Is Backwater Reptiles Legit or Scammer? An Important Guide To Know

Is Backwater Reptiles Legit or Scammer?

Is Backwater Reptiles Legit or Scammer?

Are you a pet lover? Do you love keeping pets around you? If yes, then you have come to the right platform to find out the most reliable retail website from which you can purchase any one of your favorite pets. Especially for those people who are looking forward to buying reptiles, this article is an ideal suggestion to buy the maximum number of reptiles.

The website Back Water Reptiles has immensely increased its popularity by selling the best pets around the USA locally. In today’s time, Back Water Reptiles is one of the most idealized and recognizable detail companies from which you can get lots of varieties of reptiles to make your pets.

However, whether the website is legal or not, people also show their curiosity about that. In today’s article, we will discover whether is backwater reptiles legit or scammers in detail.

Those who have absolutely no idea about the Back Water Reptiles website can find out the necessary information here. We will discuss each of the significant and adjustable pieces of information to analyze whether is backwater reptiles legit or not.

What are Backwater reptiles?

What are Backwater reptiles?

Back Water Reptiles is one of the most reliable and authentic retail companies. For all of the customers, they have a variety of types of reptiles, and they all are very high in quality. The website has also kept all of the prices of the reptiles very reasonable for the customers.

Whoever wants to buy quality reptiles and keep them in their house can choose the Back Water Reptiles website. If you are fond of reptiles and want to keep them in your house, then you can choose this website to have quality reptiles.

Besides that, you can also find reptiles according to your budget, as they are also offering reasonable prices for each one of the animals. However, the customer who is absolutely new to this website also shows their concern about whether is backwater reptiles legit or not.

To find out everything about the website back reptiles we will suggest every one of you follow the below paragraphs very attentively and read them all.

Is Backwater Reptiles Legit or Not?

The question is very common among all of the audience whether is backwater reptiles legit or not. However to simply justify the question we want to let you all of the audience know that the Back Water Reptiles website is absolutely legal and authentic. 

They have a huge stock of reptiles and they also ship all of their reptiles to the addresses of their customers. Based on the reviews on the official website of Back Water Reptiles, it is a legal and trustworthy website from where you can get your favorite reptiles. 

Besides that, some customers have also shown their negative reviews regarding the services sometimes. However, overall all of the quality of the reptiles and other things are absolutely fine. Customers who want to have quality products at reasonable prices can opt for the website at any time. 

Shipping Policy And Return Policy Of Backwater Reptiles

Yes, of course, the shipping policy of the Back Water Reptile Retail website is very smooth and easygoing. They also maintain a very quick delivery for each one of the animals. Without compromising on the qualities of the animals, the customers will get their pets into their houses in the minimum number of days. 

However, the customers will also have to pay the delivery charges of $44.99. Initially, whenever the customers receive their pet at their houses, the delivery boy will take their signature as they receive their products.

The customers can also expect to receive small creatures like fruit flies and other small animals. They can receive their pets within two or three days. However, it is also important for the audience to know that the Back Water Reptiles retail website only ships their animals to the locals of the USA.

The refund policy of the website Back Water Reptiles is also very easy and simple. They provide two kinds of options for customers regarding the refund policy. The customers can go for the replacement of reptiles or for a refund of the full price.

However, they only considered the return policy if the customers received dead animals at their houses. However, it is also important for the customers to show proof that they have received dead animals. Whatever proofs the customers have, they will have to send the Back Water Reptiles official website through email.

After considering the proof of the customers, they will ensure the refund policy. Besides that, they also clearly say to all of the customers that there will be no return of the shipping charges. The customers can request a refund of the full price or for the replacement of the animals at any time.

Customer Reviews Of Backwater Reptiles

Regarding the customer reviews there is not much information available on the Back Water Reptiles website. However, we have collected some basic information regarding the backwater reptiles. The website has started its journey in 2011. 

The company is situated in Rocklin CA. Even in the company, there are so many employees working. The founder of the Back Water Reptiles is Bob Seigel. However, all of the customers who have an interest in buying reptiles can go with this company at any time and can purchase quality animals. 

They also ensure to provide the best quality of reptiles to all of their customers. Customers can purchase animals like reptiles mainly. Besides that, they can also go for the amphibious and tarantulas. Initially, the customers will be also able to get some quality animals or reptiles at a very reasonable amount of price.

