Is Student Beans Legit or Scam? Discover All Significant Details About Student Beans

Is Student Beans Legit or Scam?

Is Student Beans Legit or Scam?

As students, we have lots of dreams that we want to fulfill. All of the students who are right now in their schools or colleges want to afford their own expenses. But looking at the current scenario, everything has come with either high or moderate cost. So, it becomes very challenging for all of the students to purchase anything that they want with their own pocket money.

There are not so many platforms or websites available on the Internet that can help students save money and purchase things at the same time. So, if you are a student and want to carry your own expenses, then we want to introduce you all to an amazing platform. The Student Beans is a particular website or platform where the students, whether they are in schools or in colleges, will be able to have products to clothes. 

However, there is no assurance whether the platform is a trustworthy and reliable website or not. Suppose you have the same consciousness regarding whether is student beans legit or not then find the details here. This particular online website or medium has been made especially for the students to afford their required goods on their own budget.

What Are Student Beans? 

The Student Beans is the only platform where all of the students are eligible to purchase their favorite products or clothes. Here, the platform gives so much interest in amazing deals and discounts on each and every item available. To help all of the students who are in high school or in college and to save their money, this particular platform has come up with an innovative idea.

But as a beginner with the platform, we are not quite sure whether is student beans legit or not. The answer to the question will be elaborated on in the following paragraph so that the students can discover all the important features and aspects regarding student beans. 

Is Student Beans Legit Or Not?

Among so many important questions one of the most important asked questions is whether is student beans legit or not. Many people, especially students, have the curiosity to know whether the website or the platform is legal or not to browse.

So definitely, Student Beans is a legal website that has several discounts and offers for each and every student. The special discounts and offers are only obtained by the students, and you are correctly pursuing their studies. 

It becomes an absolutely authentic medium for the students to save their money, and with their pocket money, they can afford all of the products, whether they are clothes or anything else. 

Security And Privacy Of Student Beans

When it comes to securing the personal data and information of all of the students, the platform Student Beans takes it very seriously. All of the personal details and information of the students and data are secured by European standards.

With a special team, the European standards manage all of the data and personal details for 24/7 hours. Even regularly, the platform Student Beans takes backups so that all of these students’ information remains secure and saved.

The platform also uses 256-bit SSL Encryption protection and a firewall to secure all the data in their system. Whenever a new student signs up with Student Beans, the platform makes sure to verify the authenticity of the users. This is a very unique process by the side of the platform Student Beans to find out the frauds or malicious users.

Even as a student, if you have entered anything crucial, then there is nothing to worry about as they maintain a high privacy policy. There is no risk of selling the third party to the data of all of the students from Student Beans.

Features Of Student Beans

Features Of Student Beans

As a curious student, you might be wondering about all of the features that can be yours, so find out the features in this paragraph.

Largest Student Discount Website 

The Student Beans is one of the largest student discount websites available on the Internet. Approximately 7 million students are associated with the platform Student Beans.

Every now and then, they are taking advantage of the facilities and benefits of Student Beans. Mostly, it is a platform that is considered for only the students, and all of the students will be able to purchase their required products or clothes within their own budget.

Partnered With Over 500 Brands

Even the platform Student Beans has made partnerships with more than 500 brands across the globe. The students will be able to select the top most branded and quality products for themselves within a limited cost.

UK’s Fastest-Growing Startups

Besides that, the platform Student Beans becomes one of the first test UK growing startup companies. Just because of their innovative idea to help the students, the Student Beans has captured everyone’s attention.

Awarded The Google Play Editor’s Choice Award

Not only has the platform Student Beans been awarded with so many recognitions. One of the most talked about awards that are received by Student Beans is the Google Play Editors Choice Award

Featured In Forbes Magazine

The last feature is that the platform Student Beans has also been featured in Forbes magazine. The platform Student Beans has taken a position among the top 50 Student-centered companies. 

Review Of Student Beans

Student Beans was first established in 2005 in Birmingham, UK. It was founded by two students, James and Michael Eder. Student Beans was specially launched for students in schools and colleges.

Right now, the platform has approximately 163 million users, and they have served their services in approximately 50 countries. Students can also find out approximately or more than 500 brands are associated with them.

They have the main motive of helping all of the students’ purchase any products or goods that they want to use. The discounts and offers are the main attractive part of Student Beans.

To make student shopping easier and better within a pocket-friendly budget, they have come up with this idea for everyone. Even the platform Student Beans has used an innovative verification system to connect with genuine students. Currently, they have made partnerships with more than 650 topmost brands.

