CEO of the store Partsgeek is Brian Tinari.

How do I contact Partsgeek?

To contact the website Partsgeek, all customers can use the customer care service number, which is 1-800-541-9352. From Monday to Friday, all of the customers can contact the toll-free number between 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. EST and on Saturday and Sunday, they can call from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. EST.


As a machine or car enthusiast, if you are looking for an ideal place to purchase anything regarding your car or automotive parts, then you can select the website. Everyone also acknowledges the reputation and trust score of the website.

So it will not be a wrong choice for you to go with another website and shop for all of the car accessories and other machines. Even you can also get the answer whether is partsgeek legit or not.

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