Prices Of  Backwater Reptiles

The customers are also showing their curiosity about knowing the prices for each one of the reptiles that the Back Water Reptiles website has or keeps. Various Sizes of the animals are available on the company. 

Depending on the quality and the sizes of the animals the customers can also show the prices. The customers who want to buy the lizards will have to pay $24.99 to $125. Even this price can also go up and down depending on the size and rarity of the lizards. 

The customers who want to purchase snakes will have to pay a little bit of extra price. To purchase snakes from this company the customers will have to pay around $200.

Alligators are also available on this website and for purchasing the alligators the customers will have to give $59 to $110. Besides that, the website also sells other animals like frogs, tortoises, Scorpions, and many more but they are not that much expensive.

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Animals Available On Backwater Reptiles

There are so many animals available on the website Backwater reptiles. The customers can also purchase their favorite reptiles whenever they want.

Let’s have a quick look at the reptiles that are available and the customers can also buy quality animals.

  • Toads
  • Turtles
  • Tortoise
  • Salamanders
  • Snakes
  • Lizards
  • Scorpions
  • Tarantulas
  • Frogs
  • Alligators

All of the customers will be able to choose a variety of types of animals with various sizes. All of the animals have 100% quality and the customers can also give their pets at their houses after ordering within a few days from the website backwater reptiles.

Is Back Water Reptiles A Good Platform?

Almost every one of us wishes to keep pets in our houses. Some people like to bring dogs and cats into their houses and keep them as pets. However, there are so many other reptiles available in the market that the audience can keep as pets in their houses.

The retail shop of Back Water Reptiles is one of the places best known for dealing with reptiles. From here, all of the people who have a very deep fondness for reptiles will be able to purchase different types of reptiles.

Within a very reasonable budget, all of the people will be able to purchase good and high-quality reptiles for them. A reasonable budget is one of the main reasons why a maximum number of customers prefer to take advantage of Back Water Reptiles when buying reptiles. The amazing quality of each one of the reptiles available on the platform is another one of the reasons why people have become very reliable on the website.

However, the reptiles that are available on the platform include snakes, lizards, Scorpios, Alligators, tortoises, Turtles, and many others. Each and every reptile will be able to find out in good quality and good condition.

Looking at the demands of the customers to keep the reptiles as pets in houses, they have introduced a lot of new reptiles to sell. The customer feedback or the customer ratings are also very impressive, and the trust score is amazing.

Depending on the customer’s recommendations, you can also take the services from Back Water Reptiles if you are fond of reptiles. Besides that, by following easy ordering procedures and easy delivery procedures, they will help all of their customers get their reptiles quickly.

One of the reptiles has different types of prices, and depending on the quality of the reptiles, the prices may also vary. However, the maximum number of reptiles comes with a very pocket-friendly budget for all of the customers.

The delivery charges are also applicable, and the refund policy is quick and easy. Customers can ask for a replacement reptile or a full refund of the money. So, of course, the retail shop Back Water Reptiles is a good choice for all of the customers who want to keep reptiles in their houses as pets.

What Are The Common Reasons To Shop With Backwater Reptiles?

Now, here we are elaborating on some of the common reasons that will also help you take the services of Back Water Reptiles and bring your favorite reptiles into your house.

Easy delivery procedure

Different types of delivery procedures are also available for the people who live in the USA. The delivery charge is also for having the reptiles in your house. Depending on the delivery method, the customers will have to pay different delivery charges to the Back Water Reptiles website. Within a few days, all of the customers can enjoy having their favorite reptiles from the website Back Water Reptiles.

Easy refund policy

Even the website Back Water Reptiles shares a very easy and transparent refund policy with all of their customers. Within 7 to 10 days, all of the customers will be able to get their full refunded money if they have claimed for refund money. Otherwise, the exchange option is also available on the website Back Water Reptiles, which customers can ask at any time, and the website will also exchange the reptiles.

 Pocket-friendly prices

The pocket-friendly prices of each one of the reptiles available on the website Back Water Reptiles also help all of the customers fulfill their wishes. Within the budget of the customers, they will also be able to purchase any one of the reptiles that they want to keep in their houses. If you want to keep Turtles or Tortoise in your house, then a huge number of options will be presented to you for pickup.

 High-quality reptiles

As we have already said, the platform Back Water Reptiles deals with high-quality reptiles, and whatever reptiles you purchase for yourself, you can get authentic and original quality.

None of the customers have complained about the quality of the reptiles that they have brought from the platform. So definitely, the other customers will not face the same kind of problems as they only have high-quality reptiles with them.

