Is Jurllyshe Legit or Scam? Review 2024

Is Jurllyshe Legit or Scam?

Is Jurllyshe Legit or Scam?

If you are reading this article you must have already visited Jurllyshe’s Website or at least heard of it. While scrolling through the website you must have seen those super trendy chic street fashion clothes and wondered __ Is Jurllyshe Legit? Well, you’re not alone! Jurllyshe has been gaining attention for its diverse collection and affordable fashion.

It’s very common for online buyers to confirm the legitimacy of a website. And no doubt if I am putting my hard-earned money into something, I would want to be 100% sure too.  

This article is your final guide to knowing__ Is Jurllyshe Legit Or a Scam? From trendy dresses available on the website to quality assurances, Jurllyshe Coupon Code, Customer Reviews, Shipping, and Return Policy; I’ve got the details covered.

As I give a detailed description, I’ll address the burning question on everyone’s mind: Is Jurllyshe Legit? Know Before You Shop. Let’s get started without any delay and join me on this exploration into the world of Jurllyshe.

Where Is Jurllyshe Located?

Jurllyshe is Located in China but it isn’t mentioned on the official website. They only mentioned that they have a warehouse in the USA and they ship from there. Some buyers claim that it’s misguided information but I received my parcel fromSanta Fe Springs, California, United States too.  In 2011 the brand was established and was named AfricanMall. After almost a decade the company rebranded itself and was officially named Jurllyshe in 2020.

Jurllyshe Overview

Jurllyshe claims to be a fashion company that makes street-style clothes for Black women.I have given Jurllyshe overview here based on the information available on the Jurllyshe official website. 

  • Jurllyshe focuses on bringing the latest fashion trends to African-American girls without breaking the bank.
  • Their designers keep things fresh with trendy ideas that appeal to everyone.
  • By making quality clothes in local factories, Jurllyshe keeps prices friendly.
  • They want to make fashion fun and accessible for everyone.

Is Jurllyshe Sustainable?

So I checked out Jurllyshe’s website, and found no information regarding sustainability. They have mentioned how they are trying to provide trendy street fashion at affordable prices for girls and how they are trying to provide quality clothes using the strength of domestic factories but no mention of sustainability or ethical practices is available on the official website.  It seems they might not be focusing on sustainable practices yet. However, one positive side is that they use biodegradable materials to send the parcels.

What Types Of Dresses Are Available On Jurllyshe?

Jurllyshe mainly focuses on Street Fashion clothes. Tops, Bottoms, Dresses, T-shirts, and different types of clothes are available on Jurllyshe. You can shop by category or date. 

Jurllyshe Dresses __ Category-wise

  • Dresses
  • Tops
  • Sweaters
  • Bottoms
  • T-shirts
  • Rompers and Jumpsuits
  • Matching Sets
  • Hoodies 
  • Swimsuits

Is Jurllyshe Legit Or Scam__ My Personal Experience

I ordered clothes from Jurllyshe too to verify the quality, size, and other things by myself. I have only received items and tried them. Here I provided a detailed review of Jurllyshe. You must go through this review before purchasing. 

1. Jurllyshe Long Sleeve Hooded Knit Fashion Casual Dress

Product Description

Color: White. 

Size: S-XL

Material: Polyester, Spandex.

Price: $46.99

1. Jurllyshe Long Sleeve Hooded Knit Fashion Casual Dress

My Experience

Color: White. 

Size:  Size S

Quality: I’d say the quality is decent. It is comfortable to wear but to be honest not good enough for that price.

Fit: It’s not a body-hugging dress so there shouldn’t be much problem about the fit. But the oversized hoodie looks overall good. The size chart is accurate. 

Keep Or Return: The hoodie looks cute. You can easily wear it in winter or spring. But I’d say the quality doesn’t justify the price. $47 seems too much for this dress. So, I am going to return this hoodie. 

2. Jurllyshe Fuzzy Crop Long Sleeve Feather Cuff Skinny Top

Product Description

Color: Black 

Size: S-XL 

Material: Polyester, Spandex.

Price: $43.99

Jurllyshe Fuzzy Crop Long Sleeve Feather Cuff Skinny Top

My Experience

Color: Black. 

Size: Size S. 

