Is Vidaxl Legit or Scam? Know All Your Queries About Vidaxl

Is Vidaxl Legit Or Scam?

Is Vidaxl Legit or Scam?

Are you looking for a retail shop that sells all types of things? Do you want to get one single platform from where you can shop all of your required products? If yes, then we can assure you that you will get all of the products from Vidaxl. Vidaxl is a platform where you can shop for all of your home’s products, whether it is furniture or anything else.

Besides that, all of the customers will also be able to purchase home decorating items or any other necessary things from here. However, if you need home goods or vehicle-related products, then you can also get the options here. But we want to ensure all of you check out whether is vidaxl legit or not before shopping with them.

Today, here we have all of the necessary information that can help you to know whether is vidaxl legit or not. Initially, the customers will also be able to collect other data that can help them decide which things they should buy from here or not. 

What Is Vidaxl?

Vidaxl is a retail shop for all of its customers, and it can help all of its customers purchase home products or other things. For those who are looking for a trustable and reliable retail shop from where they can shop the maximum number of products, then Vidaxl is the ultimate option.

From here, all of the customers will be able to purchase things like furniture, Hardware, home decorating items, and other such things.

This retail shop has also cut down the expensive budget for all of the available products. They have a very pocket-friendly budget for all of the available items. However, you also need to find out whether is vidaxl legit or not at first before browsing with them.

Is Vidaxl Legit or Not?

Is Vidaxl Legit Or Not?

In simple words, the website Vidaxl is legal for everyone. They have ranked in 7th position in the market. For selling all types of home products and other necessary goods, they have become very popular among the audience.

Even for the transparency of each one of the products, they are also considered authentic and trustworthy. Initially, people who wanted to know whether is vidaxl legit or not can absolutely go with the website as it is legal.

Apart from all of these things, we have also come up with other information that can help you know more about Vidaxl’s retail shop. Come and join us in this discussion to explore all of the necessary details.

Shipping And Return Policy Of Vidaxl

Shipping And Return Policy Of Vidaxl

The retail shop Vidaxl keeps a very simple shipping system for all of its customers. Everyone will be able to take advantage of the shipping policy for free. The standard shipping is available on Vidaxl.

Initially, the website also helped customers who live in Europe, the USA and Australia to have their products within 2 to 9 days. Besides that, Vidaxl also introduces some other different shipping.

When choosing the different shipping methods, you can also collect your product at your door faster than ever. Even the website Vidaxl has also introduced pallet shipping. With the advantage of pallet shipping, the customers will be able to order big-size products. Customers can also purchase high-weight or overweight products at any time by using pallet shipping.

The website Vidaxl also gives a 30-day return policy for their customers. Whatever you have purchased, if you do not find it appropriate or best, you can return it. But before you return it, you need to fill out a request form. After receiving the request form from the customers, they will contact them as soon as possible.

Even the website also demands unused products if the customers want to return their products. The customers will also have to maintain the original conditions of all of the ordered products with Vidaxl.

Wait at least 2 to 5 days to get your refunded money in your wallet. The website will not charge you to return the products. However, if you take the courier services, then you need to pay additional charges.

Review of Vidaxl

The Vidaxl came in public in 2006. The founders of Vidaxl are Gerjan den Hartog and Wouter Bakker. Previously, both of the founders worked at eBay, and after that, they made the joint decision to launch another new website. On the new website, all of the products will be available for the customers. The main purpose of introducing the website Vidaxl is to help customers get products faster.

Without sharing a lot of expenses, the customers will be able to get their home or garden-related products. Initially, the website Vidaxl also kept control over everything. With very reasonable prices, the audience will be able to get furniture, hardware, home goods, and other necessary things. The website has even received fame among people who live in Australia, Europe, and America.

Product Pricing Of Vidaxl

If you are looking for the product prices of the website Vidaxl, then have a look here. There is a plus point for all of the customers who want to shop with Vidaxl. They can purchase many items in different categories from here. All of the available products that Vidaxl sells stay between $21 to $2000+. Depending on the item, the prices may come in different ranges.

All of the products like bed frames, shelves and wardrobes are quite expensive in comparison with other products like tool sets. The entire audience will also be able to grab the opportunity to get discounts. However, it is your responsibility to visit the website frequently to get all of the latest deals, and you can also get Jackpots.

Available Product List Of Vidaxl

The website Vidaxl is very popular for selling furniture. Whether you need to shop for cabinets, dining tables, beds, wardrobes, or anything else, you can collect them from here. You can also get outdoor furniture for your house. The available outdoor furniture includes garden decor, fire pits, patio seats, and much more.

Besides that, customers who are looking for all of the hardware products can also get it from here. The hardware products which you can buy from here are fences, plumbing, pipes, tools, tiles and other such things. Keeping all of these things aside, the customers will also be able to buy Home goods and home decorating items. Toys and Games are also available on Vidaxl.

Initially, the customers will also be able to purchase vehicle-related products. The customers can even buy car covers. Industrial materials are also available on Vidaxl. Customers can also go for products like skateboard holders and brake bleeders.

