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IGTools APK Free

IGTools APK Free

You must be an Instagram user and regularly check the updates on what is going on this particular social media site. From commoners to famous celebrities, whether they belong to Bollywood or Hollywood, use the platform every now and then. Instagram’s social media platform has become a very influential digital platform and helps to connect all of the audience together.

However, having so many likes, comments, and shared and saved posts has become very common for every Instagram user. What if I tell you that you can get unlimited likes and comments on your post? Yes, of course, in today’s time, it is possible to have unlimited and automatic likes and comments on your posts through the help of IGTools APK. It is an ideal platform for everyone who keeps their interest to have thousands of likes and comments.

Initially, for beginners, it is important to introduce IGTools APK. So here we have come up with the latest update of the application, which you can also install on your Android phone. 

Overview Of IGTools APK

App NameIGTools for Instagram
RequirementsAndroid 4.4 & up
App Size5 MB
Last UpdatedDecember 30th, 2023
Package Namecom.igtor.official

What Is IGTools APK?

All of the Instagram users today are very much fascinated by having unlimited likes and comments on their posts and want to generate engagement. So IGTools APK become one of the ideal ways to do that. All Instagram users who want to get instant engagement and growth of their accounts can also utilize the advanced features of IG APK tools. 

Not only will the application IG APK help you generate likes and comments, but it can also help you get a massive number of followers for your account. Even IG APK tools are absolutely free, an application that is for everyone. You simply need to access the application through your Instagram ID, and you can find unlimited likes and comments on your posts.

Is IGTools APK A Safe Application?

Talking about The authenticity and legality of the application IGTools APK, then yes, of course, it is legal. The IGTools APK is not directly affiliated with Instagram’s social media platform. Rather, it is created as an individual application. All of the users will be able to find safety measurements while utilizing the advanced features of IG APK.

However, as we all know, using a third-party application can become a threat to you, so the same thing is also applicable to IG APK. It can slowly create a negative impact on your Instagram account. However, in legal terms and conditions, the application IG APK has been considered an Android mobile phone application.

Attractive Features Of IGTools APK

Attractive Features Of IGTools APK

Now, I am going to introduce all of the advanced features that are offered by IGTools APK to each and every user who will download the application on their Android devices.

Account Analysis

One of the most attractive features of the application is that it helps all of its users do a complete analysis of their Instagram accounts. Through the help of the advanced feature of account analysis, the users will be able to find out how many Likes, comments, followers, engagements, and other such things the profile has received. 

Profile Visitors

With the advantage of the profile visitors feature of this particular application, IG APK tools, all of the users will be able to find out who has visited their profiles recently. The users will also be able to analyze how many people have visited the profile and what the ratio of increasing or decreasing profile visitors is. 

Post Insights

If you want to know the performance of your posts on Instagram, you can also use the application and see the post insights feature. Through the help of this feature, the users will be able to see the statistics of all of the likes, comments, and shares of their posts completely. 

Hashtag Analysis

Initially, all of the users who will install the application on their Android phones will be able to find the most popular hashtags on Instagram. The application will also help you provide some suggested hashtags that you can apply to your post to increase visibility and engagement.

Direct Message

The application also has an advanced feature for direct messaging. With the help of this particular feature, all of the users will be able to send lots of messages directly to lots of other followers at the same time, so it will also save a lot of time for every Instagram user.

Story Views

With the help of the IG APK tools, all of the users will also be able to find out who has viewed their profile’s Instagram accounts. Eventually, a full list will be provided to the account holders so that they can see recent viewers on their stories.

Profile Picture Zoom

Another attractive feature of the application is that it will allow all Instagram users to see their profile pictures in Zoom mode. At the same time, Instagram users will also be able to save Zoom in the pictures on their devices.

Auto Likes

Besides that, all Instagram users can also get auto-likes on their profiles by taking advantage of the application. Even Instagram users will also be able to customize the feature and can take likes to any specific profile.

Auto Followers

Another advanced feature of the application is that it will help all Instagram users meet with the auto followers feature. Through the help of the feature, the users will be able to get free and unlimited followers on their profile.

