Is Redcloudbird Legit or Scam? Redcloudbird Reviews 2024

Is Redcloudbird Legit or Scam?

Is Redcloudbird Legit or Scam?

Ever found yourself wondering if an online store is the real deal or just a scam waiting to happen? Well, you’re not alone. After viewing the top-notch dresses on Redcloudbird at affordable prices, you might have wondered _  “Is Redcloudbird Legit?” Choosing the right clothing brand can be tricky, especially when so many options are available in the market. But don’t worry, we’re here to give you an unbiased review on Is Redcloudbird Legit Or Not. 

If you are looking for an honest, straight-talking review to decide if Redcloudbird is the right match for your wardrobe? You’re in luck! We’re going to break down what this brand is all about. Check out the quality of their clothes, and I am answering all of your possible questions regarding the website. So let’s start without any delay.

Where is Redcloudbird Located? was established in California City, California in January 2022. However, the company didn’t mention anything about their location on their official website. Some people suspect that they are part of a bigger scammers group located in China. 

Is Redcloudbird Sustainable?

Is Redcloudbird Sustainable?

The company doesn’t mention anything about sustainability on its official website. Also, there are a lot of complaints from buyers that Redcloudbird sells low-quality products or sometimes doesn’t even send items at all.

So it’s very unlikely that such a suspicious company will focus on ethical and sustainable practices. I couldn’t find anything regarding Redcloudbird sustainability on the internet either. 

Is Redcloudbird Legit? Redcloudbird Reviews 

The information available about Redcloudbird raises concerns about its legitimacy. First off, the domain creation date is relatively recent, just from January 2022. While this alone doesn’t determine a scam, it’s a factor to consider.

It’s a good sign that the domain isn’t detected by blacklist engines and that it has a valid HTTPS connection. They claim to be a company located in California but the address mentioned is in China. Also, you can’t find that exact location on the Google map. If it isn’t shady enough, the same address has been used by a couple of other online scam websites. 

The proximity to suspicious websites, a low threat profile, and poor scores in malware and spam categories suggest potential risks. Scam Detector rates it as a medium risk, and the Trustpilot rating of 3.1, based on only a few reviews, adds to the uncertainty.

Worryingly, many customers claim issues with product quality and non-receipt of items after full payment. This suspicious activity points towards a potential scam or, at the very least, a risky business. I’d suggest you go through all the reviews and do your own research before purchasing anything from this website.

Is Redcloudbird Legit __ My Personal Experience

1. Fashion casual cotton and linen suspenders jumpsuit

Product Description

Color: Pink

Size: S-3XL

Material: Cotton Blend 

Price: $32.99

Fashion casual cotton and linen suspenders jumpsuit

My Experience

Color: Pink 

Size: Size S. 

Quality: The fabric was supposed to be very soft and comfortable as they claim it to be made up of cotton but it’s nothing like that. The fabric isn’t very comfortable and seems to be made up of some other material.

Fit: The fit is good. I bought it according to the size chart and the dress fits me well. 

Keep Or Return: The dress looks kind of cheap. I am highly dissatisfied and disappointed as I expected to receive something similar to the picture. The dress looks overall cheap and you can easily get it for $10 to $15. $33 seems too much for this dress. I will be returning this jumpsuit. 

2. Solid Mesh Off Shoulder Slim Dress

Product Description

Color: Blue, Pink, Red.

Size: S-XL 

Material: Polyester.

Price: $47.99

Solid Mesh Off Shoulder Slim Dress

My Experience

Color: I ordered the Pink one. 

Size: Size S. 

Quality: The fabric feels very harsh on the skin. It seems to be made up of some other material that seems tacky and uncomfortable. 

Fit: The fit is decent but the fit near the shoulder area should have been better. 

Keep Or Return: The material is cheap and the dress looks tacky. The bottom portion looks odd and highly different from the picture. I won’t pay a penny more than $20 for this dress if I am being too generous.  To pay $48 for this one doesn’t make any sense to me. I will return this one  too. 

Redcloudbird Reviews From Real Buyers

Customer Review 1

Rating: 3/5

“Giving Redcloudbird a shot had its ups and downs. The products I received were okay, but I have to admit the clothing quality fell short of expectations. It wasn’t horrible, but definitely not something to be considered great. The real letdown was the shipping delay. Waiting longer than anticipated was a bit frustrating. The good thing is that the customer service team replied and assisted when I reached out about the shipping hiccup. There’s potential here, but improvements in both product quality and shipping efficiency would make it a more appealing choice.”

Customer Review 2

Rating: 2/5

“My Redcloudbird experience left much to be desired. The clothing quality was disappointingly low, not meeting the standards I hoped for. Adding to the frustration, the shipping took longer than expected. When I attempted to return an item due to the quality issue, the process was less than smooth. The unexpected cancellation fee, even with a swift response, left a sour taste. Despite reaching out to customer support, the hassles with returns and cancellations make it challenging to recommend Redcloudbird without reservations.”

Customer Review 3

Rating: 1/5

“My experience with Redcloudbird was a total letdown.They are a scam! There I said it. I recently had the worst experience with Redcloudbird’s website. First off, my order took forever to arrive, and when it finally did, the product was of really poor quality. The fabric is super cheap and tacky. It looks nothing like the picture available on the website. I tried to get a refund, but they simply refused. They made it difficult for me to even talk to someone about my issue. Overall, I’m really disappointed with my experience and wouldn’t recommend using their website even to my worst enemy.”