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Important Factors That You Need To Know About Vidaxl

There are so many people who are familiar with Vidaxl’s name. Vidaxl is a particular platform from where all of the individual customers will be able to purchase different types of products. Whether the customers need hardware products or anything else, each one of the items is available on the website.

There are some important factors that the customers will also have to find out regarding the Vidaxl. Today, we have come up with all of the important factors in detail in the paragraph below.

Good customer ratings

In the market, the website Vidaxl has a very good reputation and success by providing the necessary goods and services. Individually, the customers have also given the best ratings to the website. The website Vidaxl is best known for having 3.7 and 3.5 ratings out of 5. The website is also very user-friendly and tries to provide quick services depending on the needs of its clients.

Different types of product availability

The variety of collections on the website, Vidaxl has become the most attractive part of the website. The customers will not have to find any other platforms to purchase all of their required products. Within the single platform, a huge collection of products and huge varieties of products are obtainable for every individual customer.

Easy purchase

The easy purchasing method also helps customers connect with the Vidaxl website anytime. By following a very simple procedure, all of the individual customers will be able to get the best things from the website anywhere. Most of the time, people visit the website Vidaxl to purchase all of their essential goods. The website has a huge stock of different types of products that meet all of the customers’ expectations.

Easy refund policy

All of the customers will also be able to get an easy refund policy. Within 30 days, each one of the customers who have taken the services from the website or purchased products from Vidaxl will be able to return the goods. At the same time, the customers will also be able to exchange the products if they want to exchange them; otherwise, they can claim a refund of their money.

A legal and licensed website

At the same time, the website has also been declared a licensed and legal website in the market. Without having the license, none of the websites or stores will be able to supply their products to their customers.

Hence, all of the customers who are looking for a legal platform along with a licensed platform can probably take all of the services from the platform Vidaxl. For having all of the genuine and authentic peace of collections, whether it is home decorating items or anything, else people can purchase from here.

Home decor or Garden equipment is also available

People who are only looking for home decorating items or garden equipment can probably find the Vidaxl website more reliable and authentic. The website has a huge collection of different types of home decorating items and garden equipment.

Depending on the materials and brand, the prices may change. Even without worrying about the quality and condition, all of the customers will be able to get the best things and services from here.

Reasonable cost

All of the people who are looking for an All-in-One platform to purchase every requirement can probably get the best services from Vidaxl.  Vidaxl is a particular destination from where all of the people will be able to collect the maximum number of necessary products.

Whether the individuals are in need of home decorating items, hardware products, or anything else, all of the things are available for the customer. Even the prices of each one of the items are also very pocket-friendly.

Customer Reviews Of Vidaxl

The customers’ reviews are very important for other customers to know before browsing with Vidaxl. Together, let us all know about the customer recommendations in detail.

According to the trust pilot, Vidaxl gets 3.7 out of 5. Almost 58% of people who have shopped with Vidaxl have said that they are extremely happy with their services and products. But the rest of the 42% of people do not show their concern, and they show their unpleasant reviews. Mainly, all of the negative complaints have come from the poor quality and poor services of the website Vidaxl.

According to Site Jabber, Vidaxl gets 3.51 out of 5. Six hundred reviews were presented from the customers, and all of them were pleased with the quality and services. Even the website also holds 7th rank in comparison with all other available furniture stores. They are very transparent regarding their products and prices.

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Alternatives Of Vidaxl

Find some of the best alternatives if you do not want to compromise the quality of your products. Here are some ideal options from where you can collect all of your goods.


To have all of the elegant and pocket-friendly furniture in your house, you can choose the website Hayneedle. This particular website introduces all of the High-quality furniture and talks about the discounts. Then you can also grab it here. This particular website, Hayneedle, is mainly operated by Walmart.

Madison Seating:

To purchase the best furniture for your house, you can select Madison Seating. This particular website has all types of furniture stuff and other home goods. This particular website, Madison Seating, is also considered trustworthy, and anytime you can choose your furniture with quality and a limited budget.

FAQs: Is Vidaxl Legit Or Scam?

Is vidaXL a Chinese company?

No, absolutely not. Vidaxl’s retail shop is not a Chinese company. Rather, it is based in the Netherlands. The shop can help you to get all of your required items, whether it is for your home or Garden.

Is vidaXL an Irish site?

No, the shop is not an Irish site. Rather, it is based in the Netherlands. 

Who owns vidaXL?

The owners of the website Vidaxl are Gerjan den Hartog and Wouter Bakker.

What is vidaXL?

Vidaxl is a retail store that can help you buy all of your important products with a pocket-friendly budget. 

Where does vidaXL ship from?

Vidaxl ships from Venlo, the Netherlands.


For all of the audience here, we have included the maximum amount of beneficial information regarding vidaxl. Whenever it comes to shopping with a new website, a lot of people show caution or curiosity.

But if you have the same kind of perspective regarding the website Vidaxl, then do not worry about its authenticity. Collect the details whether is vidaxl legit or not.  People from different locations can also find the answer here today. 

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