Comment Generator

This particular application can also help all Instagram users increase engagement and visibility on their posts or profiles. Specifically, all Instagram users will be able to generate comments on their posts unlimitedly for free and can increase both visibility and engagement.

Poll Vote

The application also has another attractive feature, which is a poll vote for all of the stories and posts on Instagram accounts. You may not get the exact and desired result all the time. However, the poll vote feature can also help Instagram users to know how much the audience is related to the post.

User-friendly Interface

Lastly, another one of the advanced features of the IG APK tools is that it has a unique and easy user-friendly interface. So, all Android users will be able to install and utilize the benefits of the application at any time. 

Pros And Cons Of IGTools APK

Now, for all Instagram users, if you are interested in knowing the pros and cons of using the IG APK tools, here are the updates for all of you. 


Free To Use

Using IG APK tools is absolutely free of cost, and all Instagram users who want to install the application will not have to pay any money. 

Considered A Safe And Private App

The IG APK tool is also considered a safe and private application, so all Instagram users will be able to download the application if they have an Android device.

Provides Genuine Followers 

By utilizing the advanced feature of IG APK tools, all Instagram users will be able to get genuine followers on their Instagram accounts along with views, engagement, likes, and comments.

User-Friendly And Easy To Use

Besides that, the application has also been considered to be user-friendly and easy to use for every individual Instagram user. So, none of the Instagram users will face any problems while accessing the application.

Allows Users To Receive Unlimited Followers

Again, through the advanced feature of the IG APK tools, all Instagram users will be able to receive unlimited followers on their profiles. It will instantly help Instagram users to get lots of engagement and visibility.

No Need To Share Personal Passwords 

There is no need to share any personal Passwords while accessing the application IGTools APK. So you can access the application without sharing your personal information for free of cost.


Followers Gained May Not Be Targeted Or Engaged

The negative point of the application is that the number of followers that the Instagram account holders gained may not be targeted or engaged. Sometimes, the followers might also be seen as fake as they are generated automatically.

Using Third-Party Apps On Instagram May Be Illegal

As the IG APK tool is considered a third-party application on Instagram, it is also identified as an illegal application to install and use on your mobile phone.

It May Be Harmful To Your Device

Besides that, using the IG APK tools May also increase harmful things for your device, and your Android device might get affected.

Only For Android Users

However, the application IGTools APK is only available for all Android devices right now. This particular application is not accessible to people who are using iOS.

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How To Install The IGTools APK

Now, here is some step-by-step guidance to install the IG APK tools on your Android devices. 

First of all, the Instagram account holders will have to download the application from IGTools APK.

  • Next, the Android users will have to go to the security settings option. 
  • Next, the Android users will have to enable the option unknown sources.
  • In the final step, after installing the application, click on the open option.
  • And finally, the users will have to log in to their Instagram accounts by using the application, and all of the features of the application will be instantly given on the screen. 


Do I need to root my device to use IGTools APK?

There is no need for a root device to install the IGTools APK and to use the features of IG APK tools to be free of likes, comments, and views, including followers.

Is IGTools APK available on Apple devices?

No currently, the IGTools APK is not available for any one of the Apple devices. It is only available on Android devices.

How do you install the IGTools APK on mobile phones?

To install the IGTools APK, all you need to do is install the application on your Android devices 

Will the users lose data if they update the IGTools APK for Instagram? 

All of the users who will install the IGTools APK on their Android mobile phones after updating the application will not lose the data they have with the application.

Is IGTools APK worthy of downloading to your Android phones? 

Yes, of course, the IGTools APK is a worthy application to install or download on your Android phones, and it is a perfect way to have lots of followers, views, engagement, likes and comments.


So here in this topic, we have covered each one of the specific details regarding the application IGTools APK. It is one of the greatest ways to increase lots of free likes, comments, and followers on your Instagram account.

Not only will the application help the users to create a strong impact on their accounts, but it will also instantly increase engagement. So, this application is a great medium for every Instagram user to have views, likes, votes, and followers.

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