Is Missguided Legit or Scam? A Comprehensive Guide For You

Is Missguided Legit or Scam?

Are you a fashion freak personality? Do you want to buy all of the fashionable products or goods on one platform? Are you looking in a rush to go with a perfect destination for clothing and accessories? Yes, then Missguided is the ultimate destination for all of the fashion freak personalities. Among all of the fast fashion community, this particular website or retail store, missguided, has gained a lot of success.

They have a variety of types of clothing and accessories. They are not only just limited to accessories and clothing. Rather, they also have other fashionable collections. Great deals and sales options are also available on the website, missguided for the customers.

But make sure you know all of the details regarding the website before choosing your pair of dresses or accessories. Today, we are going to elaborate on the most observed question of whether is missguided legit or not.

In this topic, we will also add other additional information that will help the customers to know whether is missguided legit or not. So, let’s get started by knowing all of the major information that will help individual customers associate with the website Missguided. 

What Is Missguided?

Missguided is a retail shop best known for selling designer clothes and accessories for the customers. Different types of design products are available here with the best prices. Even the shop has plus-size clothing for people who have plus sizes.

All of the women who are between 16 to 35 years old will be able to purchase anything in clothing and accessories from the platform. Even the shop has also claimed each and every week they introduce more than 150 new products for their customers to offer.

However, we are not sure whether is missguided legit or not. To find out the exact details, follow us in the next paragraph.

Is Missguided Legit Or Not?

There is a lot of confusion among the audience about whether is missguided legit or not. But to justify the details, yes, they are legal, and they are not going to take away all of your money.

As a customer, all of the audience can trust the website and can purchase fashionable products. Besides that, a huge range of different types of fast fashion and other latest fashionable products are available. According to the need, anybody of you can place an order and purchase different types of quality items.

Shipping And Return Information Of Missguided

Shipping varieties and return options are both available on the platform. All of the people who belong to the EU country can also have all of the available products from the website within just a maximum of 7 days.

However, all of the customers will have to give the delivery charge of 8€. Even all of the customers can also go for the express EU Shipping facility and within 1 or 2 days, they will have all of their goods. But the delivery charge is quite high, and the customers will have to pay 12€.

Even the website has also other separate delivery options for all of the customers who live in Australia and other countries of the EU. By visiting the official website, customers will be able to read more about the shipping and delivery information.

The return facility is absolutely simple and quick. Within 14 days, the whole refund will be made by the website Missguided. However, the customers will also have to mention a particular reason for returning the products. Once the reason is approved by the website Missguided, anybody of the customers can get a full refund from the retail shop.

Review Of Missguided

Review Of Missguided

The retail shop of Missguided was founded in 2009 by Nitin Passi. It is a US-based company and the main purpose of creating the shop is to help all of the audience to choose the best and affordable clothing and accessories for women. All of the ladies belong to the age group of 16 to 35, and we will be able to choose all of the latest collections of fashionable products.

Any kind of requirements will be fulfilled by the website Missguided. It is a fast fashion and has growth rapidly among the audience by providing the best material clothes and quality accessories.

Even in Australia, France, and Germany customers have also been impressed and satisfied with the services and product quality of the website Missguided. Those who are looking for an affordable shop in various products variety is clothes, shoes accessories or anything else.

How Does Missguided Work?

The working method of Missguided is very simple and easy. All of the customers will simply have to simply browse the website and pick up their choices. The customers will just have to click on the exact product that they want to purchase.

Then they will have to pay the required money for the goods. And within a few days, the products will arrive at the addresses of the customers. That is how you can get your products, and this is how the website works for all of the individual customers.

Even to bring out a modern look, they also have the latest and trendy clothes and accessories along with other fashionable products. Even the website Missguided has made a lot of collaboration with other popular brands and marketing organizations. By making partnerships or by making endorsements, they also do their marketing and attract the attention of the audiences.

Website And Contact Details Of Missguided

All of the customers who are looking for more information regarding the website Missguided and those who want to contact with Missguided they can read out this particular paragraph.

However, the website always works very fast for all of their customers and tries to introduce all of the latest products fastest for their customers. In comparison with any other shops in the market they offer more than 150 new products every week.

