Is Jingus A Legitimate Brand? Find Out All The Significant Details

Is Jingus A Legitimate Brand?

Is Jingus A Legitimate Brand?

In today’s scenario, the maximum number of companies knows what exactly the customers want in fashion. The craze for unique designs and styles among the audience has increased massively in the past few years.

Therefore, the audience can also find out that lots of brands have been introduced to the market. Among them, Jingus is one of the fast fashion brands for everyone.

Jingus is one of the particular companies that help people around the world purchase the latest collections of fashionable goods. Unique designs, colors, sizes and styles are also available on jingus.

There was a constant demand to purchase fashionable goods, whether it was accessories, shoes, or clothes, and jingus made all of them. Keeping all of these things aside, the most important question to note down whether Is Jingus a legitimate brand?

We have enough information to provide for the audiences and to let them know whether is jingus a Legitimate Brand or not. We will also describe each and every single detail about the brand that will help you identify whether it is a reliable or fraudulent company. 

What Is Jingus?

Jingus is an American fashion brand that helps all women of every size purchases the latest and unique designs of fashionable clothes, accessories, and footwear. Even the brand Jingus is identified as a wholesale brand.

The main purpose of establishing the brand Jingus is to help all women find the perfect fitting in clothes. The women can also experience that they are wearing clothes directly from the tailors.

But one common question may have come to your mind whether is jingus a Legitimate Brand or not. To answer the question, we will describe some necessary facts about the brand in this topic.

Is Jingus A Legitimate Brand Or Not?

Is Jingus A Legitimate Brand Or Not?

Customers are showing their frequent curiosity to know whether is jingus a Legitimate Brand or not. To justify the answer, yes, of course, it is a legal brand, and all of the available fashionable products are also authentic and real. Even the brand Jingus also maintains the prices of all of the products to be cheap and affordable. So that audiences from every category can purchase the products from Jingus.

Even this particular brand is also justified for all of the women who are in plus size. They can also find out their perfect shape and sizes of clothing or dresses from here. 

What Is Jingus’ Shipping And Return Policy?

Yes, shipping facilities are available with jingus. Generally, the brand takes advantage of courier delivery or transportation services to help their audience get their products.

The customers can select any one of the shipping processes, and within a short period of time, they can have all ordered clothes, accessories, or shoes. Besides that, it will take just 6 to 10 days to share the products at the mentioned addresses.

However, when it comes to return policy then, the brand Jingus does not share much information with its audience. Whether the customers are eligible to go for the return policy or not there, no such information is found.

However, as they are a fast fashion brand, they may have the chance to provide a return or exchange offer. However, you can only get to know the return policy and how many days of Return are applicable after purchasing goods from Jingus.

Review Of Jingus 

A woman named Jing Zeng, who was born and brought up in China, established the brand Jingus. On 14 August 2017, she established her business in the market. The brand Jingus is based in California, United States.

However, the brand was officially launched in public in 2018. The founder of Jingus went through a lot of complex and struggling situations to increase the fame of Jingus. Right now, the brand Jingus has become one of the famous fast fashion brands’ audiences.

It has all of the latest and trendy fashionable collections, whether it is a pair of shoes, matching accessories or quality clothing. Even with affordable prices, the customers can also select their fashionable goods.

Additional Features Of Jingus 

Now, here are some additional features for all of the audience to note down. Customers can also avail themselves of all of these features from the brand Jingus.

Wholesale Sales

In the additional features, the brand Jingus also has the option of a wholesale facility. All small business people can purchase products from this particular brand, and they can also open their individual business. Even by purchasing fashionable products in a wholesale facility, all of the customers can get a lot of discounts on products.

Online Order Tracking

Even for the advantage of all of the customers after the order placement to ensure the delivery, the brand jingus provides a tracking number. Whether you have registered through your mobile number or email ID, you can instantly receive the tracking number. And by using it, the customers can track the status of their ordered items.


 Even the brand Jingus has made a lot of collaborations with other popular brands or companies in the market. Right now, they are also associated with numerous other brands that help each other to increase their fame and success in the business market. 

Gift Card

Initially, customers will purchase fashionable goods from the brand Jingus. They can also avail the gift cards. By using the gift cards and redeeming them, they can also get discounts or a chance to win surprise gifts from Jingus.


Besides that, customers can also take advantage of the additional features of a newsletter. The newsletter is one of the most attractive features of the brand Jingus.

It helps all of the customers by letting them know about the latest collections of fashionable goods. Instantly, the updates will reach out to each and every customer who will sign up with Jingus. 

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Jingus

If you are curious to find out all of the positive and negative points regarding the jingus then join in this discussion and discover all of the details.


Affordable Prices 

One of the best advantages of the Jingus brand is that it helps customers use and purchase all of the fashion-increasing products at affordable prices. Each and every single product, whether it is shoes, accessories, or clothes, is available at reasonable prices.

Fast Worldwide Delivery

Besides that, another one of the best advantages of the brand Jingus is that they help all of their customers purchase from around the whole world. They provide worldwide delivery, and it becomes a great opportunity for fashion-enthusiastic people to shop with the brand Jingus.

Different Styles

Different types of stylish and trendy designs are obtainable all of the time for shoes, accessories, and clothes. You will find some amazing collections of dresses or the perfect pairs of shoes for your most important occasions.

Discounts Up To 85% On Sale

Not only has that, but the brand Jingus also given discounts on purchases of up to 80%. Customers can also purchase their required product during sales time. During sales time, the customers will be eligible to get the maximum number of discounts.

