Is 1-800 Flowers Legit or Scam? A Comprehensive Guide For You

Is 1-800 Flowers Legit

Is 1-800 Flowers Legit or Scam?

Who does not love to get flowers on special days? Of course, you are not one of them, or even everyone enjoys receiving flowers. To gift a bunch of flowers to your special one, there are so many stores or physical shops that are present today. But if you want to shop for each and every variety of flowers, then 1-800 flowers is an ideal suggestion for everyone. 

The fresh flowers in the shop will always make you feel amazing and attracted. To get gorgeous flowers from the most trustable platform, you can obviously trust 1-800 flowers retailers. There, you may find so many platforms from where you can buy flowers, but 1-800 flowers is the best suggestion.

Here, not only can you shop for your special wants to give a bunch of flowers, but at the same time, you can also make your special days more special. Today, we will try to elaborate on whether is 1-800 flowers legit or not.

So many things as a customer you need to find out or analyze, but among all of those important questions, the most picked question is whether is 1-800 flowers legit or not. So today we are going to talk about the services that they offer and what type of things you can obtain from the retail shop in detail.

What Is 1-800 Flowers?

1-800 Flowers is a retail shop and a destination for all of the flower lovers. In the flower industry, this particular retail shop has received A lot of love and admiration from the customers. They have everything in flowers, and each one of the flowers will be completely fresh. So if you are looking for special roses or any other flowers, then obviously, there is a huge variety.

For any one of your special occasions, this retail shop, 1-800 Flowers, will help you customize decorations according to your preference. So still, if you are looking for more information about the retail shop, then join the discussion on whether is 1-800 flowers legit or not. 

Is 1-800 Flowers Legit Or Not?

Yes, the 1-800 Flowers retail shop is totally legal and authentic. They have all types of varieties and different flower collections for the customers. It has been decades since they have been in this business.

From the customers’ perspective, it is quite obvious that the retail shop of 1-800 Flowers gets positive reviews. So if any one of you is interested in buying different types of colorful flowers for gifting your friends, family members, or special ones, you can go to the shop or take their services.

Initially, through the help of this paragraph, we have given the answer of whether is 1-800 flowers legit or not. 

All Shipping And Return Information Of 1-800 Flowers

As usual, the retail shop 1-800 Flowers provides two types of shipping facilities for each one of its customers. Usually, they offer standard shipping and the same-day delivery shipping facility. But unfortunately, the shipping is not free. Whatever budget you have, you will have to send the delivery charge. Of course, depending on your purchase, that delivery charge will be varied.

If any one of the customers orders between $60 to $100, then probably the delivery charge will be $15. However, people who go for the same-day delivery option will have to pay an extra delivery charge, which is $2.99.

If any of the customer’s order more than $100, then the delivery charge will probably be between $20 to $45. The delivery is very fast and straightforward from the retail shop of 1-800 Flowers. The retail shop 1-800 Flowers always values the time of their customers and has them get their flowers on time.

Still, it is a business of flowers. The retail shop of 1-800 Flowers also helps their customers get exchange or return facilities. If any one of the products is not liked by the customers, they are willing to give the substitute for all of your products.

They will share the same value of flowers for their customer. However, on the other side, things like teddies and candles are, of course, returnable, and within 30 days, the customers can return all of the goods.

The exchange facility is also represented by the retail shop 1-800 Flowers, and within a few days, the retail shop can also help you get your refund money or claim an exchange gift.

An Overview Of 1-800 Flowers

An Overview Of 1-800 Flowers

In 1976, the retail shop 1-800 Flowers was first launched by Jim McCann and Chris McCann. In the initial time, the 1-800 Flowers was just a flower shop, and gradually, with time, the shop extended its services. Gradually, it expanded to more than 14 locations in New York. In 1995, the shop 1-800 Flowers came online, and after that, they never looked back again.

The flower arrangement from the retail shop 1-800 Flowers is the most impressive thing for all of the customers. They not only have flower collections but also provide customized handcrafted gifts and Battle of wines. The services from 1-800 Flowers will ensure all of the customers enjoy their best days with full satisfaction.

