Lightinthebox Reviews: 5 Important Tips To Know About Lightinthebox

Lightinthebox Reviews

Well, online shopping is an absolutely easy method to have all your required things at your door. But you do not know which platform is the most suitable option for you to purchase the maximum number of deals.

When it comes to selecting the maximum number of profitable deals in one single platform, most customers get confused. So, as the customer, you can rely on the Lightinthebox website, which has all the unique collections from clothing to accessories. 

Lightinthebox is a Chinese company that offers a huge collection of unique accessories and clothing. Even it is also a retail store that has been selling all of its products for the last few years. It also sells a variety of home decorating items and electronics items.

So it is a fully beneficial retail shop where you will be eligible to find out the most required things of your day today. Today, we will try to discover all of those necessary and informative details regarding the retail store through the LightInthebox Reviews.

Even if you want to know the important tips that you need to keep in mind before shopping with the store, LightInthebox also has those details here. We have come up with the complete information of LightInthebox Reviews

What Is Lightinthebox?

LightInthebox is a popular and globally acknowledged Chinese company that was founded in 2006. From the start of the business, they have had three major categories for customers.

The retail store is also considered as an online global wholesaler and offers Apparel to Lifestyle-related items for customers. Initially, they have also been acknowledged for having low prices for unique collections of all types of lifestyle products.

So, if you are required to purchase any electronic gadgets or home decorating items, then you must visit the LightInthebox website. However, as an audience, you should also find out the authenticity and reliability of the website. In the paragraph, we will discuss whether LightInthebox is a little platform or not through LightInthebox Reviews

Is Lightinthebox Legit?

Is Lightinthebox Legit?

Yes, after summarizing all of the reviews of the website, LightInthebox is a trustworthy and legal company for customers. They have been in the market since 2006. Every year, the website successfully generates approximately $400 million in revenue from its customers.

All of the products, whether they are clothes, accessories, or anything else, come directly from China. Each individual customer or the other sellers can also get the products.

Talking about the parental company of LightInthebox then, it is LightInthebox Holding Co Ltd. Therefore, it can be said it is a legitimate company and a trustworthy platform to have all of your daily day-to-day requirements. To learn more about the tips on how to shop LightInthebox, follow the below LightInthebox Reviews.

How To Buy Your Products From Lightinthebox Smoothly

Now here are some important 5 tips that you need to note down before shopping with LightInthebox.

Check Product Reviews

Suppose you want to ensure your shopping with LightInthebox goes smoothly. First, you need to search for your product and read all of the reviews about that particular product.

You need to read all of the customers’ recommendations about the product, whether they are positive or negative. The reviews of the products can absolutely help you to choose the best deal for yourself.

Check the Number of Items Sold

In the next step, all you need to do is find out how many items have been solved regarding that particular item you want to buy. If the number of items sold is high, then obviously it is a good product, and the audience has also liked it. But if you see the number of items being sold is poor, then do skip the product. 

Product Size

Another significant thing that you need to ensure before purchasing anything from LightInthebox is to check out the product size. Do not forget to match the product size with US size details. It will ensure you get the perfect fitting dresses or any other clothing.

Purchase Duty and Tax Insurance

Sometimes, tax insurance can be the next burden on your shoulders, so figure out all of the Purchase duty details and tax insurance-related details. Initially, before confirming your order with LightInthebox, try to at least note down the points, and later, you can go with the product. 

Don’t Choose the Cheapest Shipping Method

To save money, sometimes we order cheap products, but after having those things, we find out it is just a waste of money. So do not hurry, and don’t choose the cheapest products with the cheapest shipping methods. By choosing both of them, you will not receive your products fast, and you will not receive them in quality.

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Advantages of Buying Products from Lightinthebox 

Among all of the features of LightInthebox, one must know the advantages of the website LightInthebox. Here are a few advantages mentioned in the below paragraph. 

Attractive prices

The lowest prices of all of the available products on LightInthebox make the website much more interesting and popular among the audience. Initially, they also have huge discounts and offer opportunities for the audience to save their money. Most of the home decorating items and apparel come at very reasonable prices. 

Easy-to-navigate website

Each member of the audience can easily navigate and browse the official website of LightInthebox. The simple appearance of the website makes it much more unique and appealing to everyone. So, if you want to have any deals from LightInthebox, you can visit the official site.

Global Accessibility

the website is globally accessed by everyone, and more than 200 countries are eligible to shop with LightInthebox. So, if you are in any location, you can place your order and use the available LightInthebox product. 

