Saxx Underwear Review: A Comprehensive Guide For You

Saxx Underwear Review

Underwear is one of the most important apparel for men. Almost everyone is looking forward to purchasing comfortable and functional underwear daily. But hardly find the best retail store or brand to purchase all of the quality and comfortable underwear. If you are looking for one of the best stores or brands where you can have your best underwear, you can go with Saxx.

Saxx has been praised by many top and famous magazines. The amazing quality and the materials of Saxx Underwear are appreciated by Business Insider, The Globe and Mail, and Forbes. This particular Saxx Underwear brand has introduced all of the innovative designs and life-changing underwear for men.

Even all of the materials of Saxx Underwear also have to delete the friction and chafing. To have a complete acknowledgement regarding the brand, find the Saxx Underwear Review below.

Many of you may be familiar with the name Saxx Underwear, and many of you may not be. To help you out know about the products, especially the underwear for men here, we want to elaborate on the Saxx Underwear Review. Do join the discussion and find the details.

What Is Saxx Underwear?

Currently, the Saxx Underwear brand is one of the leading brands in the market. This particular brand has introduced the best kind of underwear that can quickly bring out comfort and style.

Even to remove the friction and crafing, this particular brand has also worked very hard. Customers who are looking for the best and most stylish underwear for them can absolutely depend on Saxx Underwear.

However, it is also essential for all of the customers to find out the whole Saxx Underwear Review. If you do not have any knowledge regarding the brand Saxx Underwear, then read with us and collect all of the information.

Is Saxx Underwear Legit Or Not?

Is Saxx Underwear Legit Or Not?

There always remains a concern regarding whether Saxx Underwear is legal or not. Even before trusting a new company, you might be confused. However, when it comes to trusting Saxx Underwear, all of the customers can trust the brand by closing their eyes.

The amazing materials of the underwear can help you to look in perfect shape. Initially, the problems of friction and chafing will also be gone by purchasing the underwear Saxx Underwear. 

So you can find out how reliable and authentic Saxx Underwear is and what problems you have with them. To read out more informative details regarding the brand, complete the whole topic of Saxx Underwear Review

What Is The Shipping And Return Policy Of Saxx Underwear?

Saxx Underwear offers both domestic and international shipping for all of the customers. Right now, they only have standard and express shipping types. All of the men in Canada and the US can place orders for the underwear. The standard shipping charge is $5, and it takes 5 to 7 days to deliver your products to your door.

The express shipping charge is $25, and it will take 2 to 3 days to deliver your products to your door. Customers can also opt for free shipping if they purchase more than $50. International shipping is also eligible for standard shipping. The customers will have to pay $8, and for express shipping, the customers will have to pay $30. Depending on the carriers, the customers will receive their products.

After placing your order, the brand Saxx Underwear will also forward a confirmation mail to your given mail address and a tracking number. However, right now, some countries are not able to ship all of Saxx Underwear’s products. You can check whether your country is eligible for the shipment or not by visiting the official website of Saxx Underwear.

Yes, the brand Saxx Underwear also provides a guarantee to return the products if the customers are not satisfied with them. They share a 45-day return policy for all of the items.

However, the customers will have to share some information with Saxx Underwear. Customers will have to provide the order number, proof of purchase, Reason for returning and the style and color name of the product.

After providing all of these details, the refund will start processing to your account within seven business days. Customers may also have to contact the Saxx handling center. Eventually, the customers will also have to pay the return charge. And within a few days, the customers can also get a refund.

Review Of  Saxx Underwear

The brand Saxx Underwear was founded in 2006. The founder of Saxx Underwear is Trent Kitsch. He wanted to make sure all of the men could use the best and most comfortable underwear. Even to reduce the problem of friction and chafing, he has come up with this innovative idea. The headquarters of the brand Saxx Underwear is in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Another one of the main purposes of creating the branch Saxx Underwear is to eliminate the need for men to find comfort in everyday life. Even the whole brand works very hard every day to make all of the unique and stylish underwear.

How Can I Wash Saxx Underwear?

If you want to wash your underwear, then you can take advantage of your machine. Make sure you wash all your underwear in cold water, and after that, you need to dry it in low heat. However, the customers can also use any detergent powder to wash their undergarments.

What Sizes Are Available In Saxx Underwear?

Mainly, all of the men will be able to find a fit guide chart. You can find the sizes from XS to XXL. The sizes are not limited to your needs. You can have any one of your favorite ones.

Is Saxx Underwear Worth It?

Is Saxx Underwear Worth It?

The maximum number of purchasers of Saxx Underwear has given their positive recommendations about the products. Almost everyone is satisfied and pleased after wearing the underwear. The comfortable feeling of the products helps them to do all of their work throughout the whole day easily.

Initially, all of the minor problems after wearing particular underwear are not observed if you choose Saxx Underwear products.

Promotions And Discounts Of Saxx Underwear

If the customers sign up for the Saxx Underwear newsletters, then they can get 10% off discounts. Even if you want to shop with them and get free shipping, then you need to purchase at least $50. Initially, by visiting the Saxx Underwear sales page, the customers can also choose a lot of exciting deals.

Where To Buy Saxx Underwear?

