Thinx Reviews 2024: Are Thinx Underwear Worth It?

Thinx Reviews

Thinx Reviews

Do you know what Thinx is? Are you curious to know why they are famous among the audience? Then find out the necessary information here today on this topic.

The Thinx is a particular band that helps all women purchase quality underwear to wear when they are on their periods. All of the underwear of Thinx is very effective and adjustable. They also have five different layers to soak the period blood.

Even the brand Thinx has also claimed that they do not use any toxic Chemicals or materials that can harm the skin of the women. Even the underwear of Thinx Reviews has been tasted a lot, and they have passed all of the tests till now. The underwear works very properly and extremely to soak. But before digging into other information, let us quickly observe the whole Thinx Reviews.

The brand Thinx uses 5 tampons within the underwear that can hold the blood as much as possible on your period days. Even the materials are so adjustable and comfortable.

You can get a variety of options before choosing any one of the underwear from the brand Thinx. If you want to know whether Thinx is worth it or not, you can find it through Thinx Reviews

What Is Thinx?

Thinx is a very well-known brand for selling different styles of women’s underwear or panties. By keeping the importance of hygiene in the period days, this particular brand has specially made the best underwear.

By introducing the underwear among the women they help all of the women to sustain for longer time in period days without feeling any hesitation. Even if you are having slow flow or medium in your cycle days you can use all of the products.

It will definitely help you to stay comfortable and adjustable for a long time, and you can also do all of your regular stuff easily. It will not provide any wet feeling inside of your underwear. To collect more information regarding the brand Thinx, join us to learn more about Thinx Reviews.

Is Thinx Legit Or Not?

Many times, all of the products or the underwear of the brand Thinx have been tested clinically. And every time in all of the tests, they have passed for their materials and quality.

Even the brand has also asserted that they use the best quality materials so that it does not lead to any infection in the skin of the women. Even in the period days, all of the underwear available on Thinx can help the woman to soak as much blood as they can

After knowing all of these things, it is quite simple to understand that the brand Thinx is legal on all sides. They are not fraudulent, and the products of Thinx are not also fake.

Many customers have used the products or the underwear, and they are pretty satisfied with them. However, Thinx Reviews will help you to know more about the brand and the quality. 

Review Of Thinx 

Review Of Thinx 

In 2014, the brand Review was first launched in the market. They have come up with various styles of underwear for women to wear on period days. All of this underwear has five tampons that can easily soak the blood inside of the underwear. It will not bring out any single drop outside of the underwear. Initially the brand does not use any chemical or toxin products to make their underwear. 

The underwear of Review was clinically tested and approved. They are very soft and comfortable to wear, and they are also very easy to clean. The unique styles of Review can attract all of the women to use at least one time in the underwear of Review. The main perspective was to launch underwear for women to help them feel comfortable in their period days. 

So make sure you at least try out one pair of underwear from the brand Thinx and experience how much they are comfortable and best in period days. 

What Is The Shipping And Return Policy Of Thinx?

The shipping is free for all people, and whenever you create an account with the official website of Thinx, with your first order, you can get your products free of cost.

All of the citizens who live in the US need not have to pay any shipping charge. To process your order, the brand will take a minimum of 1 to 2 days, and within the business days of Monday to Friday, you can place your order and receive your order.

However, other people in other countries may come on the delivery charge list. By visiting the portal and by mentioning your country name or details you can get to know how much you need to pay to order from Thinx. Yes, the brand Thinx also shares its products with all of those customers who remain in international countries. More than 24 countries are eligible to order from this brand.

The return policy is not available on Thinx. However, before you finally place your order to purchase the underwear of Thinx, you can get a free trial. If you are unhappy with the products then they will make sure to make it right.

Besides that, Gift cards and Merch are not refundable. However, Thinx offers an exchange facility for all of the customers. If any of the customers are not satisfied with the size or color of the product, they can immediately go for the exchange option.

Available Underwear Styles Of Thinx

The brand Thinx has a variety of types of underwear for all women to wear on period days. They are Heavy Hiphugger, Cotton Boyshort, Heavy Hi-Waist, and French Cut. Besides that, all of the women will also be able to find apparel for sleeping and working out.

But the most highlighted product of the brand Thinx is Cotton Boyshort, which has excellent absorbency. Initially, it can give full protection so as not to overflow the blood outside of the underwear.

Those women who face medium flow on period days can go with a heavy waist. It is the most suitable underwear for all of them to feel comfortable.

Can Thinx Underwear Really Absorb?

The total absorbency depends on the particular underwear you choose. You can actually get the full details of the underwear before you purchase. There will be a mention of how many tampons are used in underwear, menstrual cups, pads, and panty liners. There are different levels available from 1 to 5 tampons that can help you to quickly absorb from low flow to heavy flow.

