Ross Simons Reviews: Find Out All Significant Details About Rose Simons

Ross Simons Reviews

When it comes to purchasing jewelry, many brands come to mind. But if you want to get some luxurious jewelry from one of the oldest and most trustworthy companies, then you can go with Rose Simons.

They have been in the market since 1952, and till now, they have gained a lot of trust and popularity among the audience. The jewelry collection is awesome, whether you want to get diamonds or gold.

Every collection is available whether you want to purchase ring bracelets, necklace bangles, or anything else. Initially, for all of the customers, this particular branch, Rose Simons, is a retreat for all of them.

Not only can they purchase luxurious jewelry, but they can also shop all of the traditional jewelry. If you have more curiosity regarding the Ross Simons Reviews, then follow all the paragraphs here on this topic.

Today, we are going to share a complete Ross Simons Reviews for all of the new audiences who want to associate with the brand. By knowing the reviews or other significant details, you can also shop a lot of jewelry from here.

What Is Ross Simons?

Ross-Simons are one of the oldest and leading brands for purchasing different types of jewelry. Whether you want to have luxury Jewelry for yourself or traditional jewelry, you can get all of the options here. This particular brand sells all of the quality jewelry for their customers at very affordable and pocket-friendly prices. As a retail store, they have all of the collections.

Even for the entire audience, the brand Ross-Simons also has a huge collection of stone and metal varieties. Even all of the trendy jewelry is accessible here as per your needs. You can choose any one of them. Together, let’s find out the whole significant Ross Simons Reviews in detail. 

Is Ross Simons Legit Or Not?

Is Ross Simons Legit Or Not?

For selling all of the beautiful collections of jewelry and luxurious designs, the brand Ross-Simons has gained a lot of repetition and fame among the audience. Even all of the Purchasers who have shopped with Ross Simons have also shared their pleased feelings.

Based on the reviews of the customers, yes, Ross Simons is a legal and authentic brand. All of the available jewelry here is also qualified not only in quality but in authenticity as well. 

So, as a customer, if you are confused, you can clear it out by reading this paragraph. Initially, there are so many other important things remaining to know; here, join in this paragraph to discover Ross Simons Reviews

What Is Ross Simons’ Shipping And Return Policy?

All types of shipping are available for customers, whether they want to take their jewelry to their own house or anywhere else. Both domestic and international shipping are available.

Standard shipping is free for everyone, whereas international shipping is not free. All of the people who will go with standard shipping can have their jewelry within 5 to 9 days.

Initially, express shipping is also present for the customers; however, it will include some delivery charges. The customers need to pay $10, and it will take just 48 hours to deliver your products to your door.

Besides that, all of the customers who need that jewelry immediately in their houses can also choose overnight shipping. However, you need to pay $20 to get all your jewelry at your door the next day.

Make sure you place your order between Mondays to Fridays so that the company can start processing your orders immediately. Customers will also receive tracking details, and they can also find out the current status of their products.

A return policy is also applicable for all of the customers, and within a period of 30 days, the customers can return their products. Make sure you keep the original conditions of the jewelry and original forms.

By getting the help of customer service attendants, you can follow their instructions to get a full refund. Within a few days, the brand will send the refunded money to your account.

Review Of Ross Simons

The brand Ross-Simons was introduced to the market in 1952. They have been in the market for almost 72 years. Since then, they have made all quality jewelry, both traditional and modern. The jewelry is made with full quality, whether it is gold or diamond. All of the customers will also be able to see a variety of types of jewelry here in this company.

If you want to purchase a pair of earrings or bangles, you can get all of the unique and authentic collections. Even the designs are also very traditional and in modern form, as per your requirement, you can select anything for yourself. 

Pros And Cons Of Ross Simons

New customers have also been very curious to find out all of the positive sides and negative sides of the Ross Simons brand. Here are all of the details for all of them.


Wide Selection:

The brand has a huge and wide collection for the customer. The customers will be able to purchase luxury watches, home decor items, and jewelry from here. Even all of the products have come with unique styles, designs, and attractive prices.

Return Policy:

Even the company also offers a very easy return policy for all of the customers. If the products are not up to the mark or have any damages, the customers can return them. Within 30 days after it is delivered to your address, you can return it.

Competitive Pricing:

In comparison with the other brands available in the market, the prices of all of the Jewelry watches and home decorating items are much more affordable and pocket-friendly. By keeping prices affordable for all of the products, they help their customers buy as much as they want to get.

Quality and Craftsmanship:

The brand Ross-Simons is also very famous among the audience just because they share amazing quality and amazing craftsmanship. Mainly, the brand takes the help of all of the best designer and manufacturer companies to create unique and stylish designs.

Customer Service:

Even the customer care service is also available for 24/7 hours. The customers can immediately contact any one of the customer care service attended by dialing the number. If the customers find any problems, they can seek assistance or help from the service attendant.


Shipping Costs: 

The brand Ross-Simons does take the shipping cost for all of its customers. The charges may change depending on the location. However, the standard delivery or shipping is free for everyone.

Limited Physical Store Locations: 

The brand also has a very limited physical Store. Therefore, it becomes very difficult for the customers to connect with them immediately. But the customers can also take advantage of the robust online to purchase all of the jewelry items from here.

Limited Designer Options: 

Even the brand Ross Simons also has a very limited Designer option in terms of all of the available watches or jewelry. The retail shop has very few options in its hands. 

