Is Orwyy Legit or Scam? Reviews 2024

Is Orwyy Legit?

Is Orwyy Legit?

While scrolling through the stylish affordable clothes on Orwyy official website, you must have wondered ” Is Orwyy legit?” You probably searched through the internet right after to know if it’s a good choice for your wardrobe. Well, you’re not alone! When it comes to online shopping, trusting any new platform can be risky. 

So I decided to dig deeper to answer the big question: Is Orwyy Legit or a Scam?

I’ll be looking at what people have to say, the rules of the company, my personal experience with them, and all the important stuff. Answering in one sentence can be tricky so stick with me as i explore Orwyy’s reputation and spill the beans. This is about simple, straightforward info to help you decide if Orwyy deserves a spot in your closet. So let’s find out if Orwyy is the real deal or just another online fashion flop! 

Where Is Orwyy located?

Orwyy is located in London, United Kingdom according to their official website. The brand is comparatively new and just started in 2022. 145-157 St. John Street, London, England, EC1V 4PW is the business address mentioned on their contact page. They have opened a warehouse in the US recently and now they directly shift from there. 

Is Orwyy Sustainable?

Orwyy says they care about making clothes the right way and being good to workers, partners, customers, and the world. They talk about using recycled fabrics and helping independent designers. They also promise fair pay for workers and donate money to fight poverty.

But, there’s a catch. They don’t give many details about how they’re actually being sustainable. It’s like they’re saying the good stuff without showing proof. So, it’s a bit suspicious. Till now no such details are available on the internet about the Sustainability of Orwyy Clothing Company. 

Maybe in the future, they will give more clarity about how they are sustainable on their official website. For now, If you want to be sure you’re buying something really good for the planet, it might be helpful to do your research and find out more about how Orwyy is keeping its promise to be green.

Is Orwyy Legit Or Scam__My Personal Experience

Is Orwyy Legit Or Scam__My Personal Experience

I ordered Orwyy dresses for myself to check the product quality and size. After almost 23 days I finally received my products and I have already tried them. So let’s have a look at my experience with the Orwyy clothing brand to understand whether you should go for it or not. 

1. Green Long Sleeve Plain Mini Dress

Product Description

Color: Green

Size: S-XXL 

Material: 55% rayon, 45% elastane. 


Green Long Sleeve Plain Mini Dress

My Experience

Color: Green but slightly different from the picture. 

Size: I ordered the size S for myself. (Bust- 38 inch/96 cm, Length – 43 inch, 108 cm, Sleeves- 24 inch, 60 cm). 

Quality: The dress is made up of average-quality fabric. Even though the company claims it to be made up of high-quality ones. The dress is soft but the material looks cheap. 

Fit: The fit is decent. Probably the only thing that is right about the dress. The size chart is accurate.

Keep Or Return: The dress design looks very classy with a midi length, v-neck, and long sleeves. It can be a perfect formal or casual attire. But considering the dress quality, I feel $40 is too much for this one. I’ll return the dress. 

2. Fresh Color Block Two Piece Midi Dress

Product Description

Color:  White, light blue. 

Size: S-XXL 

Material: 55% rayon, 45% elastane.

Price: $67.99

Fresh Color Block Two Piece Midi Dress

My Experience

Color: The color is the same as shown in the picture. 

Size:  My size is S, so I got that one. 

Quality: The fabric is comfortable to wear but it somehow looks dull. You can get the same quality dress on any reputed online platform for half of that price. The company isn’t sustainable either. So spending so much money on an average quality dress like this isn’t worth it. 

Fit: The fit is decent. The dress will not hug your body tightly and it’s not made to do that either. But still, the fit is good. The size chart is almost accurate. 

Keep Or Return: I like the design of the dress but for that price I wanted the quality to be much better, to be honest. But the dress quality didn’t match my expectations. So I’m going to return this one too.

Is Orwyy Legit? doesn’t look too trustworthy. The scam detector gave it a middle-of-the-road score of 47.30. This means it’s kind of doubtful and has a moderate risk. The Trust Index is based on  53 different things related to clothes shopping, like how popular the site is and if there are any tech problems.

Even though Orwyy got a 3.6 rating on Trustpilot from 300+ reviews, that’s not really great. Plus, they don’t have many followers on Instagram (just around 2k) and Facebook (15k+). And people on social media seem to be talking about not liking the stuff they get from Orwyy.

So, long story short, it seems like Orwyy is a suspicious brand. But to be sure, it’s a good idea for buyers to do their own research before making any decisions.

Orwyy Reviews__From Real Customers

Customer Review 1

Rating: 3/5

“The clothes from Orwyy are okay, but nothing mind-blowing. I ordered a couple of items, and they were just average quality. Not super impressed, but not totally disappointed either. Shipping took a bit longer than expected, but it arrived eventually. Just wish the clothes had that extra oomph.”

Customer Review 2

Rating: 3/5

” So, my Orwyy experience was alright. The delivery was on time, and the clothes were decent. However, I faced a bit of a hassle when trying to return one item. The process wasn’t as smooth as I hoped. They need to step up their game on the returns front. Otherwise, not bad, not great.”

