Is Zulily Legit or Scam? Find All Beneficial Information About Zulily

Is Zulily Legit or Scam?

Is Zulily Legit or Scam?

Are you looking for a good deal for yourself and your kids? As a mom, if you want to experiment on yourself with fashionable goods, then nothing is better than Zulily.

It is an online E-Commerce company that helps all mothers selects the best fashionable goods. Not only does it help them experiment with themselves by using fashionable goods, but they can also get good deals for their kids. 

Among all of the online eCommerce companies or stores, if you are especially looking for mothers’ fashion, then Zulily is an ideal platform. Sometimes, it becomes very challenging for everyone to decide which online store is going to be the most reliable and trustworthy.

But if you want to make sure you use an authentic website along with the best discounts and deals, then you else can serve you better than Zulily. But at the same time, a question can also bother you whether is zulily legit or not.

To ensure your trust, we have collected some information regarding Zulily’s e-commerce store. By finding the appropriate information about the store, you can decide whether you should go to the store to purchase your fashionable products or not. Along with we will also help all of you to decide whether is zulily legit or not.

What Is Zulily?

Zulily is an American e-commerce store that helps all mothers purchases the best quality clothes along with toys and home decorating items. In this particular store, they are also very famous and successful among their customers just because they have introduced a lot of sales and discounts. Initially, the mothers can also help their kids stock up on the best fashionable dresses.

A huge number of toys are also obtainable, and all the mothers can also help their kids enjoy having those toys. Besides that, we will also discover the answer to the question of whether it is zulily legit or not. 

Is Zulily Legit Or Not?

A lot of questions may appear in your mind about whether the e-commerce company Zulily is legitimate or not. So yes, it is a legal and real company, and they have been selling their products for numerous years. They have also gained a lot of attention and popularity among young women, especially mothers. The company is not just limited to fashionable clothes but also offers toys and home decorating items for everyone.

The little kids can also increase their fashion by purchasing products from the company. Hence, It is proved that the E-Commerce company Zulily easily and those who want to know whether is zulily legit or not they can also trust the store. 

All Shipping And Return Policy Details Of Zulily

Zulily’s shipping policy is very transparent and straightforward. Currently, the store Zulily has three shipping policies, including standard, faster, and fastest shipping.

They also have different delivery charges for different locations; however, people who live in the domestic areas will have to share only $5.95. However, for other countries, delivery charges more in comparison to domestic locations.

Since the online store Zulily receives a lot of orders during its sales times, you might receive your products delayed. However, generally, the store zulily takes 6 to 11 days to deliver all of the products to the given addresses. Initially, it can also go up to 3 weeks because all of the store’s products sell out faster in comparison with any other online stores.

The return policy is also applicable, but only the people who live in the USA can return their products. People who live in international locations will not be able to return the goods that they have purchased from Zulily.

Generally, all of the items are not returnable, but some items are not returnable to maintain hygiene. Things like Beauty products, electronics, foods, lingerie,   and swimwear are not returnable.

Generally, the store zulily gives customers a 30-day return opportunity. But the additional cost will also be added if you return your goods. For one single item, you will have to pay that delivery charge of $4.95, and for two or five items, you will have to pay $8.95.

Review Of Zulily

Zulily’s online e-commerce store was established in 2009, and it is situated in Washington, US. This particular online retail store is also developed by Darrell Cavens and Mark Vadon.

The main purpose of creating Zulily’s online store is to help the entire audience get the maximum number of deals on discounts and sales. Things like books, clothes, strollers, footwear, home decorating items, and many more you can buy from here.

Currently, the online store Zulily is also available on social media platforms and through the social media handles, customers can also reach out to them. On Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and Instagram, all of the customers can contact with them by using any one of the mediums.

How Does Zulily Work?

The online store Zulily works differently. First of all, the customers will have to sign up as free members on Zulily’s official website. After becoming a member of Zulily, you will be eligible to find out all of the discounts and sales that they frequently and regularly share.

Every day, the online store gives advertisements for sales that can stay up to 72 hours. And within 72 hours, you will have to place your order to get the products.

Besides that, to purchase products from Zulily, customers will have to wait for a little bit of time. After you place your order with Zulily, they will send all of the order details to the company. After the sales period is over, they will also notify, and ultimately, you will be eligible to get your product at your doors.