Initially the customers will not smell anything out from the underwear. For overflow bloodstream in your period days, we suggest you go with Thinx Super Hiphugger, Cotton Briefs, and Boyshorts. By choosing any one of them, you can manage all of your activities with full comfort and ease within the whole day.

What Sizes Of Underwear Are Available In Thinx?

All of the underwear has come up with excellent style, and multiple sizes are also obtainable. All of the women will be able to go with any one of the sizes that they want to use.

There are mainly sizes available from XS to 4X. Besides that, varieties of color options are also available for everyone, and they can choose any one of the suitable ones for them.

How Can You Wash The Underwear Of Thinx?

Washing the underwear of Thinx is very simple. You can hand wash. Even the customers can also use machine wash to clean the whole underwear by using a little bit of a detergent.

Initially you need to also dry the underwear properly before you can again use it. But most customers can find it very difficult a part to wash their underwear properly. But here the products of Thinx are very easy to maintain and easy to clean.

Customer Review Of Thinx

Customer Review Of Thinx

According to the Trust Pilot and their survey, the brand Thinx collects a very poor score. According to the Trust Pilot, the brand Thinx receives only a 1.8 out of 5 rating.

According to the analysis of them, a lot of customers have not shown complete satisfaction and pleasant experiences with the products of Thinx. Even some customers have also talked about the weak customer care service of Thinx.

According to Consumer Affairs and their survey, the brand also gets a very low score. According to Consumer Affairs, the brand Thinx gets only a 2.4 out of 5 rating. Again, the customers are not really satisfied with the services of Thinx and their products. Some of the customers have also said that they are not that effective in period days.

So read all of these Reviews before you make up your mind to shop for underwear from Thinx.

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Is Thinx Really Worth It?

Right now, in the market, there are so many branded products available for ladies to have underwear or period underwear. But when it comes to totally absorbs the period blood, most of the ladies like to prefer Thinx.

The true size of all of the underwear of Thinx also made all of the available products very much worthy for the ladies. Even the ladies can also get comfortable feeling while wearing the underwear. The different types of sizes are available for each and every individual customer according to their size.

The multiple layers inside of the underwear of Thinx can also quickly absorb the period blood inside it and the ladies can feel comfortable for many hours. Even the delivery time of the brand Thinx is also very quick, and within a few days, you can actually receive your period underwear. The washing method is also very easy and quick for Thinx.

Even the customer reviews about Thinx are also good, and the audience can also take their services by purchasing the period underwear. The affordable ranges of each one of the different styles of period underwear can simply help you to enjoy your period days without feeling uncomfortable.

So definitely, Thinx is a very good choice for everyone who is looking for the best period underwear to wear on period days. The true fitting or true size of each one of the period underwear can simply also make you feel amazing.

The website Thinx also has both positive and negative recommendations for wearing period underwear. However you can also go through the comments and can also experience by purchasing the period underwear to check out whether the negative comments are really true or not.

The collections are also huge for the ladies, and by spending a few amount of money, the ladies will be able to purchase the best quality and durable period underwear.

Alternatives Of Thinx

Collect the best alternative names of Thinx, and you can also shop with them at any time to have the best collections of underwear.


The very first alternative that can be a suitable match for all of the women is Knix. They also have a huge collection of underwear that can help you to protect the overflow in your period days. Each one of the underwear has come with different styles and sizes. By knowing your exact size, you can place an order to have the product at your house.


The second alternative that you can also try out for yourself is Bambody. They also have huge stocks in multiple colors and sizes. Even the products are also pretty comfortable and soft.

You will not feel any hesitation or discomfort while wearing the underwear of Bambody. Go and visit the official website of Bambody and select your preferred underwear to wear.

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FAQs: Thinx Reviews

Should I not wear Thinx anymore?

Yes, of course, all of you can wear the underwear of Thinx. However certain people have paid that the brand has not given any details that they did not use any toxins while making their products.

Do you feel wet in Thinx?

No, absolutely not. If you are wearing the underwear of Thinx, then it will not make you feel wet or uncomfortable. The multiple layers inside of the underwear can quickly absorb the blood flow.

Can you leak through Thinx?

Unless you have heavy blood flow in your period days, then you might feel a leak through Thinx; however, in medium or slow blood flow, they will not leak it out. 

Can Thinx hold pee?

Yes, of course, the underwear of Thinx can hold bladder leaks, and it can hold up to 6 tablespoons inside of the underwear.

What is the Thinx controversy?

In 2020, the brand Thinx has indulged in controversy that they use fluorine, and many of the people have claimed that the products of Thinx are made of PFAS.


Thus, here we have given much information for all of the women who want to purchase underwear from Thinx. By reading the whole Thinx Reviews, they will be able to understand how reliable and comfortable the underwear of the brand is.

For the help of the audience we have also tried to provide other details that can help you to explore more about the brand and their products.

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