Is Ivrose Legit or Scam? Find All Significant Details

Is Ivrose Legit or Scam?

Is Ivrose Legit or Scam?

Are you looking for all of the modern and hottest fashionable items as soon as possible? Are you struggling to find out the latest collection of all types of fashionable clothes or other things? Then, for all of the fashion-enthusiastic people, we have come up with the retail shop of IV Rose. This particular retail shop is very popular just because they have a range of affordable prices for all of the fashionable items.

In comparison with today’s market, it is very difficult to find such a retail shop or website that offers minimum prices for fashionable items. However, it might be a little bit risky for all of the new customers to go with the IV Rose retail shop. Therefore, here are some basic details that can solve your problems. Here in this topic, we will cover whether is ivrose legit or not.

Initially, that audience will also be able to get the opportunity to know about all of the available products and their services. If you have any specific queries about the details of IV Rose, then you can collect them here, along with whether is ivrose legit or not.

What Is IV Rose?

In simple terms, the retail shop of IV Rose is one of the best platforms in today’s time. All of the fashion enthusiasts will be able to collect the latest designs and hottest collections of fashionable items. Without giving so much of prices, they will be able to purchase all of the quality goods within a limited budget.

They have a variety of collections when it comes to improving fashion sense or increasing personality. You can check out all of the available products of IV Rose and place your order with them immediately. However, for the new customers, we will also discuss the important question of whether is ivrose legit or not.

Is Ivrose Legit or Not?

Is Ivrose Legit Or Not?

So many positive reviews have come for the IV Rose retail shop. By reading all of the positive recommendations, it is quite easy to say that the retail shop of IV Rose is legal. Even the website or the retail shop is also very safe to use.

However, we will say everyone should alert and open their eyes before giving their orders. Some members of the audience have a complaint regarding the bad service and low quality of the fashionable items.

Even the customers have also asserted that the quality of the available products is not that much of highly praised. However, the website has also declared that all of the prices for the products are legal, and they offer huge discounts on purchasing questionable items with them. Hence, it is quite easier to understand whether is ivrose legit or not. 

Shipping Policy And Return Policy Of IV Rose

Both the shipping policy and return policy are available on IV Rose. But it is sad news for all of the customers that they don’t provide a free shipping procedure. There are three main shipping procedures available with different charges. Even for the standard shipping procedure, the customers will also have to pay to get their products.

However, the delivery charge can be changed depending on your area or location. People from USA, the standard shipping charge is $7.99. For all of the customers who want to go with the express shipping procedure they will have to pay $22. 

Normally, for the standard shipping procedure wait for 13 to 15 days to get things. For the express shipping procedure wait for 4 to 6 days to get ordered items.

However, people from other countries will have to wait for a many days. The waiting time is between 30 to 90 days to get their fashionable products. The customer can also place a request if the website is delaying sharing their products for more than 6 months.

Yes, of course, the customers can also get the opportunity to return the products if they do not like them or if they come with disputes or damage. Within 30 days, the customers will have to return all of their ordered products to the website IV roes.

However, do not forget to keep the original packaging and price tag of the product. Before returning your products first, you need to contact the representative of Iv Rose and get their approval.

Even the customers will also have to spend their own money to return the products to the website. However, some products are not returnable after you get them at your home. Those things which you can’t return to the website are a swimsuit, jewelry, other accessories and masks.

Review Of IV Rose

The owner of the website, IV Rose, does not disclose any specific details regarding the year it was established. It might give you a hint of whether the website is legal or not.

However, the website IV Rose has claimed that they are legal and have been doing business in the market for so many years. Even the website has also said that they are UK-based. However, we found the information that the website maintains business hours in China.

Even we have also found information that the website IV Rose is owned by Shanghai Jigao Foundation Technology Co., Ltd. Even the website IV Rose has some other popular websites, and the names of the websites are Bellewholesale Official and Wanna.

How Expensive Is IV Rose?

How Expensive Is IV Rose?

The website IV Rose does have all of the affordable, fashionable products available. Each one of the fashionable items available on the website has a very minimum price.

