Is Vivid Seats Legit or A Scam? Know All The Important Information

Is Vivid Seats Legit?

Is Vivid Seats Legit?

Buying tickets for any concert or event sometimes becomes a very hectic matter for the audience. Even booking emergency tickets to enjoy live concerts or events can cause a lot of problems for the audience.

But the whole work becomes much easier through the help of the brokers. There are so many brokers and organizers present in the market that can help us to buy tickets immediately.

However, before buying tickets with the brokers, it is important to find out how reliable the broker is. Among all of the brokers in the market, we have come up with a perfect suggestion for all of you.

With the benefit of vivid seats, the entire audience can buy tickets now and then to enjoy live concerts or events. They will help you to manage book tickets on an urgent basis or can even also help you to book your tickets in advance. It is also necessary to know whether is vivid seats legit or a scam.

However, the broker has been providing their services for many years, but those customers who are totally new and want to associate with them should have some knowledge.

They should find out first about the authenticity and legality of the broker or ticket booking marketplace. Initially, for the audience, we will also elaborate on the most asked question of whether is vivid seats legit or fraud in detail.

What Is Vivid Seats?

Vivid Seats is a broker or ticket booking marketplace where fans who want to enjoy live concerts or events can book their tickets. Immediately after having a call from you, they will start their procedure to book advance tickets for live concerts or events.

Even the fans will be able to take their favorite seats according to their desire. Based on the location or area, the broker’s vivid seats will help you to find out the best live concerts or events to enjoy.

However, at the same time, for all of the audience, it is much more important to know whether it is vivid seats legit or a scam. As a fan or audience, if you have any confusion in your mind, then join us in our article to find out all of your queries.

Is Vivid Seats Legit Or A Scam?

Is Vivid Seats Legit Or A Scam?

To explain whether is vivid seats legit or not we want to add a few lines for the justification. We want to clear the doubts of the audience that the broker’s vivid seats are absolutely authentic and legal.

For more than 20 years, they have been serving their business and services to their customers. By taking advantage of the broker or ticket booking marketplace, any fan or audience member can enjoy their favorite events or concerts. However, there are some charges that the fans will also have to pay to the broker to get their tickets on time.

Booking tickets with vivid seats is very easy and smooth, and any of you can get tickets in an urgent situation. Even the fans will be able to sell their booked tickets to someone else who wants to go to the events or concerts. Therefore, it is clear that the broker’s vivid seats are totally safe, secure, and legal in the market.

Refunds Of Vivid Seats

The ticket booking broker Vivid Seats provides a 100% guarantee to all of their customers to give a refund. They also provide a 100% guarantee to their customers that all of the tickets will be authentic and legal.

Even the payment procedure with the Vivid Seats will be safe and secure. The customers will also get their booked tickets before their events. Vivid Seats always provides the top priority to their customers and tries to provide the best services. They also provide 100% satisfaction after purchasing tickets with Vivid Seats.

Even Vivid Seats provides full protection to their customers to avail the tickets they want to purchase from them. They do not compromise with their services and make them happy.

Review Of Vivid Seats

Vivid Seats was founded in 2001 by Jerry Bednyak and Eric Vassilatos. The headquarters of Vivid Seats was situated in Chicago, Illinois, United States. Vivid Seats is the largest broker in the USA that gives fans the opportunity to purchase tickets for events or concerts. They also have a huge stock of tickets, and according to the preference of the audience, they can book tickets anytime and anywhere.

Millions of concert options are also present on the website, and the customers will just have to pay 25% of the charges to book tickets. They provide tickets for Broadway musicals, monster truck jams, concerts, sports games, multi-day music festivals, comedy shows, comic cons, and even screenings. Initially, it is a safe platform for all of the fans to enjoy unlimited concerts and events based on their location.

How Does Vivid Seats Work?

Vivid Seats is a full-service marketplace where the entire audience will be able to purchase tickets for events, concerts, or sports. The fans that are looking forward to enjoying some time by watching live concerts, games or events can purchase tickets with Vivid Seats.

Vivid Seats has a very deep passion for providing the maximum number of authentic and valid tickets to customers to help them enjoy their favorite sports, events, or concerts.

They are also very committed to their customers, providing the best services, and at any time, the customers can book the tickets by visiting the official website. Besides that, they have also introduced an amazing feature for those buyers who will frequently buy tickets with them.

The customers will get a reward program, and by using the codes, they can also get discounts on their next purchase. Even the payment procedures are safe and easy, and any of the customers can follow the payment steps.

Does Vivid Seats Have Fees?

Yes, of course, the ticket broker Vivid Seats also takes fees after purchasing tickets with them. They include a 25% booking charge for each one of the bookings. The customers will have to pay high fees to ensure their tickets with Vivid Seats.

The customers will be able to find out the exact fees or charges after selecting their events or concerts. By following all of the step-by-step procedures before securing the ticket, the customers can get all the details of the total fees, including the charges.

Initially, the customers will also have to find out the accurate events and names, and by selecting the seat, they will also be able to book tickets with Vivid Seats.

However, the website does not openly talk about their fees or charges online. They keep their charges hidden from the audience, and the audience will be able to see the charges after booking their tickets.

Can You Sell Tickets On Vivid Seats?

Yes, of course, you can sell your tickets on Vivid Seats. As an audience, if you do not go to enjoy the live events or concerts for any reason, then you have the opportunity to sell the ticket. 

You just need to visit the official website page and click on the sell my tickets option. There, you need to write down all of the details regarding the ticket. You also need to include the details of your venue, time, date, and other details.

