Fashion Nova Reviews 2024: Is Fashion Nova Legit or Scam?

Fashion Nova Reviews

Fashion Nova Reviews

Welcome to the unbiased, honest Fashion Nova reviews, where I dive deep into all things style, trends, and shopping experience.

Hey there, fashionistas! If you’re like me, always on the lookout for the hottest looks at affordable prices, then you’ve come to the right place. Today, I’m exploring the ins and outs of Fashion Nova, the go-to destination for the latest in fashion-forward clothing and accessories. So, pick up your favorite drink, take a sip, and let’s start this fashion journey together!

Where Is Fashion Nova Located?

Fashion Nova headquarters are situated in Los Angeles, California, and operates five retail stores across Southern California. The company was founded in 2006 and is privately owned and operated by CEO Richard Saghian. 

Here’s Everything You Need to Know About Fashion

Trendsetting Fashion Destination: Fashion Nova stands as a trendsetting fashion destination headquartered in the vibrant city of Los Angeles, California. Since 2006, when the brand started, it has made a place for itself by smoothly delivering the latest styles at affordable prices.

Cultural Influence: With a social media following exceeding 25 million, Fashion Nova has become a cultural phenomenon, embraced by both celebrities and fashion enthusiasts worldwide. Its influence extends beyond just clothing, making waves in music, as well as in entertainment.

Inclusive Fashion: At Fashion Nova, inclusivity is a core value. The brand offers a diverse range of collections for men, women, curves, and kids, to make sure that everyone can find clothes that match their personal style and body type.

Accessible Pricing: Fashion Nova’s pricing strategy is quite impressive. By offering trendy fashion at affordable prices, the brand makes high-end styles attainable for a wide range of budgets, without compromising on quality.

Global Reach: With its strong online presence and international shipping options, Fashion Nova has transcended geographical boundaries, serving fashion-forward customers across the globe. Whether you’re in Los Angeles or London, Fashion Nova is just a click away.

Community Engagement: Fashion Nova values its community of customers and engages with them through various channels, including social media, events, and influencer partnerships. This helps them to  create a vibrant and inclusive fashion community.

Continuous Innovation: Fashion Nova’s dedication to innovation is evident in its constant evolution and adaptation to the ever-changing fashion world. With over 1,000 new arrivals introduced weekly, the brand stays ahead of the curve, to make sure that they never run out of trendy and stylish clothes .

Fashion Nova Features

Fashion Nova Features

Personalized Style Finder: Discover clothing tailored to your taste and body shape with Fashion Nova’s interactive style tool.

Virtual Fitting Room: Try on clothes virtually to ensure the perfect fit and style from the comfort of your home.

Daily Deals: Enjoy regular discounts and flash sales on select items, offering great savings for a limited time.

Wishlist Maker: Keep track of your favorite items and receive alerts when they’re on sale with Fashion Nova’s customizable wishlist feature.

Fashion for Every Body: Find stylish options for all body types with Fashion Nova Curve, promoting inclusivity and confidence.

Fashion for Men: Explore trendy and affordable clothing options for men, including casual streetwear and classic essentials.

Fashion for Kids: Dress your kids in style with Fashion Nova Kids, offering fashionable and age-appropriate clothing options.

VIP Membership: Gain early access to new releases, exclusive discounts, and special events by joining Fashion Nova’s VIP program.

Influencer Collaborations: Discover unique styles curated by influencers, inspired by the latest trends and personalities, through Fashion Nova’s collaboration collections.

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Is Fashion Nova a Sustainable company?

Fashion Nova, while known for its trendy and affordable clothing, is not considered a sustainable company. They haven’t mentioned a single word about sustainability on their official website. The brand primarily operates on a fast fashion model. It means that they produce clothes in bulk quantities within a short time span to keep up with ever-changing trends. 

Unfortunately, this approach often leads to environmental issues including too much waste and thus increasing pollution. Additionally, Fashion Nova has faced criticism for its labor practices and lack of transparency in its supply chain. 

While the brand has taken some steps to address these concerns, such as implementing eco-friendly materials and initiatives, it still has a long way to go in becoming truly sustainable. 

Why Fashion Nova Clothes Are So Cheap?