List Of Available Flowers And Other Goods On 1-800 Flowers

As we can see in the name of the retail shop, all of the customers will be able to experience a variety of types of flower collections here. Each one of the flowers will be in different sizes and shapes. All of the people will be able to buy roses and lilies and tulips and summer daisies. Even the retail shop also helps make the online purchase of flowers very easy for all of their customers.

The customers will also be able to pick up some exciting goods and bottles of wine. There are even available chocolates in multiple flavors and buckets. Soft toys and balloons are also available for the customers, and according to the needs of the customers, add this thing. Flower arrangement is another one of the best parts about the retail shop, and they can also help you to get the best decoration on your special days.

Fruit baskets and some creative gifts are also available in the retail shop 1-800 Flowers. Besides all of these things, the customers can also get giant teddies, candles, photo frames, and many other things. However, all of the available products will simply help you to meet your expectations.

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Product Pricing Of 1-800 Flowers

The retail shop of 1-800 Flowers has different price ranges. People who want to feel special on their birthdays can get the full customized decoration at just $50. Even if you want to take their services for anniversaries and funerals the cost might be between $49 to $300. On the other hand, all of the customers who want to get some elegant White Roses in different types of vases will have to pay between $33 to $66.

Besides that, all of the customers will be able to purchase balloons for $6 each and can purchase teddies for $20 each. A box of chocolates is also available from $15 to $20. Not only that, if you want to make any customized gift baskets, then probably that price will remain between $45 to $100.

Can You Trust 1-800 Flowers?

Do you want to have a fresh bunch of flowers or any other favorite flowers of your choice? Then 1-800 Flowers is the retail shop from where you can collect all of the fresh flowers to make your special days more memorable and enjoyable.

This particular retail shop, 1-800 Flowers, has a variety types of fresh flowers to offer for individual customers. Since 1995, the retail shop has been serving different types of fresh flowers to decorate houses, rooms, offices, and any other locations where the customers demand decoration services.

It becomes part of our life to get some fresh and good problems, such as flowers around us. Without having our favorite flowers for our favorite occasions or events, we can’t give full enjoyment. Therefore, a maximum number of customers nowadays are looking for the services of 1-800 Flowers.

Depending on your order budget, the delivery charge will also change. However, no return policy is applicable as it is a flower business. However, all of the customers who order candies, teddy bears, chocolates, gift baskets, or anything else can get a 30-day return policy on all of those goods.

The customer care service of 1-800 Flowers is highly impressive and outstanding, and it is recommended by the maximum number of customers who have taken the flower services.

Even if you want to gift a bunch of red roses, there are probably 1-800 flowers here, and you can collect all of the fresh flowers. To offer fresh flowers every day, the retail shop 1-800 Flowers collects all of the fresh flowers from different areas. However, whatever the demands of each one of the customers are, they try to fulfill all of them within the budget.

Initially, customer ratings were also very good in the world of business marketing. In the market, you may look around and see a lot of options, but for all-in-one service, this particular retail shop, 1-800 Flowers, will help you all around.

Apart from all of these things, the customers can also trust the services and products of 1-800 Flowers as they are legal and follow all of the rules and regulations. They are not fake, and all of the products and services of 1-800 Flowers are totally authentic and genuine.

Interesting Facts To Know About 1-800 Flowers

A lot of customers may not know about some of the most important facts about the retail shop 1-800 Flowers. To find out more about the retail shop 1-800 Flowers, please see the information below.

Fast delivery

The first delivery procedure is another important fact that all of the customers should know about the retail shop of 1-800 Flowers. After confirming the order from each one of the customers, the employees of 1-800 Flowers started arranging all of the flower demand. At the right time, they also reach the customer’s addresses with their favorite flowers.

Fresh flowers

Each and every flower that the customers will observe on the return 1-800 Flowers is absolutely fresh and has a good Fragrance. Without offering fresh flowers, the customers will not show any interest in buying flowers or will take the flower decoration services from any one of the return shops or websites. Thus, the retail shop 1-800 Flowers gives their whole attention to arranging fresh flowers only.