Whoever wants to purchase your tickets will take it from the official website by paying the amount to you. It is a great feature for the entire audience, and they can quickly sell out their tickets if they do not want to visit the concert or events anymore.

Does Vivid Seats Have Reward Programs?

Yes, the broker Vivid Seats has a little bit of reward programs for all of their customers. To get the reward programs from Vivid Seats, all you need to do is sign up with the official website. If you become a frequent customer and purchase frequent tickets from them, then they will provide a reward program

However, the reward program is available only when you purchase more than 10 tickets. Then they will help you get a discount on the next purchase of your tickets.

To promote their services and to keep their customers with their services for a long time, they help their customers to get the opportunity. If you want to become a loyal and long-term customer and want to get the reward programs, then make sure you purchase more than 10 tickets frequently.

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Reasons To Purchase Tickets With Vivid Seats

Reasons To Purchase Tickets With Vivid Seats

Now, here we are elaborating on some of the reasons why you should purchase tickets with Vivid Seats.

Easy Booking

To purchase any one of the tickets for any one of the concerts or events, they will help you follow an easy booking process. By following the step-by-step guidance of Vivid Seats, it will be easier to secure your seats to enjoy your favorite concerts.

Authentic Broker

Vivid Seats is an authentic and legal broker in the market, and they have been selling tickets for many years more than 20 years. Even if it is a very trusted broker, you can get the opportunity to purchase the maximum number of tickets for different events.

Provide Rewards

Whenever a customer becomes a loyal and committed customer with Vivid Seats and after frequently purchasing tickets with them, they will provide a reward program. By using the reward program, they will get discounts on their next purchase.

Easy Payment procedure

Even the Vivid Seats share a very easy payment procedure for the entire audience. The audience will not have to face any problems or complications to make the payment quickly.

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Is It Worth Taking Services From Vivid Seats?

It is very hard to find last-minute tickets for our favorite movies or concerts. To enjoy our favorite movies or live concerts of music, we need to purchase tickets at least one or two months ago. But all of these problems can be quickly solved by taking the services of Vivid Seats.

Vivid Seats is a particular organization that can help you to get your favorite concerts or movie ticket in the minimum Time. Even in your favorite location or seats, you can actually get your tickets quickly.

They will arrange all of the whole arrangements for you to enjoy the whole music concert or movies in the theater. Even if you want to get the best services from the best five-star hotel or Resort, they will also help you to get the things.

Even if you want to book a table in your favorite restaurant, then, Vivid Seats can also help you in this regard. Basically, whatever you need and whatever you want to enjoy in a theater or like a concert, along with other things, you will get all of the services from this website Vivid Seats.

Around or more than 20 years, they have provided helpful services for their customers to enjoy a whole day or a particular evening. Even you can also enjoy a live musical concert or a luxurious Resort or hotel with your friends while traveling outside.

If you find any difficulties in booking your movie tickets to enjoy a favorite movie of yours with your friends, then Vivid Seats is there to help you out. So, of course, Vivid Seats is a very suitable and worthy organization or website to take all types of services quickly.

Pros And Cons Of Vivid Seats

Now, we are going to explain all of the positive and negative sides of the broker’s vivid seats. If you wish to collect all of the information before booking your tickets, then here are the details to collect. 


1. There are huge tickets available on the broker vivid seats, and according to the dates and events, the fans will be able to book all their tickets.

2. Even the ticket booking marketplace vivid seats has also introduced a reward programming feature for all of the buyers who frequently buy tickets from this broker.

3. According to a survey by Tranco, the website receives more than 9000 visitors on a daily basis.

4. The website vivid seats are also safe and secure to browse.

5. None of the audience will bring viruses and malware to their system after browsing the website.

6. The owner of the website has also registered the domain of the website for many years.

7. The website is also legal and trustworthy, and it has been doing business in the market for more than 20 years.

8. They also have a very easy payment process that the fans or audience can follow.


1. From all of the fans or customers, the broker’s seats take a 25% charge for booking tickets with them.

2. Even the broker’s vivid seats get a lot of mixed reviews on the official website for customer care service.  

FAQs: Is Vivid Seats Legit?

Are vivid seats tickets legit?

Yes, of course, the broker’s vivid seats are absolutely authentic and legal. All concert lovers or live event lovers can book tickets with this ticket booking marketplace.

Does Vivid Seats guarantee authenticity?

Yes, of course, all of the tickets that are available on the broker vivid seats have authenticity, and they also provide a guarantee to their audience to get the tickets to enjoy events.

How do I make sure my tickets are legit?

If you want to make sure whether your tickets are legitimate or not, you need to find out the seat number, time, date, and venue of the concert or event. If all of the details are mentioned clearly on your tickets, then they are legal tickets.

Does Vivid Seats transfer to Ticketmaster?

Yes, of course. All of the tickets are also transferred to the Ticketmaster to allow the fans or customers to enter the venue of the concert to enjoy it.

Does Vivid Seats refund for fake tickets?

The broker, Vivid Seats, does not provide any fake tickets to their customers, and all of the tickets are legal. They also provide refunds to their customers. 


Therefore, we have mentioned enough information to justify the answer as to whether is vivid seats legit or not. We have given enough proof that can help us to find out the broker vivid seats are legal and safe to proceed.

Any of the fans or the audience can purchase the tickets at any time by fulfilling all their requirements. If you wish to enjoy your favorite concerts or events, then do not waste your time booking your tickets with vivid seats.

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