Huge number of reptiles available

A huge number of reptiles are also available on the Back Water Reptiles website. Whether you want to bring snakes, lizards, tortoises, turtles, alligators, or anything else, you can see a huge number of high-quality reptiles on the website.

There are lots of options available on the website, and among them, you can choose your favorite one. Besides that, the website does not compromise with any of the reptiles, and they also take care of each one of the reptiles very well.

Legal website

Whenever you want to purchase pets for your house, you should always take the services from the legal website or legal dealers in the market. Otherwise, you may face a lot of negative circumstances.

While purchasing reptiles of your favorite and in the market among all of the legal retail shops or websites, Back Water Reptiles is one of everyone’s favorite choices of everyone. Back Water Reptiles is a legal and authentic dealer of different types of reptiles, and the customers can also get high-quality Reptiles to keep them in houses.

Customer Satisfaction With Backwater Reptiles

Regarding customer satisfaction with Backwater Reptiles, a lot of customers have given their reviews and recommendations. If you are willing to buy animals from this website then you should also check out the reviews and recommendations of the customers.

According to the survey of Trust Pilot, the website Backwater Reptiles received just a 2.7 out of 5 rating. More than 250 negative reviews or recommendations are present on the official website regarding the lack of a help system on the website

The customers have shown their dissatisfaction with the refund policy.  Moreover, there are so many customers who have complained about receiving dead animals. But from the side of the website, they did not take any responsibility for the Dead animals.

According to the survey of Site Jabber, the website Backwater Reptiles receives just 1.5 out of 5. Again the website has received a lot of negative reviews for the customer care services of the website backwater reptiles. 

Even the customers have also raised their complaints about the poor services of the website. Some customers have also shown their dissatisfaction regarding the shipping procedure. In comparison with the other online pet-selling websites, this website Backwater Reptiles holds the position of 325 ranking.

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Alternatives Of Backwater Reptiles

Even there are some alternatives are also available in comparison with the Back Water Reptiles website. Customers who do not want to buy reptiles from this website after reading the negative reviews can go for the other options. Here are some alternatives that you can also consider for yourself if you want to buy reptiles.


People who have a very deep interest in buying reptiles can consider the benefits of LLLReptile.  Just like the Back Water Reptiles website they also have a very huge range of reptiles. Multiple sizes for the reptiles are also available and according to the choice of the customers they can go for anyone. 

A lot of species are also available on this website and they all have come with a reasonable price range. The customers will able to buy monitor lizards, Tortoises Snakes, and many more others. They have also kept some rare types of animals.

Big Apple Herp:

The next best alternative option for all of the customers is Big Apple Herp. All of the people who belong to the United States can find out that this website or company is one of the most reliable and trustworthy because they have been selling animals for many years. 

Here on this website, the customer is not only able to buy the animals but they can also buy the animal care supplies. Besides that, the prices for each one of the reptiles are also very reasonable and they have come with top qualities.

FAQs: Is Backwater Reptiles Legit or Scammer?

Is the Backwater Reptiles website a scammer?

No not at all, the website Backwater Reptiles, is not a scammer or fraud website. It is a legal and authentic website that has been running in the market for more than 10 years. They also have a huge stock of animals. The prices are also very cheap and affordable. 

How many days do the backwater reptiles take to ship animals?

The customers will have to wait at least two or three days to get they are pets at their houses. However, the location of the customer can also vary sometimes in how many days the customer is going to have their animals.

In which locations does the website Backwater Reptiles ship animals?

It is the case of shipping live animals the website Back Water Reptiles only ships all kinds of animals to the local areas of the USA. They only deliver their quality reptiles to those customers who belong to the USA.

Does the website Backwater Reptiles offer a refund policy?

Yes of course the website Back Water Reptiles offers a refund policy if the customers receive dead reptiles. However, it is important for each one of the customers to share the approval that they have received the dead reptiles at their house.

Is the legal information of the owner available on the website?

According to the sources, the website does not share much information regarding the owner and regarding the website. Only a little information about the website and the name of the owner is available. The rest of the information regarding the website is not available.


Hence, for all of the customers or for the audience here, we have given the maximum number of information regarding the Back Water Reptiles website. Whatever necessary information is needed to analyze the question of whether is backwater reptiles legit or not you can find out the details here. 

As the website sells lots of quality reptiles they have certainly created a trustworthy position in the hearts of the audience.

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