By sharing the minimum prices for each one of the products, they successfully capture the attention of their entire audience. The starting price of any one of IV Rose’s products is $25. However, they never increase the product prices by more than $50.

Do visit the sales page of IV Rose, to get a lot of offers and discounts. The website IV Rose also offers 20% discounts on your purchase.

The buy-one-get-one offer is also here and you can have it at ant time. Of course, by visiting the sales page, they can opt for the buy one get one offer at any time. Initially, the customers will have to check out the official website and social media handles from time to time to get all of the discounts quickly.

Product List Of IV Rose

Product List Of IV Rose

As the website IV Rose is a fashionable website, they have all types of fashionable items. All clothes and accessories are also come with hugh stock here, go and grab it.

Initially, the customers can also have a huge collection of dresses along with tops and blouses. You can also purchase the latest collections of buttons. Initiate the customers’ ability to purchase skirts and pants.

In winter collection, you can purchase coats and jackets from here. After having so many collections, the website IV Rose also has collections of active wear, swimwear, footwear, lingerie, and other accessories. Not only that, but the customers will also be able to purchase sunglasses, hats, socks, and jewelry.

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Curve Plus Feature Of IV Rose

Even all of the curvy women or plus-size women can also collect clothing according to their shape. The website IV Rose has launched a lot of trendy collections for all of the plus-size women. There is a particular section on the website for all healthy women, and from there, they can shop for their required clothing or accessories.

The website even helps all of those curvy women purchase clothing from size XL to 4XL. Initially, you can purchase swimwear, clothes and lingerie.

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Is Ivrose Really An Appreciated Platform?

Increasing fashion sense to the latest fashion style is always a trend for all men and women. Purchasing high-quality and latest designed clothes and accessories are one of the most important things for everyone to enhance their style.

In the market, you might encounter a lot of stores or retail shops that are famous for selling the best designer clothes and accessories. However, among all of them, one particular platform that has become very successful and popular in the market is Ivrose.

For today’s generation, Ivrose is one of the best and most reliable platforms for taking the maximum number of designer clothes and accessories at the best prices. A huge variety of collections of the latest accessories, clothes, and other fashionable products are available.

They have a huge stock of different types of collections for every individual to offer and to help them choose the perfect clothes and accessories. Initially, the website is also considered one of the safest websites in the market that does not provide any threat or Malware.

The good reputation and success of Ivrose have also drawn the attention of all of the customers towards them in the past few years. Customer satisfaction and good customer ratings have also increased the popularity of Ivrose among the audience.

There are so many alternative platforms available, but if you want to get some authentic pieces of the latest clothes and accessories along with other fashionable products, then Ivrose is the ideal option.

At the same time, the website Ivrose has also introduced a separate collection for all of those people who have plus size. Whatever the sizes they wear, all of the sizes are available here on the platform.

Even the easy payment procedure, easy ordering procedure, easy delivery procedure, and transparent and easy refund policy also help Ivrose increase its popularity. To draw the intentions of all of the customers, the website Ivrose has also introduced a lot of discounts and offers for their customers.

Initially, all of the customers will be able to get 20% off discounts on their purchases with Ivrose. So, Ivrose is definitely the ideal and right platform for all individuals who are looking for the best collections of designer and latest fashionable products.

For purchasing quality clothes along with other design dresses, the ladies can also take the services from Ivrose. The delivery charges are also mandatory for all of the customers to provide, and depending on the location, the delivery charge may change.

Within a period of 30 days, all of the customers will be able to exchange your returned products. If they find any damage or dispute regarding the products that they have taken from Ivrose. Customers who want to deal with legal and authentic dealers in the market and want to purchase the collections without losing their amount can probably take all of the advantages or services from Ivrose.

Why Do You Need To Take The Services From Ivrose?

Now, here we want to elaborate on some of the common reasons why the audience needs to take the services from Ivrose.

Easy Payment procedure

The most exciting part about the Ivrose website is that it follows a very easy payment procedure. Another website has almost all types of common payment methods; thus, customers also find it very easy to make their payments after purchasing goods from Ivrose. None of the complications will arise while making the payments or placing the orders.

