Is DSW Legit or Scam? DSW.Com Reviews 2024

Is DSW Legit Or Scam

Is DSW Legit or Scam?

Do you have a craze to collect footwear? Are you looking for designer shoes or sports shoes? If you want to have the best collection of sneakers, then we have the best suggestion for you.

All sports lovers or those who want to use the best designer or formal footwear can purchase their Shoes from DSW. They have a huge stock of all types of shoes for everyone, and most probably, you will get all of the designer shoes here.

DSW is an American-based retail shop that can help you purchase quality shoes, whether they are casual or formal. All of the customers, before choosing the retail shop of DSW, should understand whether is DSW legit or not. Initially, the customers also know all of the important questions like shipping procedure, return policy, prices, and services regarding the shop DSW.

To help the audience, we are going to elaborate on each one of the answers to all of the above questions. Initially, we will also include the answer of the question whether is DSW legit or not. If you have all of these questions in your mind, then clear all of your queries here in this article.

What Is DSW?

DSW is a retail shop in America. They have all types of footwear collections. Whether you want to have sneakers, sports shoes, formal or casual shoes, you can get all of the options available here.

Even the audience will also be able to give orders for designer shoes. The reasonable prices and fast delivery of DSW also make them very famous among the audience. They have even been associated with many popular brands.

The audience will also be able to purchase brand shoes like Gucci, Adidas, Nike, and many other popular brands. They also have a huge variety of footwear for both men and women.

Kid’s shoes are also available on DSW. But before you opt for the retail shop DSW, you need to find out the answer to whether is DSW legit or not. Let’s know the answer in the next segment in detail.

Is DSW Legit or Not?

Is DSW Legit Or Not?

To clear all the doubts of the customers, we want to discuss the question of whether is DSW legit or not. To sum up the answer to the question, yes, of course, the DSW retail store is absolutely legal and authentic.

All of the available products in DSW’s retail shop are also reliable and low in price. The quality materials of each one of the products also make them much more popular and famous in the audience in the USA.

Keeping the importance of the audience in mind, the retail shop DSW has also introduced a lot of designer varieties of footwear. They have not even increased the prices of the shoes for the audience so that they can afford all of the designer shoes.

Shipping Policy And Return Policy Of DSW

The retail shop DSW has three types of shipping policies. All of the customers will be able to choose from standard, express, and rush shipping procedures. However, those customers who purchase above $50 will not have to pay any delivery charge. Initially, those customers who will go for the standard shipping policy will have to wait for 4 to 7 days to have their shoes.

Even the customers will also be able to get the express and Rash shipping procedure, and they will have to wait for only one or two days to have the shoes. The details also provide all of their products around the whole of North America and Canada. Initially, the customers will also be able to find out the delivery charges for other locations. By visiting the official website, you can collect the information.

Depending on your location, you will have to pay the delivery charge if you place an order for less than $50. You can get all kinds of footwear, whether it is sports shoes or formal shoes.

Yes, of course, the retail shop of DSW also provides a return policy for each one of their products. All of the customers get the opportunity of 90 days to return their products. If the customers are not satisfied with the quality of the product or anything else, they can return it.

All of the customers will have to return the products to the DSW warehouse. However, to return the products, you will have to also pay the delivery charge of $8.50.

Customers who are VIP members will not have to pay any delivery charge to return the products. Customers who purchase battery-operated fragrances will not be able to return the products to DSW. Initially, the customers will also have to wait for 7 to 10 days to get the refund or money sent to their account.

Reviews of DSW

DSW’s retail shop was founded in 1969. It is an American retail shop and has a variety of shoe collections. They also provide their shoes both online and offline. The customers will be able to purchase any one of the shoes from any one of the platforms. Right now, they have more than 500 stores, and each one of the stores has a huge collection of designer shoes.

The retail shop of DSW every year managers collect billions of dollars. Initially, with time, the retail shop DSW also became very popular, and they have been managed by 48 stores.

With its huge stock of designer shoes and other casual shoes, the shop has also become extremely popular in the USA and Canada. However, the prices are also very reasonable, and you can opt for any one of the designer shoes for yourself.

How Expensive Is DSW?

The prices for each pair of shoes for both men and women are very reasonable and budget-friendly. All of the designer shoes available on the DSW start from $20. However, it can also go up to $200 depending on the quality and design of the shoes. All of the customers will also purchase school shoes or party-wear Heels from the retail shop DSW.

To get more offers and discounts, we suggest all of the customers visit the clearance section of DSW. There, you can get all out of discounts by visiting the clearance page. You can also place your order for shoes. Initially, the retail shop DSW has all types of designer shoes for each one of the customers.

Product Available On DSW

As we have discussed earlier, the retail shop DSW has a huge collection of all of the formal and casual footwear. All of the women will also be able to get party wear Heels or other shoes. The sneakers, sports shoes, or casual shoes are also available here.

Not only that, the customers will also be able to place orders for boots and pumps. Both in online and offline stores, all of the customers will be able to see a variety of shoe collections.

Initially, a lot of popular brands are also in partnership with DSW. People who are very fond of Gucci, Adidas, Nike, and other brands will also be able to shop with DSW. The prices are also very cheap as the store gets all of its products directly from the manufacturer. The retail shop DSW also prepares athletic shoes.

DSW not only just sells shoes, but it also offers fragrances, handbags, tops, bottoms, shops, and many other products for the customers. But each one of the products available on DSW will come with multiple designs.

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Is DSW Suitable For All?

Among all of the footwear retail shops in the market, DSW is one of the places where all people, men, women, and kids, can purchase footwear collections. This particular retail shop, DSW, also has a very good standard in the market for selling branded shoes to their customers.