Customer Review 3

Rating: 2/5

“Gotta be honest, I’m not thrilled with Orwyy. First off, the shipping was a headache – took way longer than they said. And then, when I finally got the clothes, the quality was a letdown. It’s like they cut corners somewhere. Tried to return one item, but man, the process was a pain. Took forever to sort it out. Not sure if I’d bother ordering again. Quality needs a serious upgrade.”


  • Decent quality clothes at affordable prices.
  • Delivery to different countries.
  • Wide range of collections.
  • Clothes are stylish and Trendy. 
  • Lots of exciting offers and discounts throughout the year. 
  • Free Delivery on orders over $79!
  • Safe and secured payment options. 


  • Size might be inaccurate.
  • The trust index is quite low. 
  • Quality is inconsistent often. 
  • Some clothes are too pricey for that quality. 
  • Return Policy is much more difficult than it seems.
  • Delay in shipping. 

Orwyy Shipping

Orwyy Shipping Policy 

When it comes to getting your order, how long it takes depends on your choice.

  • Regular Shipping usually takes 8-15 business days.
  • If you go for Express Shipping, it’s faster, around 7-10 business days.

The cost is based on where you are. Orwyy is a partner with USPS, FedEx, DHL, and UPS for deliveries. You have to keep an eye out for updates once your package is on the way.

How Long Did It Take To Get My Order?

The company has a warehouse in the US. So I was supposed to receive my products on time. However, that wasn’t the case. It took me over 23 days and a couple of emails to the customer service team before I finally got my hands on the clothes.

Well, this may be a one-time case but I have seen other buyers complaining about the delay in delivery even in the case of Express Shipping. I hope the company will work on their shipping policy for the better.

Orwyy Return Policy

 A lot of buyers claim that their received product quality is different from the mentioned quality on the official site. So, when your package arrives, take a good look. If something’s off – like a broken item, something’s missing, or there’s a mix-up – reach out to them right away. They’re ready to sort it out.

Here’s the deal on returning or swapping things:

  • Get in touch with their customer service within 30 days of getting your stuff. Don’t send anything back without informing their customer service beforehand. 

The company will not take back any items that their customer service team hasn’t approved priorly. 

  • They only take back items if there’s a quality issue. And, a little difference in color or size? It happens. ( Their words, not mine).
  • Send back things in their original shape, not worn or washed, with tags and all. No stains, please!
  • Drop the package in the mail through your local post office. Keep a record of the tracking number. They don’t do cash on delivery.
  • Once they get the package back, they’ll send you an email and sort out an exchange or refund within a week. 

It’s easy! Well at least on paper. I wanted to return my items and I am still trying to do so. Let’s see what happens.

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Orwyy Order Cancellation Policy

If an order is canceled within 24 hours of purchase, a full refund will be issued. To initiate the cancellation process, the customer is advised to submit a help ticket through the “Contact Us” section.

For cancellations made after the initial 24-hour window but prior to shipment, a 10% cancellation fee will be incurred. It is important to note that order cancellation requests will not be accommodated once the orders have been dispatched.

Orwyy Coupon Code

Once you subscribe on Orwyy official website with your email ID, you will get a 10% discount on your first purchase. Orwyy Coupon Code available on the official website can help you to save 5% extra on selected items.

You can get up to a 40% discount. To know more about Orwyy Coupon Code you can visit the official website. If you already have a coupon code but can’t apply it to your purchase, contact the company customer service team. 


If you want to shop from Orwyy, I suggest you analyze the online reviews, read the detailed descriptions of products, go through the size charts, and consider the photos of the products. If you think it’s worth a try, go for it. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Orwyy

Q1. How Can I Contact Orwyy Clothing Brand?

Ans. For any inquiries, individuals are encouraged to contact the team at [email protected]. In the event the email is not visible in the inbox, it is advised to check the “junk mail” or “spam” folder.

Q2. Is Orwyy a Legit Company?

Ans. Yes, Orwyy is a real company. They sell clothes online. If you order products in Orwyy, you are going to receive products. Some people think their stuff is just okay, not super amazing. However, there are a lot of complaints about slow shipping and returning things being a bit of a hassle. So, do your own research before purchasing. 

Q3. Can I Return Items to Orwyy?

Ans. First, contact their customer service within 30 days of getting your order. Don’t send anything back without their approval. Make sure items are unworn with tags. Ship it through your local post office, and once they get it, they’ll arrange a refund or exchange within a week. 

Q4. How Long Does Orwyy Take to Ship Products?

Ans. Orwyy takes around 8-15 business days for regular shipping and 7-10 business days for express shipping. The time depends on the method you choose, and the cost varies by country.

Is Orwyy Worth It Or Not __ Final Review

Orwyy is a newly established company which claims to give fashionable clothes at an affordable price. While they are partially true to their promises, the quality and size of their clothes are very inconsistent.

My shipping was delayed and the quality is mostly average. I want to return two of those products but even the return process seems to be far more difficult than they mention on the official website. However, just because of my own bad experience, I can’t say Orwyy is a SCAM.

They delivered the product and had an authentic customer service team. Some people have decent or even good experience with the site. But one thing is for sure, they have a lot to improve to be considered a trustworthy legitimate online fashion brand. 

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