Product Prices Of Zulily

Talking about the prices of the online retail store of Zulily then, they have a very unique and attractive discount. The prices are also very minimal for everyone, and by grabbing the best discounts and sales, the customers can afford all their important things.

Generally, all of the customers will be able to get a flat discount of 20% to 70%. All of the dresses available in the store Zulily start from $20.They even have a huge collection of other available things, and those things are also available at cheap prices.

Positive Sides And Negative Sides Of Zulily

If you are interested in knowing all of the positive and negative sides of using Zulily’s e-commerce company, follow the segment below carefully.

Positive Sides

A Large Variety Of Products

Talking about the available products on the online store Zulily then, they have a huge variety in the collection. Each one of you will be able to grab the best deals and products from here. It is even a one-stop destination for all people to purchase the maximum number of fashionable products.

Easy-To-Navigate Website And App

Even the official website of Zulily and the mobile application are very easy to handle and navigate. By installing the mobile application or by browsing the website, all of the customers will be able to provide all of their orders instantly. So there are two options for every one of you; which one option is suitable for you, you can go with it.

Wide Variety Of Payment Options

Besides that, different types of payment options are also available to all customers. As per the customer’s advantage, they can choose any one of the payment methods to clear all of the payments of the store Zulily.

Negative Sides

Customer Service Issues

Talking about the negative sides of the online store Zulily, a lot of customers have complained about the weak customer care services. The customers have also said that they have not received the help or the services from the store Zulily at the exact time.

Issues With Product Quality

Some customers have also shown they are having problems regarding the product quality that they have brought from the Zulily store. Some of the customers have also on said that they use low materials to make the products for their customers.

Delayed Delivery

Even the delivery takes a lot of time, and customers have not received their products from the Zulily store at the right time. Rather, they have to wait for many days to finally receive their products in their houses.

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Customer Satisfaction With Zulily

Zulily’s online retail store received a combination of both positive and negative recommendations. However, Zulily’s store’s score remains on average.

From the trust pilot, the website Zulily obtained 2.6 out of 5 rating. More than 70% of people have shown their dissatisfaction after purchasing products from Zulily. The customers have complained about the shipping time and quality of the materials. Even the customers have also complained regarding Zulily’s customer care service.

According to Consumer Affairs, Zulily’s online retail store obtains only 3.8 out of 5 ratings. A lot of customers who have purchased products from Zulily said that it is a great platform to save a lot of money.

But the negative comments are also available on the platform Zulily. The low shipping procedure is another one of the negative points of the online store Zulily. They have continuously received the same type of negative recommendation for slow shipping facilities.

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A Few Alternatives Of Zulily

Take a quick look here at this alternative platform names from where you can also purchase fashionable products, toys, footwear, and other things for yourself and for your kids.


Wanelo is a perfect option for all mothers, and they can use the platform to purchase all of the fashionable goods and products. Even Wanelo has a mobile application to help customers purchase all of the necessary goods instantly. Just like the retail store of Zulily, they also have a huge collection and variety of options for their customers to avail of.


Overstock is an American-based retail shop from here. All of the ladies or anyone else can also purchase quality fashionable products. Thousands of options are available, and numerous brands are also associated with the store. Any one of the customers will be able to utilize the benefits of the platform and can purchase all of the goods from Overstock easily.


Is Zulily a China-based company?

A lot of people have shown their curiosity about whether the E-Commerce company of Zulily is a China-based company or not it is not a Chinese company. Rather, it is an American-based company. 

Is Zulily part of Amazon?

No, not at all, the online store Zulily is not a part of Amazon. Rather, it was sold to QVC in $2014 for 2.4 billion.

How long does Zulily take to deliver?

To deliver all of the products, the store Zulily takes up to three weeks approximately to have their customers get all of their products.

What kind of store is Zulily?

Zulily is an online retail store of fashionable clothes, toys, home decorating items, shoes, and many other options are also available. 

Is Zulily in the USA?

Yes, Zulily’s online retail store is in the USA.


Initially, here we have concluded all of the specific details regarding Zulily’s e-commerce company. All of the customers who want to use the products of the store can have all of the details about the company.

Initially, we also talked about the maximum amount of beneficial information that can help you explore each and every single thing. For the help of the audience, we have also discussed the question of whether is zulily legit or not. 

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