Different types of popular and established brands have made partnerships with DSW, so it will be easier for all of the customers to get good quality branded footwear.

DSW is also a very established and successful platform for all of the people. We will be able to find out about both traditional and casual footwear. The collection is huge; therefore, the customers will get a lot of options while picking up their favorite pair of shoes.

Even people who are very interested in sports can find good quality branded sports shoes here at DSW. The customer ratings are also very interesting for the retail shop DSW. 3 and 3.5 out of 5 ratings have been given by the audience the maximum number of times.

Both the shipping methods and refund policy are also very impressive from DSW’s side. A 90 day is offered by the retail shop DSW to all of their customers to return their goods.

After getting the products in their original tags and conditions within 7 to 10 business days, retail shop DSW will ensure that the refunded money is sent back to their customers.

Not only are they licensed and in the trade, but they also follow all of the legal conditions and terms. If you are looking for the best pair of shoes for your kids or others in your family, then you must visit DSW’s website.

When it comes to the pricing of each pair of shoes then all of the shoes are very pocket-friendly. From minimum budget to the highest budget shoes, everything is available for all of their customers, as per the requirements of the customers they can select any one of them from a huge collection of products.

Some Of The Important Facts About DSW

There are also important facts about DSW that all customers should not down before purchasing shoes from DSW.

Multiple shipping methods

All of the people who are very interested in collecting different types of shoe collections can probably find the best pair of shoes on DSW. From casual footwear to ethnic wear, everything is available at the retail shop DSW.

However, the customers can also take their Shoes from the website within a minimum of days. The customers are only required to select particular shipping methods, and within the mentioned days, all of the customers can enjoy having their shoes in their houses.

Easy return policy

A 90-day return policy is also applicable for all of the customers who will purchase or shop the footwear from DSW. If you have purchased sneakers casual footwear boots Heels or anything else from the website DSW then within 90 days you will be eligible to return your goods. However, you need to keep the price tag and it should not be used as the product otherwise the shoes will not be returnable.

Good customer care service

Besides that, the retail shop or website DSW also has a very good customer care service to offer to all of their customers. People from different locations will be able to connect with the website and can place an order to have some branded pair of shoes.

A very attentive customer care service is always offered by the website DSW. Whatever the enquiry and help the customers will need they can ask anytime from DSW.

Good customer ratings

Looking at DSW’s customer satisfaction, we realized that the website has a very good customer care rating. The good quality shoes and services on the DSW website have increased the customer ratings and reputation of DSW in the market. Customers who just want to use some branded and good quality footwear along with a legal and authentic website can go to the website DSW.

Different types of shoes

At the same time, all of the customers who are very interested in purchasing different types of footwear collections can have a variety of options on the DSW website. Almost everyone, whether you are men, kids, or women, all of the items are available in shoe collections or footwear.

Licensed website

In fact the website DSW in the market has been also described as a legal and licensed website. It means it is totally safe and secures a platform for all of the customers to enjoy a good amount of branded footwear collections.

The money of the customers will not be wasted after investing their money on the products of DSW. Each and every item has come with good quality materials and Fabric so that it can go long term.

Customer Satisfaction With DSW

If you have prepared your mind to shop with DSW, then let us find out about customer satisfaction regarding the quality of the products and services.

According to the Consumer Affairs survey, the website DSW has received a 3.7 out of 5 rating. More than 600 reviews are available on the official website, and the maximum number of reviews goes to regarding negative points.

A maximum number of customers have complained that they have received wrong and low-quality products from DSW. Even customers have also complained about DSW’s poor quality and services.

According to the site jabber, the website DSW has received a 3 out of 5 rating. Again, more than 300 reviews are available on the official website page, and a maximum number of reviews go to the negative point.

The maximum number of customer recommendations has been declared as negative reviews. Most of the customers have pointed out the poor quality of the products and poor services.

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Alternatives Of DSW

Now, here we are going to share some of the best alternatives to DSW. Do check out the alternatives if you want to purchase quality Shoes from somewhere else.

6 pm:

Suppose you are looking for the best alternatives for where you can purchase all of the branded and quality footwear; then, you can go at 6 pm. They have all types of varieties of footwear for both men and women.

Besides that, the customers will also be able to bargain at 6 pm. The prices are also very affordable, and the audience will also be able to purchase a lot of shoes from here.


The next best platform from where you can also purchase quality footwear for yourself is Zulily. Just like the retail shop of DSW, you can also use the platform to find different types of designer shoes.

Each one of the available shoes on the platform Zulily has come with high quality and high materials. But in comparison with the quality of the products, they have not increased the prices of the products, whether they are very affordable or pocket-friendly.

FAQs: DSW.Com Reviews

Is DSW a trusted site?

Yes, of course, the DSW website is trustworthy and legal. It has also received a license to trade all types of casual and former shoes. In the USA, they also have a lot of stores from where the audience will be able to get their favorite shoes.

How fast does DSW ship?

DSW’s retail shop has three types of shipping facilities, and according to the shipping procedures, the customers will get their products. Initially, the store will take a minimum of 4 to 7 days to deliver your shoes to your door.

Who is DSW owned by?

An American designer brand company is the owner of DSW

Is DSW doing well?

In the current business market, the retail shop DSW has maintained fast growth when it comes to selling footwear or shoes among the audience.

Does DSW still sell Nike?

No, right now, the Nike brand has disconnected their association with the DSW retail shop. The retail shop DSW no longer sells Nike shoes.


Therefore, we have given all of the descriptions of each one of the important questions here. We have also mentioned whether is DSW legit or not. Those who are looking forward to collecting the best designer shoes to increase their style or personality can certainly go with the website or retail shop.

They have multiple varieties of all types of shoes. According to your budget and wish, you can place your order immediately with DSW.

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