Is BHPhotoVideo Legit or Scam? Find All Significant Details Of BHPhotoVideo

Is BHPhotoVideo Legit or Scam?

Do you have an interest in photography or videography? If yes, then there is an absolute need to have the best camera. Photography and videography have become two of the most popular career options for most of the younger generation.

But without a quality camera, it is not possible to enlarge your business or profession. So, if you are looking for a reliable website from where you can collect all photography or videography equipment, then visit the BHphotovideo website.

There are very few handful websites that have a huge collection of quality equipment for photography and videography. So, if you want to trust a particular website, then BHphotovideo is the ideal option.

Currently, in the business field, they have grown in popularity and fame among the audience. The BHphotovideo is a retail shop from America, and they have a collection of video cams and cameras for users. If you are not familiar with the website, then it is quite obvious to know whether is BHPhotoVideo legit or not.

Initially, it becomes another one of curiosity for the beginners who want to start their journey with the BHphotovideo website to know whether is BHPhotoVideo legit or not. Let us discuss all of the informative details regarding the website.

What is BHPhotoVideo?

The BHPhotoVideo is a retail store in America that was launched by a couple. To help all passionate people click the best pictures and record high-resolution videos, this particular retail store has come with the best technology and featured cameras.

Mostly, it is a shop in America that will help beginners who want to start their journey in photography or videography. All of the equipment for photography and videography will be available here at a reasonable cost.

Apart from all of these things, varieties of cameras and video cameras are also there to select for every user. The popularity of BHPhotoVideo is also high for its services and quality products. But make sure you understand whether is BHPhotoVideo legit or not.

Is BHPhotoVideo Legit Or Not?

Yes, you can absolutely rely on or trust BHPhotoVideo to purchase all of the cameras and video cameras whenever you want to have them. So, each one of the customers who want to make sure to purchase the best cameras or video cameras can visit the website.

They will ensure they have all types of cameras with different budgets. The incredible product services and quality products of the website BHPhotoVideo make them very outstanding among the rest of the other websites.

So here in this paragraph, we have given the answer to whether is BHPhotoVideo legit or not. All of the people, who want to buy the latest technology cameras and video cameras, make sure you visit BHPhotoVideo.

All Shipping And Return Facilities Of BHPhotoVideo

The standard and expedited shipping facility is available to everyone, whether you belong to the USA or any other country. The USA citizens can obtain free shipping if they order more than $49.

Around 1 to 7 business days, and depending on the shipping method, the customers can expect to have their goods from BHPhotoVideo. Whether you opt for lightweight products or heavyweight products, both will be free of cost shipping.

Generally, people from any location around the world will be eligible to place orders. However, there are certain countries that are not eligible to take products from BHPhotoVideo. Those restricted locations are Iran, Cuba, and North Korea.

The shipping charge will also be different depending on the location and weight of the products. Maximum, all of the orders take 7 to 10 business days to reach out to the customers’ doors.

Not only that, but international customers can also place their orders with BHPhotoVideo. But be ready to give some custom charges or taxes. In comparison with the standard shipping method, the expedited shipping method is faster and can deliver the products fastest.

The return facilities of BHPhotoVideo are very straightforward, and 30 days will be given to the customers to return their products. The customers can either visit the store or simply ship back to the BHPhotoVideo warehouses.

There are certain restrictions that the customers need to note down. Some of the products are not refundable and returnable, and those things are Computers, Batteries, and opened TVs. For a faster refund, you can also connect with the customer care service of BHPhotoVideo and claim your refund.

Review Of BHPhotoVideo

BHPhotoVideo was first introduced as a film store in 1973 by a couple. It was based in the Tribeca area of New York City. The founders of BHPhotoVideo are Blimie Schreiber and Herman. In the 70s, the store BHPhotoVideo moved its location to Flatiron District and finally came to its current location in the Clinton area in 1997.

BHPhotoVideo Is a professional website that offers all of the photography and videography-related products to their customers. It is also a retail store in America, and the main purpose of establishing BHPhotoVideo is to help the audience get the right and authentic products.

People who have a very creative mind and want to increase their profession in photography or videography can find the platform to be a suitable option.

The website has also received a lot of five-star reviews from its customers, and the prices of all of the cameras and videography gear are reasonable.