Why Fashion Nova Clothes Are So Cheap?

1. Fashion Nova’s affordability can be attributed to various factors that contribute to their cost-effective business model. One key aspect is their direct sourcing approach, where they obtain samples from other companies and replicate designs without incurring development costs. By doing so, Fashion Nova eliminates the need for expensive design processes, allowing them to offer clothing at lower prices.

2. Moreover, Fashion Nova utilizes inexpensive fabrics and produces garments in regions with lower labor costs, further reducing production expenses. This enables them to manufacture clothing in bulk quantities at low cost.

3. Another significant aspect is their reliance on overseas production and shipping. By operating in countries with lower labor and shipping costs, Fashion Nova minimizes expenses associated with manufacturing and logistics. Additionally, they take advantage of subsidized shipping options, such as e- packet delivery, which further reduces shipping costs.

4. Furthermore, Fashion Nova’s direct-to-consumer business model eliminates middlemen and storefront expenses, allowing them to focus resources on product development, marketing, and website maintenance. This streamlined approach enables Fashion Nova to offer trendy clothing at competitive prices while maximizing profits.

Overall, Fashion Nova’s strategic business practices, including direct sourcing, overseas production, and efficient shipping methods, contribute to their ability to provide affordable fashion to consumers. While their low prices may raise ethical and environmental concerns, it’s essential to consider the broader implications and make informed choices as consumers.

Fashion Nova Customer Reviews 

Customer Review 01

Rating: 4/5

“Fashion Nova is my go-to for cute outfits! The prices are unbeatable, and I love how quickly my orders arrive. Plus, their customer service is top-notch!”

 Customer Review 02

Rating: 4/5

“I’m impressed with the variety Fashion Nova offers. It’s easy to find trendy pieces for any occasion. However, sometimes the sizing can be a bit inconsistent, so I recommend checking the reviews before buying.”

Customer Review 03

Rating: 2/5

“While Fashion Nova has some cute clothes, I’ve had issues with my orders arriving late, and the quality of the fabric isn’t always the best. Customer service hasn’t been very helpful either.”

Is Fashion Nova Legit?

With a massive following of 21.4 million on Instagram and 2.8 million fans on Facebook, Fashion Nova has made a strong place for themselves in the fashion industry. Operating successfully for nearly two decades, the company has garnered a rating of 4.3 based on almost 149,000 reviews, which is considered excellent. However, it’s essential to note that approximately 12% of reviewers have rated the company with 1 or 2 stars, which means that some customers may have had negative experiences.

Despite its popularity, Fashion Nova is not accredited by the Better Business Bureau, which may raise concerns. However, it’s not uncommon for large businesses to have mixed reviews and experiences among customers. While many people have had positive interactions with Fashion Nova, others may have encountered issues such as delayed shipments, sizing discrepancies, or customer service issues.

Ultimately, whether Fashion Nova is considered “legit” may vary depending on experiences of different customers. As with any company, consumers need to weigh both positive and negative reviews, consider their own preferences and needs, and make informed decisions when shopping.

Fashion Nova Pros and Cons


  • Affordable trendy clothing options.
  • Wide range of sizes are available on Fashion Nova.
  • Variety of payment options available.
  • Regular promotions and discounts.
  • Online shopping experience is very convenient.
  • Easy returns and exchange policy.


  • Mixed customer service reviews.
  • Sizing inconsistencies reported by some.
  • Environmental and ethical concerns with fast fashion.

Fashion Nova Shipping

Processing time

When you place an order with Fashion Nova, it undergoes a processing period before it is shipped out from our fulfillment center. This processing time isn’t calculated in the shipping duration and can vary based on several factors.

 For standard orders( both domestic and International), processing can take upto 4 business days. ( Except weekends and Holidays). 

Expedited orders may take up to 3 business days, while rush orders can take up to 1 business day. 

