Is Magfast Legit or Scam? Know Some Significant Details

Is Magfast Legit Or Scam?

Is Magfast Legit or Scam?

Using mobile phones has become a daily part of our lives. Whether it is Android or iOS devices, people are highly enjoying the features of mobile phones. But one thing always irritates us, and that is the charging point or cable.

We always want to use that particular cable for our Android devices or iOS devices that can serve all of the services. But it cannot always serve all the services for the users. Besides that, we are also looking forward to having the fastest charging cable that can charge up our mobile phones quickly. 

In the market, you may probably have different types of branded cables that can help you charge you’re mobile. But as users, we need to find out one particular cable that can be useful for many works. Hence, in the market, MAGFAST has increased its popularity among the audience.

It has introduced wireless cable charges for our mobile phones. But people are also showing their concern about knowing whether is magfast legit or scam.

A lot of users are asking a lot of questions regarding the company and how useful the products are. To answer all of these questions, here we have collected some information regarding MAGFAST. Even those who want to know answer whether is magfast legit or scam can also have a look at this article.


MAGFAST is a company that sells wireless charges for all Android and iOS device holders. The company is very popular among the audience for offering the most sustainable and durable charging cables. All Android mobile phone users and iOS device holders can purchase the charges from MAGFAST. They are very useful and, at the same time, very affordable.

Though you are looking for the fastest charging for mobile phones, you can opt for these charging cables from MAGFAST. However, when it comes to reliability and trustworthiness, people are also showing a lot of curiosity.

The audiences who want to purchase charges are asking the common question of whether is magfast legit or scam. To elaborate on the question, we have collected some necessary information in the next paragraph.

Is Magfast Legit Or Scam?

Whenever a new company comes to the market, it becomes a very common question in the minds of the audience whether the company is legal or fraudulent. After the company MAGFAST came into the market, people also asked the same question: is MAGFAST legit or scam.

To solve the audience’s puzzles, we want to add some lines in this paragraph. The company MAGFAST is absolutely legal and authentic. It is not a fraudulent company on the market. The company sells all of the quality products that are full of sustainability and durability.

The charging cables are not like the usual charging cables on the market. They are wireless and can be useful for both Android and iOS devices. The company has introduced something new to the tech world for mobile phone users.

The audience can also find a lot of positive views regarding the products and services of the company on their official website. The company does not sell any fussy chargers, cables, or wires.

Shipping Policy And Return Policy Of MAGFAST

The shipping policy of MAGFAST is amazing, and they deliver their products to any location. It is not specifically delivered to one single location for all of their products. Fortunately, the company helps all audiences around the world get and use wireless chargers.

The USA, along with other countries, also shares its products. All of the people who remain in the USA will have to pay the delivery charge of $13 to have each of the products.

Those customers who remain in Canada will have to pay $18 to have any one of the products, and people from other countries need to pay $23 to get the products. The products of the company MAGFAST are highly demandable, and the audience needs to wait for a few months to get their orders in-house.

Besides that, the audience will also have to go through the pre-booking procedure so that they can get their product faster. The company can also take the customs charges depending on the location where you live.

The return policy of MAGFAST is not that highly appreciable. There is no refund policy with the company. If you have placed your order and paid the payments, then you need to wait 72 hours for the company to accept the order.

The company is also identified as a crowd-funding resource business. However, some people have also said that the company gives refunds to their customers, but they will have to wait for at least one year to get their money back.

Besides all of these things, the company also offers an exchange facility for their customers. It is a pre-book procedure with the company; it is not very difficult for them to replace the products with new ones if customers have received the wrong products. However, to exchange the products, customers need to leave mail at the official mail address of the company, MAGFAST.

Review of MAGFAST

Review of MAGFAST

The company MAGFAST was introduced to the market in New York in 2017. It was founded by Amy Segnit and Seymour Segnit. MAGFAST is the world’s fastest charging cable creator. They have created the most reliable and durable wireless chargers. 

All Android and iOS device holders can use the charging cables or chargers of the company MAGFAST. They have created a QI charging cable system by taking advantage of magnets. Initially, the company is not just idealized as selling charging cables or charges; they have the highest quality products. And all of the products that they manufacture are highly durable and sustainable.

Product Pricing Of MAGFAST

The company MAGFAST is currently offering six kinds of charging products for all of its customers. The prices may also vary depending on the quality of the charger. The company MAGFAST sells power banks for $99.

They are also selling the extreme power banks for $249. Besides that, the company is also selling the Smart Watch charging system for just $169.All of the customers who want to purchase the desktop charger will have to pay $99 again with a shipping charge. In the most recent time, the company has also launched a home charger for their users for just $30.

Products Of MAGFAST

Right now, the company MAGFAST has only six kinds of charging products. In the first collection, they have three types of power banks for the customers.

They have introduced the road power bank charging system, the home power bank charging system, and the extreme charging system of the power bank. The company also has half a dozen employees who are constantly working to make the best quality products.

Initially, the company MAGFAST also offered desktop charging portable chargers. Even customers who usually work from home can also purchase a home charging hub. Even the designs are outstanding, and according to preference, customers can order any of them.

The company also launched the Smart Watch charging system. To charge your watch, you can use the device that has been charged. All of the products are premium-built and sustainable. The products are also very compatible, and they can be useful for all of the devices.

