Is Legit or Scam? Find All Significant Details 

Is Legit Or Scam?

Is Legit or Scam?

Currently, to have a strong career or profession, we need an accurate degree course or the right education. Sometimes the, students find a lot of difficulties in deciding which career field will be the best option for them.

Even the students find a lot of difficulties in reaching out to the perfect tutors to guide them. On the internet, based on the requirements and degree courses, students are trying to find the best teachers for them.

Besides that, a lot of platforms are also available on the internet that can help students find the best teachers for their degree courses. In comparison with the available online platforms, one of the most suitable, reliable, trustworthy, and accurate platform names is

Here, on this platform, thousands of teachers are available, and according to your course or education, you can select any one of the teachers to guide you. However, it is also important for the teachers or the parents to find the answer to whether is legit or not.

Those who have the curiosity in their minds to find out whether is legit or not can get the whole information here on this topic! We will try to elaborate on each one of the informative details that can justify the answer, whether it is legal or not. Even if you want to select the best teachers for yourself from the platform, you can also get other necessary information here.

What Is Tutor.Com? is a platform where all of the individual students who usually go to schools or colleges can find out the best teachers. Depending on the degrees or courses, the teachers will also charge the appropriate fees as per their needs.

Hiring perfect teachers nowadays become a lot of hectic matter for all of the parents, even for the students. But the platform makes it easier for all of the parents and students to select the perfect teachers.

According to their wish, the parents or the students can choose their most desirable teachers who can guide them and help them to cover the whole course. Initially, it is also beneficial for all of the students or the parents to know the answer to whether is tutor com legit or fraud a website. To find these necessary details, come and join in our discussion to explore them.

Is The Tutor Com Legit or Not?

Is The Tutor Com Legit Or Not?

To answer the question of whether is tutor com legit or a scam platform, we want to tell everyone that platform is absolutely safe and legal. It is also a very beneficial platform for both teachers and students.

Here, millions of students and teachers can connect with each other, and the students will get the opportunity to choose their favorite teachers. The platform or the website does not have any suspicious things.

Even using the website is very easy and straightforward. All of the parents, students, and teachers can easily handle the platform and can utilize it for their benefit. Initially, the teachers can also help all of their students get the best scores and grades. The guidance is very important for the students to follow the right direction and to get the best career.

Review Of

With a group of tech professionals, was established in 1988. The headquarters of is in New York City, New York, USA. After that, in 2000, they officially launched their website by making partnerships with some public libraries.

At the end of 2014, made its partnership with all of the popular schools, colleges, and institutions. Through online, the website helps all of the students to hire the best teachers online.

Even the website has also launched the Princeton Review course on the official website. Right now, the website is dealing with millions of students and thousands of Institutions.

Whether you want to prepare for quizzes, debates, tests, homework, or entrance exams, all of the teachers that are available on the platform can help you. By taking the consultation of the teachers from the platform, it will be easier for the students to follow the right direction in their careers.

Price Of

The website has two kinds of pricing. The students can go for the monthly subscription or for the per-hour payments. As a student, if you take a monthly subscription to hire the best teachers according to your needs, then you will have to pay $39.99 per month.

Besides that, if you take hours subscription, then for only 3 hours, you will have to pay $144.99. However, the hourly charge of the teachers is very expensive in comparison with the monthly subscription.

All of the students will have to think very carefully before taking the hourly subscription. By taking the hourly subscription, they will have to pay a little bit of extra money to receive guidance from the teacher.

Initially, the website also offers one-off packages for all of the students. By taking this package, they will get a total of 50 hours for just $1449.99. But the package needs to be finished within six months.

How Does Work For Tutors?

If you want to work with as a teacher, then the platform will hire you by looking at your qualifications and degrees. After that, you need to visit the official website page and need to create your own profile.

In your profile, you will have to mention all of your education qualifications, expertise level, and other necessary information. Even as a teacher, you can also provide some other credentials and reviews of your previous students.