Wholesale Sales And Affiliate Program

 At the same time, the brand also has a wholesale facility and affiliate marketing program for its users. Whoever wants to become a part of the brand and wants to earn some money from Jingus then can go for the affiliate program. 


Have Problems With Exchanges And Returns

Even there are some issues with the exchange and return facilities of jingus. The brand did not clearly mention the exchange and return policy of their products. Therefore, whether to shop for the Jingus brand or not becomes a very suspicious factor for everyone.

No Mobile Apps Available

One of the biggest disadvantages of the Jingus brand is that it does not have any personal mobile application through which the audience can purchase instantly. To purchase, the customers will have to visit the official website every time. 

Is Jingus Ethical?

When it comes to ethical matters of the brand Jingus, it is not considered an ethical and sustainable brand. However, the brand Jingus is very popular among American citizens who want to have the latest fashionable products.

The affordable prices of each one of the observable products are between $10 to $90. As the prices are very low and cheap, it cannot be considered an ethical and sustainable brand.

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Reasons To Shop With Jingus

All of the customers will be benefited after purchasing with Jingus. But there are a few people who do not know why they should be considered the Jingus to shop. To let them know here we have collected some information regarding the website Jingus. It is important for all of them to know so that they can also use the services of the website Jingus to shop with them.

All location Delivery

The most attractive part or best feature of the platform Jingus is that it provides the opportunity for all of the customers to order from any one of the locations. Very fast they take the orders from their customers and deliver the products all over the whole Nation. So whatever the location is you can enjoy all of the good quality products of the website Jingus at any moment.

Reasonable Prices

The next reason that will help the audience to choose the services of Jingus is the low prices of all of the available products. Presently, all of the customers always look for those websites or platforms from where they can purchase their products at reasonable prices. When it comes to offering the best products in the market at affordable prices, the website Jingus comes into the minds of the audience.

Huge Discounts

Not only that the huge discount option is also present every time for all of the customers. Whether you are a new customer or an old customer of Jingus, every time and successfully, all of the customers will be able to get huge discount offers. Up to 85% of discounts are available for each and every customer who wants to buy fashionable products.

Multiple Styles

People who are always in search of fashionable clothes or fashionable items can also find the collections of Jingus very attractive and unique. By following the latest fashion sense and trends in the market, the website Jingus offers different types of styles and varieties of clothes. All of the customers will be simply happy to get the best items of their choice.

Online Tracking Facility

Next, another reason that will also help the customers to take their services is that the website also provides online tracking facility. Whatever goods or products the customers will purchase from the website Jingus every time they will be gifted an online tracking facility. The tracking link or tracking number will be forwarded to the registered mobile number of the customer. By using the link or number, the customers can see all of the updates of their products.

Gift Card

The gift option is another exciting reason that will also encourage customers to purchase fashionable products from Jingus. Every time after shopping with Jingus, the customers will get some gift cards. By using the credit cards in the next shopping, the customers can also redeem some discounts or price deductions. Even the customers can also store a lot of gift cards, and at a time, they can also redeem them. But to avail of the gift cards, the customers must have to follow the gift card expiring time.

Customer Rating Of Jingus 

Now, it is very important for all of the new users who want to connect with Jingus to know about all of the customer ratings and reviews.

From one of the top-rated websites, Trust Pilot, this particular brand jingus obtains only a 1.7 rating out of 5. The trust score is very weak, and the audience is not that satisfied.

The quality of the products and their materials are also not absolutely 100% authentic and real. Even there is no transparency in the refund or exchange policy. Hence, it becomes a very suspicious and doubtful matter for everyone regarding the brand.

Again, another one of the top-rated websites, Site Jabber, this particular brand, jingus, obtains only a 1.3 rating out of 5. All of the customers who have purchased fashionable products from the brand are not happy and satisfied. The poor quality of the products makes the customers very frustrated, and they also show their complete disagreement to visit and then shop with the brand jingus again.

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Some Of The Alternatives Of Jingus 

As we have provided the customer feedback in the above paragraph, you must be wondering about some other alternatives. If you wish to know about the best alternatives to jingus, then follow the names below.

Lucy & Yak:

One of the most perfect and best alternatives that you can go with is Lucy & Yak. This particular brand, Lucy & Yak, is a reliable and ethical brand from where you can purchase the best collections of fashionable dresses and accessories. Even at affordable prices, you can collect some amazing and incredible stock of fashionable products.

SZ Blockprints:

The next best alternative name is SZ Blockprints. All of the people who have fashion curiosity to increase their fashion and style can also check out the SZ Blockprints collections.

This particular brand has also kept the prices of the products very budget-friendly. All of the unique collections of fashionable goods are considered ethical and sustainable. So, you can also grab the best deals from SZ Blockprints. 

FAQs: Is Jingus A Legitimate Brand?

Is Jing a Chinese brand?

No, the brand Jingus is not identified as a Chinese brand as it is based in the US and has its headquarters in California, United States.

How long does Jing take to deliver?

To deliver all of the ordered items from Jingus, the brand generally takes 6 to 10 business days to help the audience get all their products.

Where is Jing clothing based?

The brand Jingus Clothing is based in California, a city in the United States. 

Who is the founder of J ING?

The founder’s name is Jingus, and it is Jing Zeng. 

Is Jing Daily reliable?

Yes, the brand Jingus is a reliable source of all of the unique and stylish fashionable goods. 


For all of the fashion enthusiastic lovers who are looking forward to collecting the answer to whether Is jingus a Legitimate Brand or not, they can have the answer here in this topic.

Besides that, we have also described other necessary details that can help the audience know more about the brand and its services. If you find the information enough and justifying, then based on this information, you can decide whether to shop with the brand Jingus or not.

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