By visiting the official website of Saxx Underwear, it will be much easier for all of the customers to place their orders. All of the customers can also go to the Amazon platform, and there they can also place their orders to have all of the quality products of Saxx Underwear.

How Do I Contact Saxx Underwear?

The contact with Saxx Underwear follows the information below.

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 1-844-877-7299

However, the customers can also get customer care services from Monday to Friday. The available hours of services are 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. on Monday to Friday and 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday.

Does Saxx Underwear Shrink?

Customers have also asked whether the products of Saxx Underwear shrink or not. No, absolutely not; any of the available underwear from Saxx Underwear shrinks.

Especially for this particular feature, the products of Saxx Underwear become very popular among the audience. However, some customers have said that sometimes the underwear might feel very tight.

Is Saxx Underwear Suitable For All?

Without wearing perfect underwear or undergarments, none of the men can work or follow their activities properly for the whole day. It is very important to select the best underwear so that people can actually feel comfortable and adjust.

In the market, so many brands of underwear have been introduced by brands. But people who are looking for stylish yet comfortable underwear can purchase the underwear of Saxx Underwear. The brand Saxx increases its popularity among men by providing good quality underwear that is very satisfying and comfortable. 

The customer reviews are also very satisfying and highly observable. Most of the popular and renowned websites have given ratings of 4.3 and 4.1 out of 5. Even the product prices are very reasonable, so every man can purchase the underwear of the brand. The shipping or delivery process is also very fast, and within just 5 or 7 days, you can actually see your products in your houses.

When it comes to purchasing different types of designer and branded underwear, the brand Saxx helps all of its customers get the best authentic and real products.

Besides that, the customer services of the brand Saxx Underwear are also available 24/7 hours, and the customers can take that toll-free number to contact them. Through the official website of Saxx Underwear, customers will be able to go through all of the available products and purchase their products.

Otherwise, customers can also use third-party websites like Amazon to purchase Saxx underwear. The fabrics and materials are also very durable and sustainable, which makes the product much more reliable and comfortable.

Not only that, the customers will also be able to get 10% discounts on their purchases from the website. Customers can also get free shipping and can get their products without paying any delivery charge if they order more than $50 from the brand.

Washing Saxx’s underwear is not that difficult. Taking advantage of the washing machine will make it easier and quicker to wash the underwear. However, one thing that the audience will have to remember is that after washing the underwear, they should keep it in a low-heat area. 

All of the customers who want to use some unique collections of branded and designed underwear can purchase their things from Saxx Underwear. It is definitely a suitable option for everyone to get the best fabric and materials. Initially, the best part about Saxx underwear is that it provides full comfort, and people can also do their activities without any irritation.

Customer Satisfaction With Saxx Underwear

If you want to shop with the brand Saxx Underwear, don’t forget to read out all of the customer satisfaction or reviews of the customers in the below paragraph.

From the Trust Pilot, the brand Saxx Underwear receives a 4.1 out of 5 rating. Thousands of reviews are visible on the Saxx Underwear homepage. The maximum number of men has shown their full satisfaction regarding the product.

Even the people have also praised the quality and design of the underwear. Everyone, every one of the men, has experienced a comfortable feeling in Saxx Underwear.

From Site Jabber the brand Saxx Underwear also gets 4.3 out of 5 rating. According to them, a maximum number of customers are fully satisfied, and they have shown their complete comfort while wearing Saxx Underwear. Without feeling any hesitation or uncomfortable feelings throughout the whole day, all of the men worked on all of their important things.

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Alternatives Of Saxx Underwear

If you have already used all of the products of Saxx Underwear and still want to use another brand’s products, then here are some of the best alternatives to note down.

Tommy John:

If you are looking for the most affordable yet trustable and reliable brand to purchase all of your underwear, then you can go for Tommy John. In comparison with Saxx Underwear, Tommy John is another one of the most suitable options for all men.

If you want to get quality underwear products, then visit the official website of Tommy John. After discovering all of the latest collections of underwear, you can choose your best one.

Bill and Brandon:

Talking about the alternatives to Saxx underwear, Bill and Brandon is another one of the ideal options for all men. They also have a lot of unique and innovative designs when it comes to choosing comfortable underwear.

Besides that, they have also worked very hard to remove friction from the underwear. If you want to try out other brands of underwear, then obviously, Bill and Brandon is an appropriate option for all of you.

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FAQs: Saxx Underwear Review

Is SAXX a good brand of underwear?

The brand Saxx Underwear is pretty popular and best for making quality and comfortable underwear for men.

What is the most popular SAXX?

The most popular product of Saxx Underwear is Saxx Ultra Boxer Briefs.

What is SAXX known for?

The brand Saxx Underwear is best known for making all of the unique BallPark Pouch.

Is SAXX true to size?

The brand Saxx Underwear is very true in making the perfect sizes for men’s underwear. 

Is Saxx Underwear Real?

Yes, Saxx Underwear is real, and it is a very reputed company.


There, we have added all of the details that new customers should know about. We have also informed the whole Saxx Underwear Review here on this topic. Initially, you can also discover other important details that can help you choose their items.

Even to remove the uncomfortable feelings by wearing underwear, the products of Saxx Underwear can naturally help you all out.

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