Here’s Why Redcloudbird Might Be A Scam.

  • The location of the company isn’t verified. They claim to be a company situated in California but they might be an overseas company. 
  • Their About page is badly written and looks very unprofessional. 
  • The clothing quality seems top-notch on the website but in reality, they are nothing like these pictures. The website may be stealing pictures of dresses from other top websites. 
  • The website is very recent and the owner’s name isn’t disclosed. 
  • Their Return Policy is far more complex in reality than what’s mentioned on the website. They don’t give return addresses easily and often refuse to take back the order. 
  • Even after payment sometimes they just won’t send the product. 

Redcloudbird Shipping

  • Rare delivery delays may occur, extending the listed time frame.
  • Customs issues could contribute to these delays, beyond the seller’s control.
  • Customers bear the responsibility and cost of returning items.
  • Shipping costs are not refundable at all, If your products get a refund, the company will deduct shipping costs.
  • The seller covers shipping costs only for damaged items requiring replacement.
  • Products are mainly sourced from overseas, leading to longer delivery times.
  • The seller is not responsible for undelivered packages due to incorrect addresses.
  • Damaged items or packages lost in transit can be addressed if proof is provided within 5 days of receiving the goods.
  • Shipping times are influenced by public holidays, destination countries, adverse weather, and international couriers.

Redcloudbird Return Policy

For customers who opt for FREE SHIPPING (Without Tracking), keep in mind that you’ll only get a Proof of Shipping, and tracking won’t be available. So there will always be a risk of not receiving the product ever. If it hasn’t arrived after 60 days, the matter will be escalated to tier 2 support for a refund, no questions asked.

For orders over $75, it’s highly recommended to choose STANDARD SHIPPING (With Tracking) for continuous order tracking until it reaches the doorstep.

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How Can I Return An Item to Redcloudbird?

  • If a buyer wants to send back an item, they should contact within 45 days of receiving the order.
  • Provide the order number and reason for the return.
  • The customer service team will review and provide further instructions if approved.
  • Only items from are accepted for return.
  • For products from authorized retailers, contact them directly for returns.
  • Returned items need to be in original packaging with accessories, documentation and manuals.
  • Items should be in original, unused condition just as the company shipped, with unbroken seals/plastic foiling.
  • Stained, folded, or damaged items won’t be accepted.
  • Personalized products are non-refundable.
  • Non-returnable items include those from retailers, incorrect products, and customer-damaged items.
  • Returns without a receipt may be refused.

What Do I Do If My Received Products Are Damaged Or Defected?

If the items you received are defective, incorrect, or damaged, or if you’re just not satisfied with your order, contact the Customer Support team to begin the return process. Provide the order number, your complete delivery address, a video or photo of the faulty product (if applicable), proof of purchase, and a contact telephone number. Sometimes, you might need to include a video or photo of the defective product for proof in order to get a refund or replacement.

The returns process can take up to 14 business days from the day they receive your return. They’ll send you an email to confirm once it’s processed. For defective products, a full refund will be given for returned items. However, for non-defective items, the refund won’t include shipping and handling fees.

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Redcloudbird Cancellation Policy _ How Can I Cancel My Order On Redcloudbird?

Canceling your order and getting a full refund from Redcloudbird isn’t a easy job at all. They will keep giving you excuses to not take back the product. So, If you need to make changes or cancel an order, it’s best to act fast. Reach out to the team right away with your order number and the specifics of what you need changed. If you are lucky, they’ll make the necessary adjustments and inform you. 

One thing you must know is that, if you decide to cancel after placing an order, there’s a 30% cancellation fee based on the Total Price. This fee applies regardless of when the cancellation request is made, even if it’s immediately after ordering. I am still trying to return my products and they aren’t ready to return more than 40% of what I paid, which is ridiculous. 

Once an order has been packed or shipped, it’s no longer possible to cancel it. Once packing or shipping begins, the option to cancel is no longer available.

Frequently Asked Questions About Redcloudbird

Q1. How Long Will It Take to Get the Refund From Redcloudbird?

Ans. You’ll get your refund on the same card you used to pay. If it’s a credit or debit card, the money will go back to your bank within 14 business days after we get the item back or you cancel. If you have questions about when the money will be in your account, just check with your bank—they’ll have the details.

Q2. What are the Payment Options Available On Redcloudbird?

Ans. PayPal, JCB, VISA, DISCOVER, AMEX, and MASTERCARD are available as payment options on Redcloudbird. 

Q3. Is Redcloudbird Legit Or Scam?

Ans. Redcloudbird is a suspicious company that often provides low-quality products at a high price. The pictures of dresses on the website are top notch but in reality, they seem nothing like that at all. Their return and shipping policy has lots of drawbacks. So Redcloudbird might not be a legitimate company. 

Is Redcloudbird Legit Or Scam __ Final Review

Redcloudbird has raised suspicions due to reported delivery delays, misleading information about their location, low-quality products, non-delivery, and refund challenges. 

It’s crucial to approach with caution. Considering all of the above points mentioned, you can understand this company is most likely a scam. 

I am definitely NOT going to shop from them ever again.

I hope by now you have the answer to your question__ “ Is Redcloudbird Legit Or Not.

However, My review is based on my experiences with the company and other customer reviews available online. I’ll advise conducting thorough research. Look into independent reviews, company policies, and customer feedback to make an informed decision. Keep in mind that individual experiences may vary, so stay vigilant and consider diverse perspectives to avoid potential scams.

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