Jennifer R. Dillard


Jennifer R. Dillard, a fashion enthusiast, is the founder of Fashion Glam Guide. She started living her dream as a fashion enthusiast without worrying about the ever-changing trends and modules of the fashion industry. Jennifer has an eye for fashion statement and a heart filled with style and passion. With a background in the fashion sector, Jeniffer set out to create a space that celebrates fashion in all its forms. She saw an opportunity to bring together fashion enthusiasts, designers, and content creators in a way that had never been done before. Her main aim is to celebrate the fashion and fashion enthusiasts.Under her exceptional guidance, the Fashion Glam Guide has grown into a leading platform for all things fashion, known for its innovation, inclusivity, and dedication to quality content.Jennifer remains deeply committed to the mission of her website. Her leadership is characterized by a hands-on approach, ensuring that the platform stays true to its core values, embracing diversity, and promoting creativity.