Quality: The fabric is soft and stretchable, especially the long-sleeved feather. I liked the quality.

Fit: The fit is great. The material is stretchable and it fits perfectly. 

Keep Or Return: The top looks very cute and fashionable. It’s perfect for casual wear or night out. The price is quite high but the top looks cool. I’ll keep it. 

Is Jurllyshe Legit?

Jurllyshe is a well-known online brand, and you can see that because it has a big group of followers– 742k on Instagram and 262k on Facebook. Buyers gave it a 3.4 score on Trustpilot after sharing their thoughts around 1000 times. On Scam Detector, Jurllyshe has a really good score of 85.90. This means it’s a real and safe place.

Having said that, I need to talk about the other side of the story too. Like many other online brands, the quality of their clothes is inconsistent. Some buyers say that they received low quality clothes which look nothing like the picture on the website.

Almost 32% of people out of 1080 has given the platform a rating of 1 out of 5. The number is not very less so it’s a real issue. The company might not be a scam as they reply to almost all negative reviews which is a good thing. But while shopping you should go through the reviews, read product description and compare the price and the picture available on the website.

Jurllyshe Reviews From Real Buyers


Customer Review 1

Rating: 4/5

I’ve found some really stylish outfits at Jurllyshe, and the discounts are a bonus. The shipping time, though, tested my patience as it took longer than expected. However, the product quality was good and customer service was responsive. Overall, it’s a good place for fashion, but be ready for a wait.”

Customer Review 2

Rating: 4/5

“Jurllyshe has a great selection of trendy clothes, and the discounts are a plus. The shipping time was reasonable, and the product quality met my expectations. On the downside, the return policy felt a bit tricky. It took some effort, but with customer service assistance, I managed. Despite the return process, I’d still recommend it for the stylish finds.”

Customer Review 3

Rating: 3/5

“Jurllyshe offers trendy fashion, and I found some stylish pieces. The shipping time was fair, and the product quality was good. However, the return policy was quite complicated for my liking. It took some time to figure out the steps, and I believe it could be more straightforward. The items were okay. I wish the overall experience would have been smoother.”


Customer Review 01

Rating: 2/5

I recently bought a few items from Jurllyshe, and I have to say I was disappointed with the quality. The clothes looked nice online, but when they arrived, the fabric felt cheap, and the stitching was poorly done. I expected better for the price I paid. Overall, not satisfied with the products.”

Customer Review 02

Rating: 2/5

“I tried using a coupon code on Jurllyshe’s website, but it didn’t work at all. I double-checked the code and the items in my cart, but still no luck. It was very frustrating cause I had to pay the full price and then when I finally received the products, it was nothing like the picture available on the site. Very, very disappointing experience. Never gonna shop from them ever again.”


  • Street fashion at affordable prices.
  • Decent quality.
  • Clothes are available for all sizes.
  • Free Shipping
  • Lots of exciting Offers and Discounts.
  • Easy and convenient Shipping Policy. 


  • Not Sustainable.
  • Complex Return Policy.
  • No exchange is available. 
  • Quality and size are inconsistent. 

Jurllyshe Shipping

Order Processing

  • The processing for orders typically takes 3 to 5 business days.
  • This does not include weekends and holidays.
  • Once processed, customers will receive a confirmation email with a tracking number.

Delays and Reminders

  • If processing takes longer than 5 business days, an automated reminder message will be sent.
  • Customers can reach out at any time for information on their orders.

Address and Order Details

  • Inaccurate or incomplete addresses may lead to processing delays.
  • It’s recommended that customers thoroughly review their shipping and billing information before completing the order.
  • Orders containing clothing and human hair will result in at least two packages.
  • Both items are packaged separately and shipped from a warehouse in China.

International Shipping Times

  • Shipping times to international destinations may vary depending on the locations.

**Keep in mind that these are estimated times and may be longer during peak seasons or if there are address issues.

Jurllyshe Return Policy

Return Process

  • Reach out to [email protected] to receive the return address and instructions via email.
  • Pack your return items using the original packing, ensuring they’re in good condition.
  • Take your package to the local post office within 7 days for a swift return.
  • After returning, share the return receipt, and tracking number, specify the returned items, and provide the reason.