Shipping Time and Price (USA)

Shipping TimeUnder $75Over $75
1 business day$19.99$19.99

2 business days
3-7 business days$6.99FREE 
UPS Delivery (Saturday)

Shipping Policy 

  • Fashion Nova’s shipping policy outlines estimated delivery times, excluding Saturdays, Sundays, and US holidays.
  • This timeframe includes processing as well as transit times, with potential delays for certain extended delivery areas.
  • Accurate address information is crucial for timely delivery, as Fashion Nova does not assume responsibility for shipments lost due to incorrect addresses.
  • Shipping to PO Boxes can be done via USPS, but expedited shipping is not offered for these addresses.
  • Orders destined for APOs and US Territories may encounter delays, and Fashion Nova reserves the right to change carriers if necessary.
  • For international shipments, the consignee/buyer is responsible for importing goods and paying associated taxes and duties, which may be facilitated by a subcontractor.
  • According to Fashion Nova, they try to provide reliable shipping services, but customers should consider potential delays and responsibilities for international orders.

Return Policy

You can return your items smoothly and conveniently via Fashion Nova Returns Portal! While only US customers can purchase a return shipping label, all customers can access the returns portal.

You have a 30-day window from the delivery date to initiate your return. Refunds are issued in the form of store credit, provided as a Fashion Nova gift card. Once your items reach the company, returns are typically processed within 5-7 business days. Opting for the prepaid return label expedites the store credit issuance.

Please ensure that you pack each order separately to avoid delays in processing. Combining multiple orders in one return package may prolong the processing time. 

[Please note that non-eligible items returned will not be credited.]

Return Conditions 

  • Items must be in excellent condition, untouched by wear or washing, and with their original tags intact, returned in the packaging they were received in.
  • Fashion Nova will not be responsible  for any return packages that may go missing or be stolen during transit. 
  • Customers are advised to retain their proof of postage and/or return tracking number when sending back their returns.
  • Every return must include an order packing slip or return invoice from the Online Return Portal. (Incorrectly filled-out forms may result in processing delays for the return.)

Unfortunately, Fashion Nova cannot accept return drop-offs at its distribution center or corporate office.

Can I Return Online Orders to Any Fashion Nova Stores?

When customers opt to return their online orders in-store, Fashion Nova provides this convenience without offering cash refunds. Instead, after sending an item back, individuals receive credit in the form of a gift card, which can be utilized both online and at physical Fashion Nova stores located in Burbank, Montebello, Northridge, Panorama, or Topanga.

It’s essential to note that items purchased as part of a BOGO promotion cannot be returned in-store. All returned items must maintain their original condition, including paperwork, packaging, and accessories, with tags still attached. Moreover, they must remain unworn, unaltered, and unwashed. Additionally, items categorized as “Final Sale” are ineligible for in-store returns.

For men’s products purchased online, returns are exclusively accepted at stores carrying men’s clothing, such as Burbank and Topanga. When returning merchandise purchased online at a retail store, the store’s return policy takes precedence over the online purchase. 

However, certain items, including dresses, accessories, shoes, swimwear, lingerie, NovaKids items, beauty products, bodysuits, and sale items, cannot be returned in-store.

Frequently Asked Questions About Fashion Nova

Q1. Can I exchange items On Fashion Nova?

Ans. Fashion Nova does not offer exchanges, but individuals can return their items through mail as per the Return Policy guidelines available on the Fashion Nova portal. Customers can then proceed to repurchase any available items on the Fashion Nova website following the return process.

Q2.How can I track my Fashion Nova order?

Ans: Once your order is shipped, you’ll receive a tracking number via email to monitor its status.

Q3: Does Fashion Nova have a physical store location?

Ans: Yes, Fashion Nova has several physical stores in select locations, providing an in-person shopping experience.

Q4: Does Fashion Nova offer international shipping?

Ans: Yes, Fashion Nova provides international shipping options to various countries worldwide.

Q5: What is Fashion Nova’s return policy?

Ans: Fashion Nova allows returns within 30 days of delivery, with items in original condition eligible for store credit.

Should I Shop From Fashion Nova Or Not __ Fashion Nova Final Review 

Deciding whether to shop at Fashion Nova depends on individual preferences and priorities. With its trendy and pocket-friendly clothing, Fashion Nova attracts many shoppers. Yet, it’s also wise to acknowledge feedback from others who have experienced sizing hiccups, shipping delays, or customer service challenges. 

Each shopper’s journey is unique, so it’s essential to weigh the pros and cons based on personal preferences and past experiences. Ultimately, trust your instincts and make the decision that feels right for you.

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