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Customer Satisfaction With MAGFAST

Even a lot of customers have reviewed the products of the company MAGFAST. To ensure customer satisfaction, we want to let all of you know about their recommendations and points of view.

According to the trust pilot, the company has received a rating of 4.7 out of 5. On the official website page there, we have found more than 4000 reviews. A maximum number of customers have given their positive recommendations and reviews about the company and their products.

The company also shares a lot of quality and sustainable products with adjustable designs. The chargers or charging cables are also very sustainable and durable.

According to the product hunt, the company MAGFAST has received a 4.9 out of 5 rating. The company is very reliable and trustworthy for the audience. All of the users who have purchased products from the company have given many recommendations for the company to purchase products.

The company’s wireless chargers have gained the maximum amount of appreciation from the audience for their fast charging feature. However, the customers may also have to wait a few months to get their products. The company always faces a shortage of products due to the huge orders from their customers.

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Alternatives Of MAGFAST

Now, we are going to share a few alternatives for MAGFAST. Those who want to use other companies’ products can also follow the below recommendations.

Kew Labs Tech:

Right now, Kew Labs Tech is one of the most popular and reliable companies in the market, where you can purchase the best-quality wireless chargers. The company is based in Ohio, and they are best known for selling all types of wireless chargers.

The company has created the best products based on the latest technology and by taking the concepts of both the USA and America. Initially, the company also offered a warranty for each one of their products to whoever purchased anything from the company.

Go Nimble:

The next best company name from which you can also purchase the best-quality wireless chargers for your devices is Go Nimble. You can also purchase products from this company according to your purpose.

Just like the company MAGFAST, this company, Go Nimble, also follows all of the protocol and tries to control the damage to the environment by creating products. If you do not wish to compromise regarding the charging cables or charger, then this is a perfect suggestion for all of you to get your charger.

Is MAGFAST Worthy?

Mobile phone chargers have become a very important part of our lives because without charging our mobile phones, we cannot use the devices for a long time. However, sometimes we get really irritated because the cable does not work properly.

We always want to make sure to get the best product however it comes to the mobile phone chargers or cables it often Disappoint us. Therefore the company MAGFAST has introduced a wireless mobile charger for all of the audience who are using iOS devices or Android devices.

Without carrying the mobile charges or the cables, all mobile phone users will be able to charge their mobile phones, whether it is Android or iOS, through the wireless charger of MAGFAST. Even the prices of each one of the products come with the wireless charger of MAGFAST, which is pretty pocket-friendly.

The products are also very durable and sustainable, and they can last for all of their users. It will also help the customer charge their mobile phones faster than normal mobile chargers. Even the customer feedback and the customer reviews are very good for those products.

According to the survey, the website MAGFAST has received 4.9 and 4.7 ratings out of 5 from their customers. From wireless mobile charges to power banks, all are available here on the MAGFAST website.

Within the budget, every one of the customers will be able to purchase the highest quality and long-lasting products from here. Even the shipping and refund procedures are very quick, and the customers can easily get their products or refund money.

At the same time, the company MAGFAST is also legitimate and authentic in the market. They started their journey in 2017, and till now, they have been growing their business among the audience by selling the best wireless chargers. 

Positive and Negative Highlights Of MAGFAST

Now, here for the audience, we are going to elaborate on some of the best positive and negative highlights of the company, MAGFAST.

Positive Highlights

1. The company has received an SSL certificate.

2. It is a very trusted and reliable company.

3. The owner of the company has owned the domain of the website for many years.

4. The website does not offer any viruses or malware to the audience after browsing the website.

5. The website is also identified as an online store for purchasing wireless chargers.

6. The website is also idealized as a safe website by DNSFilter.

7. Trend Micro also declared the website to be a trusted website.

8. Right now, the company only offers six types of wireless charging devices for customers.

9. All of the people from different locations can place orders for the wireless charging system.

Negative Highlights

1. The company does not share any personal information about the owners on its official website.

2. A lot of customizations have also claimed that the company is a fraud.

3. Even the company has received the lowest rank from Tranco.

FAQs: Is Magfast Legit Or Scam?

Who is the owner of MAGFAST?

The name of the owner of MAGFAST is Seymour Segnit. He is also the CEO of the company MAGFAST.

What is the alternative to MAGFAST?

There are a lot of alternative companies available in comparison with MAGFAST. If you wish for others to purchase at the fastest rate, then the suggestions are here. The alternatives are Rockley Photonics, Neosensory, and Petalite.

Is the MAGFAST charging?

The MAGFAST Charging Cable is the fastest charging cable for all Android and iOS devices.

How do I change my MAGFAST to Extreme?

All of the audience members who want to charge the MAGFAST Extreme will have to use a QI Wireless charger, and they need to place their mobile phones on it.

How do I contact MAGFAST?

To connect with the company MAGFAST, the entire audience can visit the official website of or call (863) 624-3278.


For all of the audience members who want to purchase wireless chargers from the company MAGFAST, they can find out the answer to the legality or authenticity of the company here in this article.

We have given enough information to justify the answer as to whether is magfast legit or scam. Initially, for the audience, we have also provided other necessary information that can help them know more about the company and its products.

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