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Product Pricing Of BHPhotoVideo

It is quite obvious a fact that all of the available products of BHPhotoVideo will be in a high range. However, both the low and high prices are also available for all of the equipment for videography and photography. All of the customers who are especially looking for professional cameras or video cameras might have quite high prices for the equipment.

The regular cameras have come with a reasonable budget for everyone. Microphones, strobe lights, and tripods are not so expensive in BHPhotoVideo. The starting prices of all of these products start at $20, and depending on the quality and materials, it can go up to $2000.

Even second-hand video graphics and photography gear are also available at low prices. But the qualities and work history have been checked twice before offering them to the customers.

The website regularly offers various discounts on many items. The customers can find out that any other website is selling much lower prices for the equipment, and then they can have the products at the same prices from BHPhotoVideo.

Things You Can Buy From BHPhotoVideo

All of the tools that can help you to increase your profession in photography and videography are available here on this website: BHPhotoVideo. As a customer, you can find products like digital cameras, industrial cameras, microphones, drones, computers, and other options that are also available here. Here, the website sells all of the products associated with the top brands in the market.

All of the Apple brand products will be available here on the website BHPhotoVideo, and also for the customers. To create special effects in the videography profession, they also have equipment like camcorders, special effect cameras, studio and EFP cameras, and tripods.

However, the website BHPhotoVideo also sells dozens of video graphics and photography gear. The Other brands that are associated with BHPhotoVideo are Fuji, Kodak, Sony, Panasonic, and Olympus.

This particular retail Store, BHPhotoVideo, is also famous for saving electronic gadgets like microphones, computers, speakers, projection screens, gaming items, air purifiers, and other stuff. For home security purposes, they have all the equipment like hidden cameras, Shields, masks, and others. Electric scooters are also available for those customers who are interested in buying them.

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Customer Ratings Of BHPhotoVideo

The customer ratings can clearly say whether the website BHPhotoVideo is a trustable website to invest your money and time or not. So according to the customer reviews each and every item available on BHPhotoVideo are quite high in range but they all are in high quality. However keeping the budget of all of the customers they have also introduced low budget products for both videography and photography equipments.

According to the popular website of Site Jabber this particular online retail store of BHPhotoVideo manages to get 4.8 out of 5. As the trust score is high so yes it is a very safe platform to invest your money and to have the quality equipments to use for videography and photography. Not only that the services are also fast and the customers have received their own products in the correct time in their addresses.

Besides the positive of the products and services of BHPhotoVideo the customers have also shown some complaints. The customers have given their negative reactions for late customer care service from the side of BHPhotoVideo.

Some of the customers have also found a lot of complications while blessing their order for having those equipments. Some customers have even shown their complete dissatisfaction after finding damaged products from BHPhotoVideo.

Overall the products and the other features of the product is highly appreciated and recommended. So as a enthusiast person you can browse to the website and can check out all of the available products as per your requirements.

Best Alternatives Of BHPhotoVideo

If you have faced anything wrong regarding the product and services of BHPhotoVideo then you have the right to switch to any other available alternative. Here are some of the alternatives that you can consider for yourself and can purchase photography and videography gears.


As a customer if you are looking for only premium quality video graphy and photography equipments then do a visit to Adorama. they have all of the unique collections to increase your profession in videography and photography. Whatever your requirements you can get thousands of options in front of you.

Focus Camera:

Focus Camera is another one of the destinations for having all of these equipments which can also enhance your photography and videography profession. Whatever equipments you need to have to flourish your profession you can get all of the options here. The prices are also quite budget friendly and you will not have to spend a lot of money behind those equipments.


Is it safe to buy from B&H?

Depending on the customer feedback, it is absolutely legal and safe to buy all of the cameras and video gear from BHPhotoVideo. 

Who is the owner of Bhphotovideo?

The owner of BHPhotoVideo is Herman Schreiber.

Which country brand is B&H?

The BHPhotoVideo is based in America. 

How long does it take for B&H to ship?

After placing all of your orders with BHPhotoVideo, the website will take only 24 hours to deliver the products to their customers as soon as possible.

Is B&H a reseller?

BHPhotoVideo is an authorized reseller of Apple, and all the customers can purchase Macs, Apple watches, Airpods, and iPads.


In this descriptive article, we have given much more information regarding the website BHPhotoVideo. Initially, the customers can also identify the answer to the question of whether is BHPhotoVideo legit or not, along with other necessary details. We have also included the prices of the available products along with different shipping and return facilities. 

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