30-day return policy

For the benefit of the customers, the website Ivrose also has a 30-day return policy. All customers who find any problems regarding their products can return their goods within 30 days to the website Ivrose. However, after 30 days, the customers will not be able to return their goods or will not be able to claim refunded money.

Legal and safe website

At the same time, the Ivrose website is authentic and genuine. In the world of business marketing, Ivrose is also considered a safe and legal website. The website also follows all of the legal and safety measures so that customers’ personal information is not misused by hackers.

Best designer clothes and accessories

The website has a huge collection of the best designer clothes and accessories to offer all of their customers one by one. Each one of the customers who are just interested in buying the best designer clothes and want to keep them in their wardrobes can probably get the best services from Ivrose.

Different types of shipping methods

Ivrose takes a huge number of orders every day. To fulfill the demands of the customers, the website Ivrose has launched different shipping methods. The customers will be able to choose from Standard shipping procedures to express a shipping procedure.

Depending on the shipping method, the charges and the delivery times will depend on both. And within the mentioned period of time, all of the customers will be able to get the products.

Offer discounts

Whenever we want to purchase fashionable clothes, shoes, accessories, or any other items from the market, we always choose a platform that will give discounts or offers. If you are looking for the same discounts, then Ivrose is a platform from where you can get 20% off discounts.

Whatever products you purchase from the website Ivrose, they will give you a flat 20% discount on your purchase. There are also some other exciting offers available for customers to purchase things from Ivrose.

Customer Feedback With IV Rose

To find out the customer satisfaction or reviews regarding IV Rose, you need to read this paragraph very carefully.

As per the trust pilot survey, the website IV Rose gets a 3.2 out of 5 rating. All of the customers who have bought fashionable clothing from here are not that much of happy with their services and the quality of the product.

The maximum number of customers has shown their dissatisfaction regarding the poor services and shipping. Even the customers are unpleasant that they take a lot of time to give their products. For the Shady return policy, they are also not satisfied with them.

As per Reviews.oi, the website IV Rose gets a 2.13 out of 5 rating. Even the audience can also find out a lot on the official website, and a maximum number of them have been considered negative reviews.

Again the customers have complained about the late delivery of the website and the low quality of the products. There are very few people who have given positive comments on the website.

Alternatives Of IV Rose

Now, here are the alternatives through which you can also get all of the hottest and latest fashionable products.


Yoins is a reliable website. Even though it is a UK-based retail shop, it mainly operates in China. They have all types of collections for everyone, and you can find clothes, accessories, bags, swimsuits, bottoms, and many other things. But make sure you check out all of the things before you finally place your order.


Besides that, Bellelily is another one of the best options for all customers. This is another one of the popular fashionable portals, and from here, you can collect all of your desired fashionable products. They also have a very pocket-friendly budget, and most of the products available on the website do not go above $50.

FAQs: Is Ivrose Legit or Scam?

Is IV Rose authentic?

Yes, whether IV Rose is an authentic website or not, to justify the answer yes, of course, the retail shop of IV Rose are legal, and you can order or buy anything from this platform at any time.

How do you contact IV Rose?

To contact the website IV Rose, you can take advantage of the customer care services or contact them through the live chat section.

Has IV Rose any mobile app?

Yes, of course. IV Rose’s retail shop has also launched a mobile application for all of the users who use Android or iOS devices.

Can you give an order for your desired products with IV Rose?

Yes, of course. You can also place your pre-order for any one of your desired products if it is not available on the website at that time.

Does IV Rose offer a refund policy for their customers?

Yes, of course. IV Rose’s retail shop also offers a refund policy for all of its customers. The customers will get at least 30 days to return all of their goods to the website.


Here, we have updated all of the significant details that can either help you go to the retail shop and purchase a lot of products with them or not. Find whether is ivrose legit or not here in this context.

For the advantage of the audience, we have also included all of the available shipping procedures with the exact prices of all of the available products. 

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