Check and Refund

  • The warehouse will inspect your return package within 1-3 business days.
  • Once checked, they’ll promptly initiate the refund process.

Important Points to Note

  • Items must be unworn, in their original condition, with packaging and tags attached.
  • Worn, washed, or altered items won’t qualify for a refund.
  • Specific items like free gifts, lingerie, protective equipment, beauty items, Lucky Bags, swimwear, masks, and items with non-returnable marks, can’t be returned or exchanged without contacting the Support Center first.
  • Don’t send back items directly without confirming with Jurllyshe first.
  • Package each order separately to prevent processing delays.
  • Returns with multiple orders in one package will take longer to process.
  • Retain the proof of the return tracking number for your records.
  • Jurllyshe is not liable for lost or stolen return packages during transit.

**Non-eligible items won’t be refunded.

Ensure only Jurllyshe items are included in the return package to avoid issues.

Jurllyshe is not responsible for returning non-Jurllyshe items.

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How Long Will It Take to Process the Refund?

The refund process initiates within 1-3 business days upon the receipt of your return package. Refunds will be allocated to your Jurllyshe Wallet and the original payment account, depending on your initial payment method.

It’s essential to note that the original shipping fee and Shipping Guarantee are non-refundable. Additionally, returning shipping charges are not eligible for a refund. Please be aware that the company does not accept packages returned using C.O.D. delivery.

Refund Timeframes

PayPal account refunds: Completed within 48 hours

Klarna refunds: Typically between 2-5 business days

Credit card refunds: Completed within 7-15 business days

Afterpay refunds: Processed on the next settlement date

Quadpay refunds: Processed within 13 days

Jurllyshe Wallet refunds: Processed within up to 24 hours.

Jurllyshe Coupon Code

New subscribers enjoy a special $100 off on their first purchase at Jurllyshe. Buyers can get an exclusive $50 off when they shop using the Jurllyshe app. Explore products with discounts reaching up to 85%. Spend over $79 and receive a $10 discount.

Shop products worth $119 and enjoy a $20 discount. For purchases exceeding $239, enjoy an impressive $40 off the total amount. To learn more about Jurllyshe Coupon Code, Please visit the official website. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Jurllyshe

Q1. How Can I Return the Items?

Ans. Customers are allotted a 30-day window from the receipt of their items to initiate a return. Any damaged, defective, or inaccurately shipped items need to be reported within 14 days of the delivery date.

Q2. Is Exchange Options Available On Jurllyshe?

Ans.No. Jurllyshe currently does not facilitate exchanges. However, you have the option to make a new purchase for the desired items and proceed with the return of the unwanted ones.

The refund process initiates upon receiving the returned package. To obtain the correct return address, kindly contact their customer service. Remember not to use the address on the package, as it may impact the efficiency of the return process.

Q3. What are the Payment Methods Available On Jurllyshe?

Ans. PayPal, AfterPay, Visa, MasterCard American Express, Apple Pay, Klarna, etc. safe and secured payment methods available on Jurllyshe. 

Q4. Jurllyshe Contact Number _ How Can I Contact Jurllyshe?

Ans. Buyers can easily reach out to Jurllyshe through different channels. Give them a call at +1(949)562-8516, send an email to [email protected], or connect via Whatsapp at +1(949)562-8516. The customer service team is ready to assist with any questions or concerns.

Is Jurllyshe Worth It Or Not __ Final Review

Jurllyshe has its merits and drawbacks. On the positive side, they offer trendy clothing, diverse styles, and accessible customer support. However, some customers report issues like sizing discrepancies and delivery delays.

The company sells a lot of dresses with luxury brands’ names printed on them which are obviously fake. That’s kind of embarrassing for a decade-old company. Despite this, giving Jurllyshe a shot might be worthwhile.

Talking about my personal experience, their return policy is complex but their customer service is responsive. I have already returned an item and received my refund. So I might give Jurllyshe another try in the future. So I hope by now you have got the answer to the main question that you had in your mind__ Is Jurllyshe Legit Or Not.

To ensure satisfaction, potential buyers should scrutinize dress photos, read a lot of reviews on the platform, and conduct thorough research before purchasing. While Jurllyshe has both positives and negatives, taking precautions and having realistic expectations can enhance the overall shopping experience.

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