Varieties flowers

A variety types of collections are obtainable here in the retail shop of 1-800 Flowers. If you want to get some fresh red roses or white lilies for yourself, then they have all of the collections. Every morning, the local inhabitants collect all of the roses. Even they also have a good number of employees who arrange the flowers.

Refund policy applicable

However, for the maximum number of flowers, the refund policy is not applicable, but for some of the goods, they offer a refund policy for their customers. All of the customers who will take the other services like gifts, chocolate teddy bears, or something else on those goods within 30 days can demand a refund policy. Otherwise, they do not provide a refund policy for their customers for flower items.

Good customer care service

The good customer care service is another one of the plus points about the retail shop 1-800 Flowers. Without instant Cooperative customer care service, it will become much more difficult for customers to connect with the shop or website. With the toll-free number of 1-800 flowers, all of the customers who need flowers can get instant help from 1-800 flowers.

Good trust score and ratings

Customers always show great enthusiasm and interest in knowing the customer satisfaction ratings and trust scores about the retail shop or website. Talking about this particular retail shop, 1-800 Flowers then, they have managed to get a very good trust score and ratings from their customers.

In the flower business market, they also have a very good reputation and are successful. So it is definitely a suitable choice for everyone to get some of the best flowers.

Legal in the business world

This Retail shop is definitely legal platforms in the flower business market because they have the license to trade in the market. For the betterment of the customers, they also arrange all of the flower services and reach the customer’s addresses to deliver their orders.

It is the best place for all of the customers who want to have some fresh flowers and give them to their special people. Even those who want to decorate the whole event or place with their favorite flowers can also take the services from 1-800 Flowers.

What Are The Customer Reviews For 1-800 Flowers?

The majority of customers who have purchased flowers from 1-800 Flowers are highly satisfied and enjoy using their services. The flower arrangements and the fresh and lovely flowers also help the customers to enjoy the whole day. Even the customers also loved the fastest delivery from 1-800 Flowers.

Not only that, but all of the customers who have taken their services are totally satisfied and praise how they handle all of their work together. However, a couple of negative comments have also been found by the customers, but they are very low in numbers. The maximum number of reviews has gone in a positive direction.

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Some Alternatives Of 1-800 Flowers

If you want to get the other retail shops’ services and also want to experience their services, then here are some alternatives for 1-800 Flowers.

Florists’ Transworld Delivery (FTD):

Just like the similar services of 1-800 Flowers, this particular retail shop, Florists’ Transworld Delivery (FTD), has similar features for all of their customers. They have also introduced some of the best and most exciting products, along with flower arrangements, bucket chocolates, and other soft toys.


The next best retail shop from where all of the customers can purchase fresh and lovely flowers is ProFlowers. Here, you can also get customized services and can get all of the different types of flowers in different colors. The variety of flowers will simply make you feel amazing and mesmerized.


Is 1-800 Flowers a good website?

Yes, of course. The retail shop of 1-800 Flowers is a good website where you can get a variety of flower collections in totally fresh condition.

How much is shipping for 1-800-flowers?

Depending on the shipping methods, the delivery charges will also be different for all of the customers.

Does 1-800-Flowers use local florist?

Yes, of course. The retail shop of 1-800 Flowers is a local shop where you can purchase all of the flowers. 

Who is the owner of 1-800 Flowers?

The owner of the retail shop 1-800 Flowers is Jim McCann.

Does 1-800 Flowers offer free shipping?

To help all of the customers and to make their special days more memorable and special, they also have free shipping methods. For every occasion, the customers can also get the free shipping facilities from 1-800 flowers.


In this whole article, we have given all of the details that can help you learn more about the retail shop of 1-800 Flowers. Besides that, all of the flower lovers who want to purchase a variety of collections of flowers and even want to decorate their houses can also take their services.

They have all types of options for all of their customers, and they even provide customized services. Check out whether is 1-800 flowers legit or not in the above article by going through it.

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