Even to attract the attention of the audiences, they have also made a lot of sales, discounts, offers, and coupon sections for the audiences. By having any one of these things, the customers will also be able to save money.

To contact the website, here is the toll-free number for audiences, and the number is 020 3471 7680. By dialing the number from your mobile phone, you can talk to the assistant services of the website at any time. Even whatever problem you are going through regarding the website Missguided, you can talk to the customer care service assistances by calling them.

Initially, the website is also available on Facebook and Twitter, and by leaving a direct message, the customers will also be able to contact them. Within just one hour, they will reach out to you to solve all of your problems regarding the product or anything else related to the website Missguided.

Features Of Missguided

Here are some of the most important features that each one of the customer should no before browsing to the website and start shopping with Missguided.

All available products

Different types of product range are also available on the website Missguided. Multiple categories of products are also there for the audience, and whatever the audience likes they can choose those products and can enjoy having them in their homes.

24/7 hours services

The 24/7 hours services or the availability of the website also made them popular among the customers. The customers can choose their help at any time of the day and even the customers can also talk about their problems with the customer care service of Missguided.

Fast shipping

The first shipping is another one of the best features of the shop Missguided. Within a few days, by giving a minimum delivery charge, customers will be able to enjoy all of their products at their houses.

Easy purchase

Even the easy purchase method has also helped the customers to enjoy all of the available products from the website Missguided fastest. None of the customers will find any struggles or problems after browsing the website and then selecting and ordering the products.

Easy payment

The easy payment method is one of the best features of the website Missguided. All types of payment facilities are available on the website, and according to the preference of the customers, they can go with any of them and make the payments.

Latest and trendy products

All of the customers who want to work on their personality and want to increase and attractive look they can have all of the latest and trendy products from Missguided. Even with the help of the customers, they have also introduced multiple other fast fashion products.

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Is Missguided Worthy?

We all want to invest our money in a good platform or in the right platform so that we can enjoy all of the things that we want to buy. So definitely for all of the fashion-enthusiastic personalities who are looking for the best platforms to purchase clothes, accessories, or any other item regarding fashion, they can collect from Missguided.

The website Missguided is genuine, and all of the products are also genuine. The varieties of fashion increasing items must take the whole attention of all of the people near you.

As a customer, you can also afford the best quality fashionable goods with a very pocket-friendly amount. The 24/7 hours of services also help the customers to stay connected with the website Missguided and to get their help.

Initially, the fast shipping process also made the website Missguided unique in comparison with other available websites in the market. The easy purchase, easy payment option, and the availability of all of the products also increase the success and popularity of Missguided in the market.

So definitely, Missguided is the right platform, and it is a worthy platform to enjoy some of the good quality products and accessories. The customer feedback is also quite recommendable, and those who have gone through the services of Missguided have also been praised a lot. To experience their services, we will request to shop with Missguided as soon as possible. To enjoy all of the good quality products of Missguided, they are always available to help you to increase your fashion.

Customer Feedback Of Missguided

We have found both the positive and negative remarks for the products and services of the website Missguided. Even a lot of customers who have purchased clothes and accessories from the website Missguided have given only 1.7 ratings.

According to the customer previous website was not that much of quick and prominent regarding their products and services. A lot of complaints have also come that the website and meet them foolish.

But apart from all of these negative comments some customers have also shown their positive remarks. Customers are highly satisfied after getting the latest fashionable products from the website, and they have also been praised for several delivery methods. The delivery times are also very minimal, and within the least of time, the customers can enjoy their products.


What happened with Missguided?

The details store missguided has been taken by the administration after it was unable to pay the debts. 

What are the allegations against Missguided?

One of the allegations against the website Missguided is that they pay less to their workers.

Is Missguided an ethical company?

In ethical ratings the website Missguided has received low ethical ratings.

Does Missguided exist?

The website Missguided has been taken by Sports Direct owner Frasers Group.

Is Missguided back to normal?

The website missguided is still working as normal as well for the customers. 


I think we have added much more information for the retail store and missguided it for all of the audience. All of the customers can find out the necessary and vital information regarding the website and their products and services.

We have also elaborated the details of the question of whether is missguided legit or not. The customers can read out other specific information before choosing the platform to purchase fashionable products.

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