Basically, you need to create your profile as attractive so that the students can find it suitable and can hire you. All of the students who will be interested in your profile will contact you soon.

It is also important for you to serve at least five hours of tutoring in one week. Besides that, you will also have to go through a lot of levels and probation to create a strong profile.

How Does Work For Students?

How Does Tutor.Com Work For Students?

The platform works for all of the students every time. The platform also serves its services for all of its students for 24/7 hours. All of the students can be hired, and they are teachers based on their requirements and needs.

By selecting their own time and session, they can hire any one of the teachers from the platform. Besides that, all of the students will also have to visit the official website and need to sign up for the platform.

After that, there will be a form and the students will have to fill it out by providing the necessary information. The students will also have to mention their needs and demands.

After inserting all of the details correctly, the website will provide a list of the best tutors from the platform. However, in the end, the students will choose any one of the listed teachers and can hire them quickly.

Pay For Tutors At

All of the tutors that are available on the platform take the power charges from the students. However, in the beginning, all of the teachers will have to work for $5 every hour. The teachers will be hired as probationary teachers.

But initially, with time, the teacher charges will increase to $15 per hour. Besides that, those teachers who will be able to successfully cross some levels and can show the report cards to the students can also get payments from $18 to $80.

It is quite obvious that the charges are not handsome, but it is not that much of low. All of the teachers who want to earn extra money can join the platform and start working with them. However, as a teacher, if you are lucky enough, then you can also get the highest pay. Even as an expert teacher, you can also help the students and get the best charges from them.

Initially, it is not just limited to the students and teachers; rather, all of the parents will also be able to choose teachers for their kids. According to the time and session of the student, the parents will also be able to choose the ideal teachers from the platform.

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Is a Worthy Place?

Finding the best teacher is a very difficult matter nowadays, but with the advantage of online platforms, it becomes much easier and quicker. With the benefit of, all of the students of schools and colleges will be able to see the complete list of available teachers who can assist or guide them in completing their syllabus or courses.

However, before taking advantage of the services of the Tutorcom platform, individual students will have to take subscriptions. There are different types of subscriptions available, which will be divided into 3 months, 6 months, 9 months, and 12 months. As per the students’ budget, they can take any subscription plan from the Tutorcom platform.

At the same time, if any one of the students does not want to take the monthly subscriptions, they can also take advantage of the hour’s subscription plans. However, in comparison with monthly subscriptions, hours are considered very expensive.

So, it will be easier for the students to select or find the best teachers based on their courses or syllabus by taking monthly subscription plans. Besides all of these things, the website has also been awarded with good ratings. The website has received an overall 4.8 rating out of 5 rating from all of its students.

On the other hand, all of the students who want to take the services from Tutorcom will have to fill out the complete details regarding their studies. The students will have to add their degree courses and other requirements so that all of the eligible and free teachers can reach out to the students easily.

Initially, the website Tutorcom was also a very suitable option for all of the people who want to teach students or become teachers. Teachers can also enroll their names on the platform. Initially, after completing the profile, all of the students and the teachers will be individually able to find themselves and take and give services to each other.

Hence the website Tutor com becomes a very reliable and suitable option for both the teachers and the students to get benefit. As a student, you can find the best teachers who can guide you in the best way to solve all of your study materials.

What Are The Reasons For Taking Services From A

Now, here are some common facts or reasons that will help you take advantage of the services of the website Tutorcom quickly.

Easy to find out teachers

Here on the website, all of the students will be able to see a complete list of the best teachers who can assist or guide them in completing their syllabus or subject.

Those students who are looking for the best teachers to complete their syllabus or subject can visit the website Tutorcom at least once. If you are struggling to find the best teachers or the teachers who are struggling to find jobs, they can also enlist their names on the website Tutorcom.

