Rothy’s vs Birdies: Which Should You Try?

Rothy's vs Birdies

Many of us are looking for stylish yet durable footwear so that we can feel comfortable and look stylish. The majority section of people always preferred to go with branded shoes or branded footwear because they provide absolute best material and durability.

In the market when it comes to serve the best quality footwear we often here the name of Rothy and Birdies. But which one is better for the audience? You may want to know the details.

Today we will discuss everything like what are the differences, advantages and disadvantages of both of the brand footwear and other necessary information between Rothy’s vs Birdies.

Typically, in this topic, we will cover all of the details that will ultimately help the audience to choose which brand footwear they want to purchase for them. Along with that we will also discuss all of the major significant details of Rothy’s vs Birdies. So if you want to collect the information for yourself and want to solve your confusion then join us.

An overview of Rothy’s

Rothy’s is also an American-based footwear company, and it was opened in 2012 by Stephen Hawthornthwaite and Roth Martin. One of the main attractive features of the brand Rothy’s is that they have taken advantage of recycled plastic bottles, and with the help of recycled plastic bottles, they have made knit shoes.

The brand has also made different types of footwear for women, and they also have a separate category for men. The type of knit shoes has been praised by a lot of shoe lovers, and they become popular in the market.

An Overview Of Birdies

An Overview Of Birdies

Birdies are a very popular company in America, and they have several collections of footwear for everyone. The brand Birdies was founded in 2015 and by Bianca Gates and Marisa Sharkey, Birdies was founded.

Both of the friends have seen a lot of gap in the market for selling stylish yet durable house footwear. After watching so much of demand of the house footwear they have launched the brand. For last 9 years the brand Birdies have successfully created different types of footwear with best materials.

What Are The Differences Between Birdies In Comparison With Rothy’s?

For going with any one of the brands at first we need to understand the differences of Rothy’s vs Birdies. So read the below section to find out all of the differences properly.

Major Differences Between Birdies With Rothy’s

Known for Their Slipper-Style Flats

One of the most attractive differences between Rothy’s vs Birdies is that the brand Birdies footwear is very famous among the audience for their slipper style flats shoes. Mainly to help all of the women to enjoy stylish slipper flat shoes at house the brand has launched this type of shoes for everyone.

In 2020, these sleeper-style flats shoes became very popular among the audience, and the craze for purchasing increased rapidly. Birdies have three different types of slipper-style flat shoes, and the names of all of them are The Starling, The Blackbird, and The Heron.

While on the other side, the brand Rothy has also launched the slipper style flat shoes for everyone but they do not want to consider the shoes as a similar as to the Birdies.

Better for Wide Feet

When we talk about the footwear of Birdies, then, they are better for all of those people who have wide feet. In comparison with the brand Rothy’s, Birdies gave their focus on working on wide feet shoes.

But all of the shoes that are available at Rothy’s come in narrow shapes, which can be a little bit problematic for the customers to wear. However, those people who want to wear the footwear of Birdies will have to first break the shoes and adjust them with socks so that they can wear them for a long time.

Slightly Less Expensive

When it comes to the prices then all of the footwear available on the brand Birdies is much more affordable in comparison with Rothy’s. Whatever collection you will see on Birdies they have reasonable prices.

Depending on the styles and materials all of the footwear on Birdies available between $95 to $140. While on the other side all of the footwear that is available on Rothy’s start from $125 and it can go up to $185.

More Heel and Arch Support

Even the footwear of Birdies gives much more support to the feet in comparison with the footwear of Rothy’s. The band Birdies is taking advantage of the 7-layer comfort technology method to make their footwear.

While on the other side the products of Rothy’s need to work more so that they can stand to standard support system to the feet. Even by wearing the footwear of Birdies the customers can feel more comfortable in comparison with Rothy’s.

Another Level of Comfort

All of the shoes that are available on Birdies are considered super comfortable. On the other side all of the footwear of Rothy’s gives a little bit of comfort in comparison with Birdies.

The seven-layer comfortable Technology helps customers to experience better and more comfortable footwear all the time. If you are not having come foot while wearing a particular pair of shoes then you may not like the product. So we will suggest purchasing the products of Birdies.

Materials Of Rothy’s vs Birdies

Now here in this segment the customers can find out all of the material details that have been used to make the products of Rothy’s vs Birdies.