Personalization and Customization

Another attractive feature that makes the website popular among the website is its personalization and customization facilities. The customers will be able to dictate all of their desired style preferences, and according to their needs, they can also customize their products. This particular website also has individual and trailer services. 

Regular Specials And Discounts 

If you visit the official website of LightInthebox, obviously, you can observe all of the regular specials, offers, and discounts. They frequently give all of these discounts to their customers so that they can save extra money. Therefore, if you want to visit a platform where you can get the maximum number of discounts, it is the most suitable platform for everyone. 

Extensive Catalog

Even the available products are also high, and they also come with varieties. There are more than 2 lakh products available, and every day, thousands of products have been added to the catalog.

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Disadvantages Of Buying Products From Lightinthebox 

Disadvantages are another one of the most important criteria that each and every customer should note down before shopping with LightInthebox. So here are some disadvantages mentioned for the customers in the below paragraph. 

Slow Shipping Time

Talking about the downfall of the website LightInthebox then, the first thing that comes to mind is the slow shipping time. They take all of the orders from more than 200 countries; therefore, it becomes much more difficult to manage to ship in a timely. So, as a customer, if you have ordered anything from LightInthebox, you might observe a delay in shipping time. 

High Shipping Rates

Talking about another one of the disadvantage of LightInthebox is the high shipping rates. Whatever you purchase from LightInthebox, they additionally add some extra shipping costs that might look a little bit expensive for everyone. 

Poor Customer Service

Another one of the downsides of the website LightInthebox is the poor customer care service. The customers have complaints regarding the weak services and weak helping experience. The customer care service of LightInthebox is not available 24/7, and sometimes, they are also not eligible to solve all of the issues of the customers correctly. 

What Are The Payment Methods On Lightinthebox?

The payment options are another one of the features that can help you improve your shopping with LightInthebox, either smoothly or easily. So, it is better to know about all of the payment methods before you browse the website LightInthebox.

1. American Express

2. Apple Pay

3. Discover

4. PayPal

5. Union Pay

6. Visa

7. Google Pay

8. JCB

9. Maestro Card

10. Mastercard

11. Bank Transfer

12. Diners Club

13. Wire Transfer

14. Bancontact

15. Klarna

16. Multibanco

17. OXXO

18. Boleto

19. P24

20. Sofort

21. iDeal

How To Cancel Your Order From Lightinthebox?

If you have already placed your order with LightInthebox and you don’t want to continue with the order, then you can cancel your order at any time. Here are some steps that you need to do on the official website page.

Sign in to Your Account

First, as a customer, you need to visit the official website of LightInthebox; after that, you need to sign up with your account.

Check The Order History

Next, you need to go to the order history and click on my order section.

There will be two options visible in front of you: either your orders are in draft or in the processing section. These two separate sections have separate cancelling methods.

If you see the orders in the draft section or pending section, you just need to find the ”order number” and click on ”select this order”.But if your order is in the processing section, then you need to scroll down the page and click on the ”cancel this order” option.

Is It Safe To Buy From Lightinthebox?

Yes, buying all of your products from LightInthebox is certainly safe and secure. After getting your orders, you will be provided with the necessary details of the shipment tracking number and 7-day return facility. Through a confirmation mail, all of the customers will get the necessary details of the estimated time and estimated shipping cost. 

Besides that, handling and tailoring your products also takes a little time. Even by visiting your account on the official website of LightInthebox, you can track your products. So, it is absolutely safe if you are placing your order from the website LightInthebox.

FAQs: Lightinthebox Reviews

Is it safe to buy from LightInTheBox?

LightInthebox is a legal website, and buying products from LightInthebox is also safe. But depending on the customers’ reviews, so many negative points have been discovered. 

Is LightInTheBox a Chinese company?

Yes, of course, the retail store of LightInthebox is a Chinese company.

Does LightInTheBox ship to India?

The website LightInthebox generally ships all of its products globally, so India is also eligible 2 take products from LightInthebox. However, to ensure this, you can go to the site and check out your eligibility. 

Is LightInTheBox based in the UK?

No, not at all, the website LightInthebox is not a UK-based company. Rather, it is a Chinese company. 

Who is the CEO of LightInTheBox?

The CEO of LightInthebox is Jian He.


These are all the significant details regarding LightInthebox’s retail store. We have also included five important tips that will help all of the customers purchase things from LightInthebox smoothly.

Besides that, there are also some other details mentioned for the customers that they can also read out for their benefit before purchasing anything from the website. These are all the details regarding the LightInthebox reviews.

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