The students can avail themselves of all of the fashionable products, including electronic gadgets, entertainment-related things, Technology, foods, and many other important things. Today, the platform Student Beans has students from more than 150 countries availing the promo codes and discounts. They have also introduced more than 1000 campuses in different locations for all of the students to access. 

Things Available On Student Beans

As we have already discussed, the website Student Beans has been associated with so many top brands around the whole Nation; their food, the students will be eligible to purchase Banded things from here. The topmost fashion brands that are available for all of the students include Nasty Gal, Lilicloth, Annie Cloth, Net-A-Porter, Forever 21, and Eastbay. 

All of the students who want to get some special discounts on cosmetics and want to use branded cosmetics can go for bands like NIP+FAB, Paula’s Choice, Benefit, and Grooming Lounge.

As a student, if you are looking forward to having discounts on grocery items and restaurants, then you are also eligible to take that. All of the top brands or companies like Uber Eats, Go Puffs, Home Chef, and Daily Harvest.

All of the entertainment category discounts and offers are also eligible for the students. The students can get movie and theatre ticket discount subscriptions, traveling discounts, and other discounts. Hotel rooms and resort discounts are also available on this platform. Boxing, yoga, and gym memberships are also available for all of the students.

Apart from all of these things, students will also be able to purchase stationery goods, laptops, and books with the maximum number of discounts. But the most exciting part about the platform Student Beans is that they also give discounts on Grammarly, Apple, and Book Outlet.

How Does Student Beans Work?

To verify all of the students, the website Student Beans makes a very unique verification process. Only the students will be able to take discounts and offers. However, the students are required to open an account on the official website of Student Beans. After that, the verification process will be started on the side of the website, and the students need to enter their student ID and school information.

After that, hundreds of brands are available on the platform, and the students are also eligible to redeem all of those things. Students can also download their official mobile application, and from both online and offline mediums, they can purchase their things. Brands like Lulus, Footlocker, Doordash, Champ, Apple, and Marshall are in partnership with Student Beans.

As a student, you can also offer your discounts or coupons to other students, and while sharing posts on the website, you can offer others. But to do so, you need to pay a small amount to the website, and every month, you can post all of your discounts. Initially, the platform also encourages all of the students to grab the deals and discounts with flat 10% off.

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Customer Satisfaction With Student Beans

All of the students who are associated with the website Student Beans have given both positive and negative remarks on the services and features. However, a maximum number of students have declared that the website is safe to browse and safe to navigate. A maximum number of students are satisfied with the available deals and discounts.

On the other hand, the students have also complained that the prices of the products can be much more budget-friendly. Expect that everything is okay for the website Student Beans.

The trust pilot website has been awarded a 4.1 out of 5 rating. So it is a worthy place from where all of the students can purchase their fashionable things or other required products.

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A Few Alternatives Of Student Beans

Let us check out the best alternative that can also help you obtain features and benefits similar to Student Beans.


Unlike other student-centered websites, online UNiDAYS is one of the most suitable and ideal options for all students. Here, they can also get similar kinds of discounts and offers just like that student beans offer to their students. In the students will be able to grab the most exciting deals from the top brands.

Student Money Saver:

The second best alternative option for all of the students is Student Money Saver. Here on this platform, similar to student beans and unidays, the students can also use branded clothing or other products at a very reasonable price and with the maximum number of discounts, students can obtain any one of the goods from Student Money Saver.


Is Student Beans a real thing?

Yes, of course, the platform Student Beans has all of the real things available here, and it is also considered as one of the loyal networks among the students.

How does Student Beans verify you are a student?

To verify whether you are a student or not, this particular platform, Student Beans, uses the student’s registered email address. 

Is Student Beans free for students?

Yes, of course. Using the Student Beans platform is absolutely free of cost for all students.

Is Student Beans or UNiDAYS better?

Both of the student-centered platforms, Student Beans and Unidays, have similar features for all of the students at work. 

Are Student Beans only for the USA?

No, not all students who belong to the USA will not be eligible to use the features of Student Beans rather; students from other countries will also be eligible to take the discounts.


This is the whole description regarding the platform of the student beans, and we have given much more information that can help all of the students.

For students who are looking for a way to shop and at the same time save their money, this is nothing but the best option for all of them. Even the curiosity of all of the students will also be solved as we have given the information on whether is student beans legit or not in the article. 

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