When it comes to the products of Rothy’s then, the brand has used recycled plastic bottles, which is one of the most attractive features of the brand for making footwear. Besides that, the brand Rothy’s has also taken 30% of Recycle rubber and plant-based oil.

The outsoles of the footwear are made with 35% Renewable materials. Some of the shoe styles are also made with merino wool or vegan leather. The maximum number of shoes Rothy’s are made in Dongguan, China, and the brand Rothy’s is based in San Francisco.

When it comes to the products of Birdies then, the brand has taken all of the vegan material. Vegan shoes are made with materials like velvet, woven textiles, suede, linen, or faux fur. On the other side, all of the non-vegan shoes are made out of leather and Calf hair.

Besides that, the main material for all the flat shoes of Birdies is made with 7-layer comfortable technology and Rubber soles. All of the shoes of the brand Birdies are made in China and they are also based in San Francisco.

What Are The Differences Between Rothy’s In Comparison With Birdies?

Now closely observe some of the differences of Rothy’s with Birdies.

Known for Their Traditional Flats

Among all of the available shoes the brand Rothy’s is best known for selling their traditional flat shoes. They also have slipper flat shoes but most of the customers like to go with traditional flat shoes. Ballet flat shoes are another one of the attractive styles of shoes available in Rothy’s for their customers.

Focus on Sustainability

The brand Rothy’s has given they are maximum number of focus to create sustainable shoes for their customers. On the other side, the brand Birdies has focused its focus on comfort rather than sustainability. All of the audience who are looking for super sustainability products or shoes can obviously purchase shoes from Rothy’s.

Shorter Break-in Period

For the long run or for a long time of period, all of the customers who want to wear the footwear of Rothy’s need to take a short break. Otherwise, the shoes might not provide a comfortable feeling for their customers. At the same time, the customers will also have to take advantage of socks before wearing the footwear of Rothy’s.


All of the available shoes at Rothy’s are machine washable. However, on the other side, all of the footwear of Birdies is not machine washable; there are very few footwear that can go to the machine wash. Otherwise, the maximum number of not made for machine wash of Birdies footwear. But you can use all of the shoes of Rothy’s in your machine to clean them.

Return And Exchange Policy Of Rothy’s vs Birdies

While talking about the return and exchange policy of Rothy’s vs Birdies then, both of the brands offered a return policy or exchange policy for their customers.

All of the customers who want to purchase footwear from Rothy’s and Birdies will get a 30-day cycle to return their products or claim the exchange offer. The return or exchange facilities of both of the brands is straightforward.

Discounts And Sales Of Rothy’s vs Birdies

Before purchasing anything, the maximum number of customers wants to know whether the companies are giving discounts or sales or not. So, of course, both of the companies, Rothy’s and Birdies, offer 20% off on purchases for their customers.

So whatever the customers will purchase from the companies regarding footwear they will get 20% off. Even the customers who will go for a newsletter subscription can also receive an additional 10% off.

Which One Is Better, Rothy’s vs Birdies?

Choosing a particular brand is absolutely a personal choice of the customers. We have described much more beneficial information regarding both of the brands Rothy’s vs Birdies. Depending on the information the customers can choose any one of the brands that they like most. So choose your brand wisely and place your order.

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In this above article, we have talked about much more information regarding the two brands, Rothy’s vs Birdies. By reading the whole information about the brands, the customers can choose any one of the brands for getting their footwear. However, the footwear of both of the brands, Rothy’s and Birdies, has their own key features and benefits.


What is so great about Rothy’s shoes?

All of the footwear of the brand Rothy’s are considered super machine washable and have super sustainability features.

Do Birdies shoes get smelly?

As a customer, if you do not want to get the smelly condition of the shoes of Birdies, then we will suggest not to wear the socks with the shoes.

Who is Rothy’s competitor?

Some of the top competitors of the brand Rothy’s are Handsfree Labs, HEYDUDE, and Allbirds.

Are Birdies still in style?

Yes, of course, all of the footwear that is available on the brand Birdies is still in style, and they offer support styles with flair.

Do Rothy’s get smelly?

As a customer, if you use the footwear of Rothy any time, then you might get the smelly condition of the shoes.

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