Where Can You Buy All Of Ross-Simons’ Products?

If you want to purchase all of the available products of Ross-Simons, then do not miss the chance to shop online or on the official website. Besides that, they have also made a partnership with Amazon, and people who usually shop from Amazon can also purchase all of the Ross Simons collections.

How Do I Contact Ross-Simons?

If you want to contact the brand Ross Simons, then follow the details below. 

Email: [email protected]

Phone: +1-800-835-0919

Find the contact form on Ross-Simons and fill it out quickly. 

Is Ross Simons Worth It?

Yes, of course, all of the customers can trust the quality and materials of all of the jewelry and luxury watches of Ross Simons. Each one of the products is made with absolutely authentic and best-quality materials.

The customers will be able to experience purchasing good quality jewelry or other things. It is also a very trustworthy and reliable company, so they do not make any compromises with the quality of their products.

Reasons To Purchase Things From Ross Simons

One must be wondering why they should select the Ross-Simons to purchase Jewelry or accessories. If you are confused or in a debate, you can find out some of the reasons that will help you take their services immediately.

An old and reputed brand

All people who are looking for a reputed brand can select Ross-Simons. Since 1952, they have been in the market, and it has become clear that they are selling the best authentic traditional and luxurious jewelry for their customers.

Even the brand reputation is so high that every individual person knows about their history and information. So it is always better to go with an established and Reputable brand so that you can get quality and product assurance.

Wide range of traditional and luxurious Jewelry

To select your product from a huge range of collections then probably Ross Simons is the most suitable brand or option for you. They have all type of huge collections of both traditional and luxurious Jewelry. People who are fond of traditional Jewelry can purchase Traditional Jewelry and those who want to purchase luxurious Jewelry they can also go for that.

Authentic jewelry

The brand Ross-Simons has authentic jewelry that is all real. No fraud or fake products have been offered by the Ross-Simons to their customers. all of the customers will be able to purchase genuine and real Jewelry, whether it is traditional or luxurious.

They also sell stones and metals to their customers. Those who have the requirements of purchasing real and authentic stone and metals they can also take the services of Ross Simons.

Good customer service

Good customer care service has always been recommended by customers who have purchased a lot of jewelry from them. Even the coordination or collaboration between the customers and the customer care service attendees is very positive. Whatever problems the customers face regarding the products or any other services, they immediately solve all of the problems.

Easy return policy

Besides that the brand Ross Simons also offers good and quick return policy. If anybody of the customers find any mistakes or find wrong products have been shipped their houses they can return the product.

Even the customers if they receive damaged or dispute products than without facing any problems or complications they can return the products. They can either exchange the products or can ask for the refund.

Super product quality

The super quality of each one of the traditional and luxurious Jewelry has always been of interest to everyone. The quality of the materials received a lot of admiration from their customers. Customers have also used jewelry, both traditional and luxurious, for different occasions and events. The customers are also fully satisfied with the products and services offered by the brand Ross-Simons.

So these are all encouraging reasons that people should consider the benefit of Ross-Simons when purchasing some of the unique and good collections of jewelry.

Customer Feedback Of Ross Simons

Customer feedback is very important to know about other customers’ satisfaction and recommendations about the company Ross-Simons.

From the Trust Pilot, the company Ross-Simons collects a 4.3 out of 5 rating. Every one of the customers who has purchased luxury jewelry or luxury watches from here has been highly satisfied with their quality and services.

Even the customers have also shown they are of great enthusiasm to shop again with the company Ross-Simons. Almost 1031 reviews are available, and you can check out all of them.

From Site Jabber, the company Ross-Simons collects 4.8 out of 5 ratings. According to them, all of the customers are hugely satisfied with all their products and their quality. All of the customer care services are also very pleasant. The customers are highly pleased by purchasing quality products from here.

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Alternatives Of Ross Simons

Let’s have the two best alternatives in comparison with Ross-Simons and know all of the details.


As a customer, if you want to collect handmade collections, then GLDN is a suitable option for you. By taking advantage of various metals and materials, this particular company makes all of its products. To give a personal touch, they also take advantage of the best designers in the market.

Frost NYC: 

The next best and most suitable option for all of the customers is Frost NYC. All types and varieties of jewelry are available, including bracelets, pendants, rings, bangles, Chains, and others. The company also makes jewelry according to the demands of the customers. To get affordable jewelry, purchase unlimited collections from Frost NYC.

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FAQs: Ross Simons Reviews

Do Ross-Simons sell real jewelry?

All of the available jewelry, especially the gold jewelry here in the brand Ross-Simons, is absolutely real jewelry. None of the jewelries have been made with gold filling or gold plated. 

How long has Ross-Simons jewelry been in business?

The brand Ross-Simons came into the market 72 years ago, and since then, they have been offering a variety of types of jewelry with unique and authentic quality for customers.

Does Ross sell real gold?

Yes, of course, the brand Ross Simons also sells gold, but all of the goal’s values remain 14/ 20 gold-filled.

Where does Ross-Simon’s jewelry come from?

All of Ross-Simons’ jewelry comes from Rhode Island.

Who is the owner of Ross-Simons?

The owner of Rose Simons is Sidney Thomas Ross.


Through this topic, we have shared every detail that can help you increase your knowledge regarding the brand Ross Simons. Those who are looking for the Ross Simons Reviews they can read all of the specific information here. Besides that, you have also mentioned other informative details for all of the customers here to read. 

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