Easy to get a subscription

The monthly subscription plans are also available for all of these students, and depending on the budget of the students, they can go for a monthly subscription or three months or other subscriptions. In comparison with the subscription plans, we think that three-month or more than 3-month subscription plans will be more advantageous for the students to save some money.

Pocket-friendly prices

The prices of all of the subscription plans are quite affordable, but students who belong to the below-average economy section may find the subscription plans are expensive. However, the lowest price of the subscription plan can be affordable for all students, and they can also get assistance from the best teachers.

Easy to connect

It is very easy for all of the teachers and students to connect with the website. Students who have taken all of the services from get the best guidance. Simply by visiting the official website of Tutorcom and registering themselves, students will be able to connect with the best teachers.

Legal platform

The website Tutorcom is also a legal platform for all of the individual teachers and students to accomplish all of the services individually. Almost all students who are in school or college can take advantage of all the facilities on the website.

Depending on the degree course or subject, all of the teachers’ names will be given according to the demands of the students. After that, the students will be able to find the best teachers on this legal website.

Best guide

The website Tutorcom is one of the best platforms or guides for both teachers and students to learn about each other. The teachers and the students are interconnected with each other, and without taking advantage, both of the people will not be able to get the benefits.

As we all know, students are required teachers, and teachers also require students. To get the best teachers and students along with the best guidance in the study, this particular website, Tutorcom, gives the best services to all.

Feedbacks Of

Now, those students who are looking forward to joining and hiring teachers can have a quick look at the feedback on the platform.

According to the report card of the Site Jabbar, has received only 1.49 out of 5 ratings. The maximum numbers of the teachers who are working with the platform give their negative recommendations just because of the low pay scale.

Even though students have also shown this satisfaction after taking high subscriptions with the platform, among all of the tutor platforms available on the Internet, takes the rank of 191th.

According to Facebook’s report card, the website has received 4.8 out of 5 ratings. All of the students who have taken subscriptions to the platform share their reviews with positivity. All of the students have praised their services, and they have recommended taking advantage of

Even the platform always helps all of the students whenever they need help. Even all of the teachers who are associated with the platform have shown their appreciation for getting a lot of paid Work from the platform.

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Alternatives Of

Now, we are going to share some of the best alternatives to the platform. If you do not wish to take advantage of this particular platform, then you can select any one of the suggestions below.


Currently, Preply is one of the best platforms for all of the students to select the best teachers. The platform Preply is situated in Ukraine, and the platform shares its services all over the world.

All of the students will also be able to select the best teachers according to their course or session. Even students who are curious to learn a new language can learn any language by downloading the official application Preply.


The Wyzant is another one of the most suitable options for all of the students to choose their favorite teachers according to their study. The platform not only helps the students prepare for their school lessons but also covers all of the other studies.

Even the pay for the teachers is very affordable, and the teachers are also very helpful. This online platform has also received a lot of positive reviews from teachers and students. On this platform, all of the students will be able to find all the expert teachers in all subjects.

FAQs: Is Legit Or Scam?

Is a trusted site?

Yes, of course. is a trusted platform, and all of the teachers and students can find themselves and choose for a better future.

Is my private tutor real or fake?

Yes, my private tutor is real, and it is also authentic for all of the students and teachers. Together, the teachers and students can make a good connection with each other.

How can I get paid to tutor online?

By visiting the website, you can get paid tutors for yourself and can use their guidance to complete your study or course.

Which tutors are paid the most?

Currently, the tutors who teach GMET are paid the highest salaries.

Is a device-friendly website?

Yes, of course, the website is a device-friendly website, and by visiting or browsing the website, none of the students will find Malware or viruses.


Therefore, for all of the teachers and for the students here, we have elaborated on the answer as to whether it is tutor com legit or not. All of the students who are curious to utilize the platform to search for the best teachers can go for it.

This is one of the most reliable and ideal platforms from where both the teachers and the students can find each other. They can also help each other to get the best career or best marks in the exam.

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